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ẹE CệễNG ON TAP TA 8 (Naờm hoùc: 2009-2010) I/ READING: 1/ Read the passage, then decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F), Graham Bell was born in Scotland in 1847, but when he was a young man of twenty- three he moved with his parents to Canada. Before the year was over, young Graham had left his family and gone to Boston .Though Bell was a dreamer, he was also a practical thinker and a man of action. In Boston, where he worked by day as a teacher of the deaf, he worked far into the night experimenting with the electrical transmission of the sound. This led to the invention of the telephone. 1/ Alexander G. Bell was born in England. 2/ He emigrated to Canada in 1865. 3/ He went to Boston when he was twenty three. 4/ He worked with the deaf in Boston. 5/ He experimented with the electrical transmission of the sound by day. 6/ Graham Bell invented the telephone. 2/ Read the passage carefully, and answer the questions below. Do you have any close friends? I think everybody at least has one close friend in their life. And so do I. I have two close Friends, Hanh and Mai .We are in the same class at the primary school, and then secondary school. We are also neighbors so we spend most of our time in learning and play together. Hanh is a beautiful girl with big black eyes and an oval rosy face .She is an intelligent student who is always at the top of the class .She likes reading, she often goes to the library .Mai isnt as beautiful as Hanh, but she has a lovely smile and looks very healthy .Mai is a volleyball star of our school. She is also very sociable and has a good sence of humor .I love both of my friends and I always hope of my friends and I always hope our friendship will never die. Questions: 1. Does the author have any close friends? What are their names? 2. What is Hanhs hobby? 3. Whats Mai character? 4. Which sport does Mai play in the school team? 3/ Read the passage carefully, and answer the questions below. Hello! My name is David. I work for a construction company. I have worked for this company for nearly 5 years. We build roads, dams, bridges and things like that. At the moment my company is producing a plan for a new motorway. I usually work in the roads department, but this month I am working in the department that builds. So my whole working day is different just now. I normally spend a lot of time outdoors, because I have to go the construction sites. But with this new project I spend a lot of time in the workshop. Now I am testing a model of the new bridges. I enjoy it a lot, because I have learned a lot of new things. 1. How long has David worked for his construction company? 2. What is his company doing at the moment? 3. Where does he usually work? 4. Is he working in the roads department this month? 5. Why does he normally spend a lot of time outdoors? 6. What is he testing now? 4/ Read the passage carefully, and answer the questions below. Ha Long – Bay of the Descending Dragon- is popular with both Vietnamese and international tourists. One of the attractions of Ha Long is bay’s calm water with limestone mountains. The Bay’s water is clear during the spring and early summer. Upon arriving in Ha Long city, visitors can go along Chay Beach. From the beach, they can hire a boat and go out to the Bay. It is here that the visitors can find some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful sites. Dau Go Cave is one of the most beautiful caves at Ha Long. It was the cave in which General Tran Hung Dao hid wooden stakes to beat the Mongols on Bach Dang River in 1288. 1. Who (m) is Ha Long popular with? 2. What is one of the attractions of Ha Long? 3. What is the Bay’s water like? 4. What can visitors do when they arrive in Ha Long City? 5. Which is one of the most beautiful caves at Ha Long? 6. Where did General Tran Hung Dao hide wooden stakes to beat the Mongols on Bach Dang River in 1288? II/ Use the correct form of the verbs: 1. The sun (rise) in the East. 2. Last year, I (not visit) . Huong pagoda. 3. He (learn) .English since 2001. 4. .You (have) a test tomorrow? 5. We should (underline) -----------------------------the important words. 6. Does he want (become)----------------------------a singer? 7. My father (not, go) ---------------------------------to work last Tuesday. 8. She always (phone)---------------------------------me on the weekend. 9. Mr Brown used (play)------------football when he (be) ----------young. 10. ------------------You---------------(go) out last night? 11. You must (take)-------------------an umbrella. I- ------------------(rain) now. 12. In English the sun-----------------(not shine) everyday. 13. An is in hospital. I ---------------(visit) him tomorrow. 14. You should (underline) ---------the word you want (learn). 15. Can you help me (move)--------this table. 16. They were proud of (be)-------- so successful. 17. She likes (plant) -----------------roses in the garden. 18. Please stop (ask) -----------------me questions. 19. She (meet) -- ---------------------him for 2 years. 20. Lan (speak) - ---------------------English 2years ago. 21. -----------------You ever (come) -----------------there. 22. Asked me (answer) --------------his questions. 23. What ----------you (do) ---------at 8 o’clock yesterday? 24. I (watch) -----T.V. III/ Choose the best word or phrase to complete the sentences below 1. My father was good at swimming. He used to swimming in summer. A. going B. to go C. went D. go 2. I often play soccer .Sunday afternoon A .in B. at C .on D. after 3. The little boy is not to lift the suitcases. A. enough strong B. strong enough C. too strong D. so strong 4. The children enjoy .in the rain. A. walk B. walking C. walks D. to walk 5. My brother speaks English . A. good B. better C. well D. the best 6. Would you like .to a party on Saturday? A. to come B. come C. comes D. coming 7. I’ll be home seven because I want to see the seven o’clock news. A. on B. of C. at D. before 8. Miss Jackson said you . harder on your Spanish pronunciation. A. working B. to work C. will work D. should work 9. My birthday is May 28 th A. in B. at C. for D. on 10. He is not to get married. A. enough old B. old enough C. too enough D. enough too 11. He asked me the books to his office A. to take B. take C. taking D .takes 12. She has studied English 2 years A. for B. since C. about D in 13. We have studied here ----------last year. A. For B. since C. in D. To 14. His parents are always proud ------------------- him. A. In B. for C. of D. With 15. She is old enough to look after ------------------------------------ A. Themselves B. Himself C. Herself D. Yourself 16. You should walk on the -------------------------- A. Sidewalk B. Himself C. avenue D. Road 17. My mother will come to see me ---------------------------------- Friday A. On B. in C. after D. at 18. The teacher asked the children ------------------ A. Stop playing B. Stopping to play C. To stop playing D. Stop to play 19. My father used ------------------us to the zoo when he was alive. A. take B. took C. taken D. to take 20. They really worked ------------- this semester. A. bad B. good C. hard D. hardly 21. May I help you? ----------------. A. I’m afraid, I’m busy now B. sorry! I can’t C. I’m fine D. Oh yes. That’s very kind of you 22.-----------------Is a story passed on, spoken from one generation to the next. A. Folktale B. Legend C. Fiction D. novel 23. it’s too cold outside.------------ You close the door, please? A. Do B. Are C. Could D. Why don’t 24. I enjoy -------to music in the evening A. Listening B. listen C. to listen D. listened 25. I often play soccer---------------Sunday afternoon. A. in B. at C. on D. after 26. We should wait here ----------- our teacher comes back A. Before B. until C. after D. during 27. Mr. Brown is the same age ---------------------- Mrs. Brown A. as B. like C. from D. with 28. The little boy is not-------------to lift the suitable. A. enough strong B. strong enough C. too strong D. so strong 29. My father was good at swimming. He used to-------------------swimming in summer A. go B. goes C. went D. going 30. Kate hates -----------------------to classical music A. listens B. listened C. listen D. listening 31. Hung is --------------------------student in my class. A. better B. most better C. the best D. most best 32. Ho Chi Minh is larger and-----------------------beautiful than Ha Noi. A. more B. as C. most D. the most 33. Mr. Smith------------------------his car for 15 year, but it still looks very new A. has B. had C. have had D. has had 34. I’ve lived in this house ---------1990. A. from B. in C. since D. for 35. We -----------in Le Nine park when it rained. A. walked B. have walked C. were walking D. would walk 36. The boy --------------------------next to Hoa is a newcomer A. sit B. sits C. to sit D. sitting 37. I--------------it 5 years ago. A. have seen B. saw C. was seeing D. am seeing 38. She hasn’t finished the letter . A. already B. just C. yet D. never 39. We must be there .7.30 and 8.15. A. at B. before C. between D. after 40. Vietnamese language is different .English language. A. at B. like C. from D. with 41. Tom is 17. He isn’t .to drive a car. A. Enough young B. Young enough C. enough old D. old enough 42. When my uncle was young, he used . fishing on Sundays. A. go B. went C. going D. to go 43. Mary likes .the piano. A. playing B. plays C. played D. Play 44. She told me you this present. A. giving B. to give C. gave D. given 45. Last night I watched the movie Romeo and Juliet. At last they killed . A. together B. each other C. themselves D. them 46. Jane is beautiful than her sister. A. as B. like C. the most D. more 47. London is .capital city in Europe. A. large B. larger C. most large D. the largest 48. I take park .most youth activities of my school. A. of B. on C. to D. in 49. Please let Helen with you A. Go B. to go C. going D. goes 50. She told me you this dictionary. A. giving B. to give C. gave D. give IV/ Writing Write a passage using the following sets of words and phrases. You can make all the necessary changes and addition. 1. She / learn / this foreign language / nearly 3 years 2. I / just/ know/ her 3. She / always / want / improve her English 4. My mother/ visit my grandmother/ every weekend 5. Last week / she / buy / English- Vietnamese dictionary 6. She / often / use / it / for reading 7. He / ask/ me / learn / my lesson carefully 8. My father / use / go fishing last year Ordering 9. Time/ she/a/ four/ week/ math/ has. 10. Could/ do/ you/ me/ favor/ a? 11. English/ he/ needs/ improve/ to/ pronunciation 12. She/ used to/ on/ farm/ live/ a. V/Change verbs in to V 2/ed - and V 3/ ed : 1. Be 8.send 15. Work 22. Teach 2. Know 9. See 16. Collect 23. Learn 3. Eat 10. Write 17. Look 24. Repair 4. Arrive 11. Do 18. Cut 25. Have 5. Go 12. Live 19. Put 26. Escape 6. Want 13. Take 20. Read 27. Use 7. Take 14. Speak 21. Listen 28. Make VI/ Put these words into sound groups: / t/, /d/, / Id/. Liked , wanted, shopped, checked, tried, needed, noticed, departed, arrived, worked, liked, organized, contacted, attended, brushed, concerned, celebrated, called, started, invented, looked, repaired, escaped, used, collected, arrived, decided. VII/ Fill in the blanks with the suitable prepositions: 1. She was very interesting folktales. 2. My mother used to live a farm. 3. You can reach her .8963087. 4. Every one is busy Tet holiday. 5. I haven’t seen him for ages. I last saw him .1987. 6. They often go out for dinner Saturday evening. 7. It’s often rain .May. 8. Do you usually do the weekend? 9. There is a bus station the end of this road. 10. Come .and sit your sister. 11. The post office is not far my house. 12. Let’s meet the city theater tonight. 14. He worked deaf-mutes .Boston University. VIII. Correct the sentence mistakes: 1 .He is not enough old to get married. 2. He is tall enough play volleyball. 3. She have straight long black hair. 4. I just have bought a poster. 5. She has go to the market. 6. Minh oughts to go to the hospital. 7. I am usually free at 8 pm and 10 pm. 8. I have not to cook dinner. 9. I have leant English for 2003. 10. My father asked my brother repair my bike. XI. Answer the questions: 1. How many subjects are there at school? 2. How much time do you spend on English? 3. How often do you have English? 4. Who helps you with your homework? 5. What time do you start and finish school? 6. Where do you live? 7. How do you learn your English? 8. What is your name? 9. What do you look like? 10. What are you like? 11. Where do you live? 12. Who do you live with? 13. What are your hobbies? 14. Who are your best friends? . ẹE CệễNG ON TAP TA 8 (Naờm hoùc: 2009-2010) I/ READING: 1/ Read the passage, then decide if the statements are true (T) or false. questions below. Ha Long – Bay of the Descending Dragon- is popular with both Vietnamese and international tourists. One of the attractions of Ha Long is
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