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Name: Test for comparative adjectives (so sanh hon) 1. In Viet Nam , it is normally in the South than in the North. a. hot b. hotter c. hottest d. hoter 2. The food is . than the last time I ate it. a. badder b. bad c. worse d. worst 3. Ho Chi Minh city is than Hanoi. a. big b. bigger c. biggest d. biger 4. Jack is now . than he used to be. a. happy b. happier c. happiest d. happyer 5. The tourist company was down the street than I had thought. a. farther b. far c. farer d. farest 6. There is nothing than going swimming in hot weather. a. gooder b. good c. better d. best 7. My English this term is . than that of last year. a. good b. gooder c. better d. best 8. Her math result is than her English result. a. bad b. badly c. worse d. well 9. English is . than Literature. a. more interesting b. interestingly c. interstinger d. interesting 10. Lan is . than her sister. a. lazy b. lazily c. lazier d. lazilier 11. He feels . than last year because his study results are . a. happy/ good b. happier/ gooder c. more happy/more good d. happier/better 12. He is . at maths than at any other subjects. a. better b. more good c. goodlier d. gooder 13. Her voice is . than her sister’s/. a. beautiful b. more beautiful c. beautifully d. more beautifully 14. Her literature result is much . than it was last year. a. good b. well c. more well d. better 15. Lan is her sister. a. old b. elderly c. elder d. oldly 16. The country is than the city. a. quieter b . more quiet c. more quietly d. quietlier 17. She looks . than me. a. thinner b. thin c. thinnest d. thinly 18. The CDs here are more expensive ……………over there. a. those b. than those c. than that d. than this. 19. Her mother is …………. than my mother. a. clever b. cleverer c. more clever d. cleverly 20. This road is …………… than that road a. narrower b. more narrow c. narrowly d. narrow II. Use suggested words to form correct sentences. 1. my house / small / her house -> My house is smaller than her house. 2. Lan / tall / Hoa. -> 3. This book / thick / that book. -> 4. The chair / short / the table. -> 5. These boxes / big / those boxes. -> 6. Miss. Trang / young / her sister. -> 7. These buildings / high / those buildings. -> 8. The boys / strong / the girls. -> 9. I / old / my brother. -> 10. Hoa / beautiful/ Hang -> 11. This skirt/ modern/ that skirt. -> 12. Country side/ pleasant/ city -> 13. She/ intelligent/ him -> 14. Japanese cakes/ delicious/ Vietnamese cakes -> 15. Comics/ interesting/ novels -> 16. He/ tired/ them -> 17. Tet / exciting/ Noel -> 18. Chinese landscape/ wonderful/ Vietnamese landscape. -> 19. These shirts/ colorful/ those -> 20. History / boring/ Geography -> . Name: Test for comparative adjectives (so sanh hon) 1. In Viet Nam , it is normally in the South than in the North. a. hot b. hotter
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