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Ngày đăng: 12/09/2019, 01:15

To Whom It May Concern: This letter is my enthusiastic endorsement of Thuy Hoang (Thuy) as an outstanding applicant for your distinguished undergraduate program It has been my enthusiasm to work with Thuy as her counselor and Mathematics teacher during the school year 2014-2017, during which she has stood out as a great achiever with strong communication skills, ability to get organized while balancing her social and academic life, active involvement in community service and school activities Thuy greatly impressed me with her constant knowledge hunger and passion for Mathematics Among all students her class, Thuy was one of the few to turn in work of exemplary quality Her dynamic involvement in both classroom discussions and private debates also left a lasting impression on me She was candid yet humble and likeable She paid great attention to the person talking and took down key points actively Her method of probing an issue showed her progressiveness More notably, I was not the only one to enjoy teaching Thuy: my colleagues also shared the same experience thanks to her devotion to the lessons Thuy exhibited prominent organizing skills During her preparation for the “Mathematics HSGS Olympiad” in grade 10, Thuy also took part in the Writing Contest for Young People The volume of knowledge to revise and review was tremendous, yet Thuy was able to manage her time effectively - she knew which to prioritize first - and in the end, she not only won the first prize for the Writing contest but also aced “Mathematics HSGS Olympiad” by being awarded Bronze Medal This is not to take into account of her enthusiastic participation in extracurricular activities: Thuy managed to secure her position as the president of Debate Team for organizing school debate contest, while working as a writer for PixelMug and her own blog to spread out optimistic and inspiration attitude to others She has proved not only to me, but also to her peers that with great optimism, determination and dedication to one’s passion, everyone would be able to step out of their comfort zone and accomplish the tasks assigned successfully It is my conviction that Thuy deserves every opportunity to pursue her dream at your university The energy and pleasure Thuy can bring with her will be a big asset in enhancing the class’s study efficiency Moreover, her great qualities make any investment in her worthwhile Please bear no hesitation to contact me if you need any information Sincerely Nguyen Anh Tuan
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