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SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS FLAT COLOUR TELEVISION AV-21C314/V CD-ROM No.SML200410 BASIC CHASSIS CW COPYRIGHT © 2004 Victor Company of Japan, Limited No.YA159 2004/9 AV-21C314/V STANDARD CIRCUIT DIAGRAM NOTE ON USING CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS 1.SAFETY The components identified by the symbol and shading are critical for safety For continued safety replace safety ciritical components only with manufactures recommended parts 2.SPECIFIED VOLTAGE AND WAVEFORM VALUES The voltage and waveform values have been measured under the following conditions (1)Input signal : Colour bar signal (2)Setting positions of each knob/button and variable resistor : Original setting position when shipped (3)Internal resistance of tester : DC 20kΩ/V (4)Oscilloscope sweeping time :H 20µs / div :V 5ms / div : Othters (5)Voltage values Sweeping time is specified : All DC voltage values Since the voltage values of signal circuit vary to some extent according to adjustments, use them as reference values Type No indication MM PP MPP MF TF BP TAN : Ceramic capacitor : Metalized mylar capacitor : Polypropylene capacitor : Metalized polypropylene capacitor : Metalized film capacitor : Thin film capacitor : Bipolar electrolytic capacitor : Tantalum capacitor (3)Coils No unit : [µH] Others : As specified (4)Power Supply : B1 : B2 (12V) : 9V : 5V Respective voltage values are indicated (5)Test point : Test point : Only test point display (6)Connecting method : Connector : Wrapping or soldering 3.INDICATION OF PARTS SYMBOL [EXAMPLE] In the PW board : R209 4.INDICATIONS ON THE CIRCUIT DIAGRAM Resistance value K M : [Ω] : [kΩ] : [MΩ] Rated allowable power No indication : 1/16 [W] Others : As specified Type No indication : Carbon resistor OMR : Oxide metal film resistor MFR : Metal film resistor MPR : Metal plate resistor UNFR : Uninflammable resistor FR : Fusible resistor Composition resistor 1/2 [W] is specified as 1/2S or Comp (2)Capacitors Capacitance value or higher less than (7)Ground symbol : LIVE side ground : ISOLATED(NEUTRAL) side ground (1)Resistors No unit : Receptacle R209 : [pF] : [µF] Withstand voltage No indication : DC50[V] Others : DC withstand voltage [V] AC indicated : AC withstand voltage [V] Electrolytic Capacitors 47/50[Example]: Capacitance value [µF]/withstand voltage[V] : EARTH ground : DIGITAL ground 5.NOTE FOR REPAIRING SERVICE This model's power circuit is partly different in the GND The difference of the GND is shown by the LIVE : ( ) side GND and the ISOLATED(NEUTRAL) : ( ) side GND Therefore, care must be taken for the following points (1)Do not touch the LIVE side GND or the LIVE side GND and the ISOLATED(NEUTRAL) side GND simultaneously if the above caution is not respected, an electric shock may be caused Therefore, make sure that the power cord is surely removed from the receptacle when, for example, the chassis is pulled out (2)Do not short between the LIVE side GND and ISOLATED(NEUTRAL) side GND or never measure with a measuring apparatus measure with a measuring apparatus ( oscilloscope, etc.) the LIVE side GND and ISOLATED(NEUTRAL) side GND at the same time If the above precaution is not respected, a fuse or any parts will be broken Since the circuit diagram is a standard one, the circuit and circuit constants may be subject to change for improvement without any notice NOTE Due improvement in performance, some part numbers show in the circuit diagram may not agree with those indicated in the part list When ordering parts, please use the numbers that appear in the Parts List (No.YA159)2-1 CONTENTS SEMICONDUCTOR SHAPES 2-2 BLOCK DIAGRAM 2-3 CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS MAIN PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (1/3) 2-5 MAIN PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (2/3),( 3/3) 2-7 PATTERN DIAGRAMS MAIN PWB PATTERN 2-9 VOLTAGE CHART 2-11 WAVEFORMS 2-12 SEMICONDUCTOR SHAPES TRANSISTOR BOTTOM VIEW FRONT VIEW TOP VIEW CHIP TR C E C B B C E (G) (D) (S) E C B E C B E C B B E IC BOTTOM VIEW FRONT VIEW TOP VIEW OUT E IN 1 IN E OUT N CHIP IC TOP VIEW N N P.W BOARD ASS’Y NAME MAIN P.W BOARD 2-2(No.YA159) AV-21C314/V SCW-1607A-H2 N N BLOCK DIAGRAM MAIN PWB IC701 MAIN MICRO COMPUTER/ IF㨯VIDEO㨯GRB㨯SYNC㨯DEF.PROCESS IC702 MAIN MEMORY SCL SDA TU001 TUNER J801 SCL1, SDA1 127,128 SCL0, SDA0 98,99 PW_LED 97 REMOTE 119 KEY_IN 122 S_V_DET SF101 SAW FILTER 29, 30 SIF IN SF102 SAW FILTER 24, 25 VIF IN Y1 L R MICRO COMPUTER DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESS I/O PORT R G B PEAKING SCAN VELOCITY MOD U/V DELAY SKIN TONE U/V TINT SATURATION SIF DETECT ROUT 85 R GOUT 86 G BOUT 87 B OSD SELECT IC351 RGB OUT V01 MAIN PWB (CRT SOCKET) VIF DETECT/AGC/AFT SOUND TRAP VIDEO SELECT C1 V I2C BUS SW1 S-VIDEO VIDEO-1 S_VIDEO INPUT IF 108,109 58 Y1/CVBS CVBS1 59 C1 L1 R G B-Y R-Y VIDEO C IDENT COLOUR DEMOD BASE-BAND DELAY LINE Y R1 51 V2 B RGB MATRIX & GAMMA VDRA+, VDRB- V DRIVE SYNC SEP COMB FILTER Y DELAY ADJ 49 L1 50 R1 EW 21 HOUT 67 PARABOLA GENERATE H DRIVE 22, 23 J809 HEADPHONE SPEAKER L AUDIO SELECT 34 L2 A_L 35 R2 J804 VIDEO OUTPUT L R V_OUT V-OUT 48 L-OUT 36 L_OUT R-OUT 37 R_OUT AUDIO CONTROL AUDIO SELECT A_R 60 IC601 AUDIO AMP 61 IC401 V OUT 1, VIDEO-2 INPUT FRONT V2 IC976 1.8V REG L2 R2 REMOCON RECEIVER IC972 3.3V REG D901 RECT POWER LED T921 SW TRANSF VOL+ VOL- CH+ CH- MENU 1.8V 23 R_AOUT IC451 PARABOLA AMP STB3.3V IC975 5V REG Q461 PARABOLA DRIVE 5V 8V IC973 12V REG FOCUS 12V L951 F901 Q522 H OUT V1.8V 32V S901 L_AOUT SPEAKER R IC974 1.8V REG J806 VIDEO J807 AUDIO-L J808 AUDIO-R 13 B1 T522 FBT SCREEN AC IN IC921 POWER REG POWER SW (No.YA159)2-3 PC901 VOLTAGE FEEDBACK 2-4(No.YA159) IC951 ERROR AMP EHV V H DY01 DEF YOKE CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS MAIN PWB ASS'Y (3/3) (CRT SOCKET) CN10T VIDEO-2 INPUT CN00C QGA2501F1-06 J806 QNN0281-003 CN00T QJL001-065631 S805 QSW0619-003Z IC801 RPM7238-H5 REMOTECON RECEVER R629 0 22 C767 R736 100 *4 L712 REMOTE R313 X VrefN_Sdac RefAdN VrefP_Sdac V3.3A1 3.3V 3.3V NECK NECK XtalOut CH X701 QAX0799-001Z L717 *4 R756 10K GND NECK HFB HFB CONT C707 EW EW C709 01 P_ON/OFF P_ON/OFF C710 6800p VDRA+ VDRA+ PROTECT PROTECT C713 10/50 4.5/OTHER Vsc Uin/B2/Pb Iref Vin/R2/Pr C747 10/50 Note: Refer to part list for the part number of IC701 and IC702 ‫ ޓޓ‬2 Refer to page 2-11 for voltages of this circuit diagram Refer to page 2-12 for waveforms of this circuit diagram Y102 QUY160-100Y X Y103 X Y104 X Y105 X Y106 X Y107 X GND GND GND X R652 X C651 X B_MUTE X OFF_MUTE BASS R_AOUT R656 X C608 220/16 C653 X R660 X R661 X ! Y709 BW Y711 QUY160-200Y Y712 X Y713 X Y714 BW GND K702 X Y813 X GND R814 100K D606 X R623 33K CP650 ICP-N20-Y GND GND 2-6(No.YA159) R616 X R624 68K Q607 *1 R636 270 R635 X R634 270 X R620 10K R621 2.2K Q608 *1 C661 220/16 C613 10/50 Q611 *5 Q610 X R613 R614 100K R612 100K R615 X Y605 CP R622 10K GND R610 100K Q606 X W-H C660 X (No.YA159)2-5 C609 33/50 Q605 DTC323TK-X R659 X R609 27K Q604 X R658 X R608 X Q602 *2 Q603 DTC323TK-X R657 X C607 220/16 Y601 X C654 X R655 X C652 X *3 IC651 X C659 X C610 10/50 R611 10K Q601 *2 C803 10/50 W-B X ROUT NC STB B_OUT VCC GND_B NC C612 X Y604 QUY160-100Y N MAIN PWB ASS'Y (1/3) SCW-1607A-H2 D651 C611 X C603 22 D607 1SS133-T2 D603 C658 X IC651 X R654 X K105 QUY160-150Y NC L_R_MUTE C614 C662 10/50 Q609 *5 C657 X N R664 X R653 X K108 K106 QUY160-150Y K107 QQR1114-001Z Y101 BW R640 1K R607 2.2 X 1/2W R663 X QQR1114-001Z K102 QUY160-150Y C604 22 X 10/50 C602 Y603 C606 22 D604 MA8300/H/-X *3 C802 10/50 Q805 *2 C605 22 R625 X R603 R605 4.7K R604 10K X R639 C655 X R638 R606 2.2 2.7K D601 C656 100/50 C601 10/50 R637 4.7K R662 X D602 X CF701 X R651 X L_OUT NC NC B_MUTE LIN NC GND NC RF BIN NC NC 10K A_L R618 X Y_GND Y814 CVBSO/PIP_GND OFF_MUTE R617 X R601 2.7K A_R R602 R815 75 D813 *8 Q801 KTA1267/YG/-T J804 QNN0349-001 R812 390 R811 82K R813 82K Q803 DTC323TK-X H_DRIVE HFB ABL SVM R721 X CVBSO/PIP HP_R B_MUTE 5V X R770 AUDIO AMP IC601 AN5276 R723 R722 X RIN Q702 X X X R778 R725 X 5V CVBSO/PIP HP_R R720 X X Y703 X C743 10/50 X R769 HP_L P_ON/OFF A_R R724 X LC701 Y702 X HP_L A_R A_L D710 *8 C741 R768 C1 A_VCC A_L C742 10/50 D704 *8 Y710 BW A_GND Y1/CVBS1 R719 C1_GND R717 C1 Y3/Cvbs R2 L2 CH C738 CH C739 R2 L2 V2/Y R718 X R716 X C737 R786 75 A_B HP_R C740 V2/Y Audio2InR D703 X Audio2InL C744 C745 C4 C736 01 V3 R1 C782 C735 V3 R1 HP_L Y707 C733 C734 *4 L705 R772 2.2K R773 3.9K R774 2.2K R775 3.9K L1 V_OUT X 10/50 C786 5V D702 *8 C781 L1 V_OUT V5P2 AgcSsif C732 2.2/50 C731 R767 X SVM D605 MA8300/H/-X V8AudioSwitches NC R_OUT 560 R619 X L651 X CF702 X C730 22/50 *4 L704 R766 X Q701 X C722 X R727 C804 470/16 L_OUT R726 27K 8V Y701 X K104 QUY160-150Y L716 *4 100 FbiSo 5V Y006 X IfVo/FmRo/DvbO SifAgc PllIf C729 2.2/50 C728 R_OUT C726 10/50 C725 X R715 390 C727 3300p Gnd2 QssO/AmO/AudeEm DecsDem R_OUT L_OUT R3 L3 L3 ABL R714 3.9K SCL1 12V S L_OUT SDA1 Y005 X R712 3.9K G Q001 2SK1830-X S R711 2.2K R709 1M C105 0047 R708 10k EHT C724 C720 001 C723 AGC R713 2.2K R706 220 01 G Q002 2SK1830-X D C746 VssComb Ssif/RefIn/Avl/RefOut Y003 X V_OUT C809 X Hout R807 100 1/2W R808 X R809 C748 V5Comb Sif2 D701 *3 D C780 R728 C719 OPEN 5V L_AOUT GndIF R3 R007 10K TF Sif1 C108 0047 10/50 C102 0047 C104 C103 0047 /16 R705 39k D001 MA8051/M/-X R008 10K BASS J805 X Yin/G2/Y R707 22k R006 PR Y821 QUY160-050Y Y706 A_B R110 2.2K R109 2.2K Y007 Y004 V2/Y_GND C749 C718 Q103 *5 C005 0022 C006 33/16 R004 27K R106 100 BT AGC X R105 22 V2/Y D751 X R782 1.2K 01 Q102 *5 R103 2.7K Q101 2SC5083/L-P/-T R002 220 X Y705 C750 C107 C109 0047 SCL AS D101 1SS268-X C003 R108 2.2K SDA C004 470/16 R001 220 R003 3.9K BM D804 X PB D753 C751 PR_GND Ysync Vif2 SF101 QAX0663-001 J803 X D803 X R2 Y812 X Yout Vif1 C717 R107 4.7K L2 NECK Uout/INSSW2 VDRA+ R704 100 047 L002 QQL244J-4R7Z 5V R104 180 LOCK VDRA+ D812 X SCL1 SDA1 OPEN R806 Y808 Y824 QUY160-200Y R3/Pr NC J802 X D811 X Y825 BW Y_GND C754 C752 R805 PR_GND L301 X R729 X Y008 X L101 QQLZ014-R82 R102 6.8K C001 01 C002 10/50 32V L706 *4 C753 INSSW3 VDRB- C716 001 C106 18p CH C110 CF101 X R005 75 NC EW 100 C721 X K101 X IF MAIN MICRO COMPUTER/ IF㨯VIDEO㨯RGB㨯SYNC㨯DEF.PROCESS D708 *3 C755 10/50 C779 10/50 G3/Y Dec8G C715 001 R703 C756 B3/Pb R702 100 VDRB- SF102 QAX0731-001 Gnd3 SecPll 022 EW C111 470/16 V5P3 Ph2 R710 X R101 10 C101 0047 C714 3.58/OTHER L003 QQL244J-4R7Z TU001 QAU0246-002 TUNER L001 QQL244K-8R2Z K103 QQR1114-001Z 32V V5P1 Ph1 C712 22 TF Y822 QUY160-125Y R731 1k Y816 0 Y807 LC804 X PR R732 1k CH BCL Gnd1 C711 2.2/50 VER_PROTECT VER_PROTECT R701 12k C708 100/16 VDRB- VDRB- BLKIN CONT C785 X ABL ABL Rout NECK Y806 K301 X R733 100 VssA1 LC803 X PB Gout C757 560p H_DRIVE H_DRIVE 0 R804 PB_GND R735 100 R734 100 Y804 Y805 D810 X R810 390 12V 12V C308 X C759 100/16 Bout V2/Y_GND L707 *4 C758 22 XtalIn CH C706 3p Y803 LC802 X V2/Y C307 X Q804 DTC323TK-X 5V R1 Y817 3.3V D805 5V 5V D802 NCB31HK-152X D806 X C705 3p A_GND A_GND R803 L302 X C760 22 L1 Y818 D801 NCB31HK-152X C310 X C309 X L708 *4 V3.3RefAdP IC701 R802 R1 C306 X C762 100/16 A_VCC A_VCC C305 X Y715 QUY160-100Y VIDEO-1 S-VIDEO INPUT C311 X R317 C761 R318 X L303 X L709 *4 RefAd VrefP_Sdac X L710 *4 C763 22 GndA VDO_DET CVBSO/PIP_GND V1.8A C313 X V3.3A3 J801 QNN0350-001 V1 C312 X C304 X R314 X PW_LED PW_LED V1.8C2 VssC2 TIMER TIMER S_REDUCE VER_PROTECT P00/I2SDI1 POWER SCL1 SDA1 V3.3A2 R311 X R742 100 R744 100 V3.3P ROTATION V1.8C4 R309 X R312 Q307 X C314 X C342 X Q305 X C318 X D817 *8 L1 C765 100/16 C766 22 VssADC VrefN_Sdac 8V 8V Y717 QUY160-075Y CVBSO/PIP C315 X R316 STB1 3.3V_STB Q306 X R319 X R321 X S1 Y802 X C316 X IC301 X C303 X CH R315 BL_GND STB1 CH R307 X ANALOG L703 *4 R_AOUT L3 R3 12V V1.8A REMOTE PW_LED KEYIN D712 MA8051/M/-X D711 MA8051/M/-X 10K 220 R741 R743 R784 X R785 3.3k W-B1 L713 *4 3.3k 22 C768 R745 X R746 A_MUTE 3.58/OTHER PROT 4.5/OTHER ECO_IN V1.8C1 DecV1V8 KEY_IN VDO_DET VssC1+P1 S_V_DET V1.8C3 L711 *4 V1.8ADC CH W-A R320 X X301 X C302 X VrefP_Sdac Q704 *1 Y_GND X R747 100 R771 1K 1K C769 R748 2.7K R750 X C771 22/50 R754 220 Y718 X Y819 BW R801 75 Y801 X LC801 QQR1199-001 C341 100/16 5V DIGITAL C702 22 S_V_DET L304 X R792 33 C790 27p C965 C704 /16 C983 47/16 C982 47/16 Y973 BW C986 5V Y302 QUY160-075Y Y1/CVBS1 R342 X C764 C701 22 L702 *4 1.8V R738 10K C985 47/16 L701 *4 Y303 X 12V D349 MA8120/M/-X Y820 X 1.8V CONT R345 D345 *3 R343 K701 QUY160-150Y Y981 X C1 R344 22 Q341 *2 R308 X VssC4 C703 470/16 R978 3.3K P25/PWM4 VssP2 R737 3.3K VssC3 SDAO W-A1 P12/Int2 SCLO D713 MA8039/H/-X R816 C1_GND R310 X IC974 MM1561JF-X QETM1EM-108 R341 P_ON/OFF IC976 MM1561JF-X C616 C615 QETM1EM-108 D341 MA8033/H/-X D342 MA8033/H/-X Y720 X R749 R790 1K PW R751 1K 100 R752 100 R793 C776 SCL0 SDA0 C770 C774 X X C784 R777 R757 4.7k C783 X R758 3.3k R783 10K R759 3.3k D791 MA8062/M/-X Y791 X Q707 *1 STB1 Q791 DTC124ESA-T C793 2.2/50 SCL WP R795 100K R974 1K SDA VSS A2 A1 A0 IC702 VCC R761 100 L715 *4 S R776 X G C772 22 SDA0 D Q705 SSM3K02F-X Q708 *2 D709 *3 SCL0 NRSA02J-0R0X L714 S C792 R760 100 R753 1.2K C773 2.2/50 G R740 X D714 MA8030/H/-X R794 2.2K D707 *3 C775 22 C777 D706 MA8036-X D R796 C791 X V1.8A L_AOUT R628 X D344 X R755 X R633 1K LC805 QQR1199-001 Y301 QUY160-075Y C778 47/16 R631 1K Y810 X R626 D343 MA8033/H/-X Q706 SSM3K02F-X 5V R632 270 1/2W Y_GND R818 180 1.8V TIMER VER_PROTECT PW SCL1 SDA1 5V A_MUTE PROT 4.5/OTHER 1.8V ECO_IN ECO_IN C789 47/50 R780 100K R819 220 R327 X 3.58/OTHER R781 4.7K SCL1 KEYIN R779 10K Q703 *2 1.8V PROT 5V SDA1 R820 330 X R328 X C317 1/50 CN00S QGA2501C5-04Z QNS0155-001 R630 270 1/2W QUY160-075Y R821 470 R627 Q308 X S_V_DET C807 PROTECT TIMER PW_LED REMOTE 220 220 R764 R765 R762 220 R763 220 R823 47 1/2W D814 *8 Y811 R323 C806 100/16 SPEAKER J809 R817 X C805 X D815 NCB31HK-152X D816 NCB31HK-152X R325 X R324 X D807 S801 QSW0619-003Z IC302 X ECO R326 X D303 X 1K S802 QSW0619-003Z Y809 X R822 S803 QSW0619-003Z V3 R322 X D809 X TIMER LED( ORANGE) VDO_DET R825 X R824 470 D808 LH22440-T16 S804 QSW0619-003Z J807 QNN0281-002 J808 QNN0282-001 1/2W MAIN PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (1/3) OUTPUT MAIN PWB CIRCUIT DIAGRAM (2/3),(3/3) D591 X D974 X C471 10/50 L972 QQL244J-5R6Z Vcc C991 QCZ9079-102 C902 QFZ9072-224 L952 QQL26AK-470Z GND VO CONT C967 47/16 5V R973 10K QRL029J-223 32V D962 MA8330/M/-X STB R522 56 1/2W C523 47/35 R950 X R982 X D961 X R953 1.8K 1/2W D931 MA8062/M/-X R983 X ! PC901 PS2581AL1/QW/ R954 X 1/2W D959 X D910 X C950 Y503 BW Y504 BW C582 R520 100 Q521 H_DRIVE 2SC2655/Y/-T C520 R521 1K C521 0033 D520 *3 Q981 X N C529 QETN2EM-475Z R529 R535 X X R527 QRL039J-223 C522 MY 8200p D963 X C969 X D981 X R959 X Q982 X R985 X HFB *6 Q571 2SA1208/ST/Z1-T R575 3.9K C988 X P_ON/OFF Y505 X R958 X Y971 X Y954 X Y570 QUY160-125Y Y571 QUY160-125Y Y913 BW Y953 BW ! C993 001 AC400V QCZ9079-102 GND GND Y961 X Y962 X Y963 QUY160-125Y GND Y501 X Y502 X C530 QCB32HK-561Z R528 470 1/2W GND HV CN0HV MAIN PWB ASS'Y (2/3) SCW-1607A-H2 ! DEF YOKE Note: Refer to part list for the part number of IC701 and IC702 ‫ ޓޓ‬2 Refer to page 2-11 for voltages of this circuit diagram Refer to page 2-12 for waveforms of this circuit diagram 2-8(No.YA159) D571 MA8075/H/-X C573 47/25 R576 10K Q572 *1 L522 QQR1005-002 QGZ5004C1-04 (No.YA159)2-7 TP-47R TP-47B R357 QRE121J-222Y L357 BW R356 QRE121J-222Y L356 BW *6 R355 QRE121J-222Y C571 QEZ0203-107 R574 22K 1/2W R955 X R957 X R573 X C572 100/10 R571 QRT029J-1R5 C987 X Q952 X R956 X R572 QRE121J-222Y QFLC1HJ-223Z R984 X Q951 X C532 CN00X QGA2501F1-05 TP-E ADJUSTMENT CONNECTOR D960 X R991 8.2M QRZ9046-825Z R583 220K 1/2W 10/250 QFZ0197-154 D523 *6 H_DRIVE ! R530 QRZ9017-4R7 C580 X IC951 SE115N-LF12 ! R581 8.2K 1/2W L530 QQL244K-220Z *6 C527 QFZ0197-124 A_VCC R980 X R952 X 1/2W D530 ! X C956 QEZ0203-107 Q522 TT2190LS-YB11 T521 QQR1522-001 R524 QRL029J-560 R570 QRT029J-1R5 QQLZ034-460 R951 QRE121J-102Y C911 X L355 BW C552 QCB32HK-561Z D958 QUY160-100Y R935 1K 1/2W C581 D581 L521 X R962 C528 X C921 X R582 120K 1/2W D552 *6 R552 QRX029J-R47 *6 Y950 X L951 C951 QCZ0364-561 D551 *6 C553 QEHR1EM-108Z C554 QEHR1EM-108Z D921 *6 C925 22/50 D555 X R551 QRX029J-R47 C531 X R463 X C949 1000/10 R533 QRZ9017-4R7 C551 QCB32HK-561Z R464 X Q461 X C968 47/16 FBT QQH0189-001 MY R554 1.8K R460 X R461 X R462 X R981 18K D951 RU3AM-LFC4 R933 QUY160-100Y D554 MA8051/L/-X R458 X C452 X T522 C525 X C940 QCZ0364-122 C451 X R555 X ! ! C555 QFLC2AJ-103Z R459 X D522 X C917 QCB32HK-181Z C964 100/35 IC451 X D521 X C957 1000/16 L551 QQLZ034-410 C535 X D922 1SS133-T2 D929 *3 D451 X C526 QFZ0200-942 D928 MA8240/M/-X C989 C994 3.3/50 R457 X R456 X C556 X 12V D975 *3 L975 QQL26AK-820Z L994 CP C453 X R454 X R455 X R433 QRE121J-120Y R448 QRE121J-1R0Y R453 X C454 X R452 X C524 X R924 22K Y978 X C430 QFLC2AJ-563Z CN00U CHGC04-400 R451 X 1/2W R523 QRE121J-271Y R921 100 1/2W ! D952 FSF05A20 D936 1SS133-T2 R934 820 1/2W C959 X CP952 ICP-N38-Y K952 *7 ! R932 QRZ9017-100 D927 1SS133-T2 D934 MTZJ9.1C-T2 D932 MTZJ27B-T2 D933 MTZJ9.1C-T2 OCP C926 QFLC1HJ-222Z C952 QCB32HK-222Z K951 QQR1114-001Z D935 MTZJ9.1C-T2 FB R922 QRZ0237-R22 C924 1/50 R929 1K OLP R923 2W K957 X C435 NCF21HZ-334X PROTECT R370 390K 1/2W CN10U CHGC04-400 R435 X C429 X R431 X C961 X CONT Y952 X R977 QRL039J-120 CP954 X Y977 X D954 X X R430 12K R440 QRG01GJ-221 IC975 PQ050RDA1SZ L954 QQL244J-5R6Z K954 X C931 QCZ0364-102 C928 1000P C984 33/50 C958 470/25 R369 120K 1/2W C350 X R434 6.8K R439 L421 BW P_ON/OFF MAIN PWB ASS'Y (3/3) (CRT SOCKET) SCW-1607A-H2 [AV-21C314/V] C431 18 1SR124-400A-T2 C436 NCF21HZ-334X Y951 BW C954 X D MF D977 *3 C970 X CP953 ICP-N38-Y D953 *6 CP C922 D423 GP10DE-5009-T2 C424 QFLC2AJ-683Z D471 PROTECT D372 X K355 QQR1113-001Z X 8V CP K922 QQR1114-001Z VCC VIN Q980 X ! K953 *7 *3 C981 100/16 R976 390 R970 1.8K 1/2W C963 C962 X C953 QCB32HK-222Z C916 X K921 QQR1114-001Z K901 QQR1114-001Z IC921 STR-W6754-F5 R965 X C960 2200/35 C980 100/16 C371 X R376 X 1000/35 D973 L973 QQL244J-5R6Z D970 MA8082/M/-X C915 QCZ0364-102 R903 33K OMF2 C979 100/25 GND D926 RGP10M-5010-T3 D955 ERC30-02L38 T921 QQS0273-001 CN10T QJL001-065631 R426 12K C358 QCZ0364-152 Q374 X C427 D971 *3 VIN R902 47K OMF2 C420 X R986 X CP955 ICP-N75-Y CP K955 *7 ! ! D371 X C428 QEHR1VM-227Z D422 MTZJ75-T2 R438 L970 X R930 QRL039J-473 C906 QEZ0633-337 ! C905 QCZ9015-102Z 6800p 12V C955 QCB32HK-222Z C929 01/500 QCB32HK-103 C904 001 AC400V QCZ9015-102Z ! C903 QCZ9015-102Z R427 6.8K R474 220K C423 R437 X IC973 PQ120RDA1SZ Y965 QUY160-125Y Y912 QUY160-075Y Y911 QUY160-075Y ! FR901 X D901 GSIB460 VO ! C976 4700p R375 X 3.3V_STB C978 47/16 C977 47/16 SG354 X R377 X Q373 X R591 X -Vcc C359 X R373 X AMP R473 68K C422 QCS32HJ-180Z Y972 QUY160-075Y C975 470/16 ! R372 X X 2.2K IC972 BA33BC0T Q371 X Q372 R593 X C592 X C591 X PUMP UP D592 X ! R371 X 2.2K C992 R972 X R592 X R411 X W-H1 D980 QQR1114-001Z THERMAL PROTECTION QCZ9079-102 NC AN15525A R471 1.5M STB1 A_VCC C909 X S/GND IC401 Q471 X D472 *3 SG353 X SG352 X R412 X C972 R791 1K 1/2W Y908 X Y907 X X Y905 PROTECT C901 ! C593 X 5V 3.3V_STB C971 X QFZ9072-224 R901 QRF104K-3R9 R594 X R380 X SG351 X CN0E2 R971 X C973 X R475 X VER_PROTECT D593 X R381 X CN0E1 12V LF902 QQR1035-001 Y906 Q591 X 32V VIN SUB CONT CN X Y904 GND X Y903 ! ! ! TH901 QAD0134-4R5 R595 X P_ON/OFF 8V ! 3.3V_STB H_DRIVE NC X VER_PROTECT D976 X IC971 X VO X Y902 D957 *3 L971 X DEG COIL Q592 X PROTECT LF901 QQR0673-004 C974 X CNDEG QGZ5004C1-02 P_ON/OFF R596 X D356 ! D594 X R359 QRZ0107-152Z R360 QRZ0107-152Z D355 NECK NECK *6 VDRA+ VDRA+ C352 4.7/250 D354 VDRB- C380 X D351 EU01N-T2 R964 27K R597 X VDRB- ! SK351 QNZ0536-001 R358 QRZ0107-152Z R350 X EW C381 X EW C966 100/16 R569 Q955 *1 D956 *3 R963 22K R353 150 D350 MA8075/M/-X C910 QFZ9072-224 Y901 AC110V-AC240V 50Hz/60Hz S901 QSW0750-001 ! HFB HFB R432 QRX01GJ-2R7 ! ! R351 100 STB ABL R472 120K VA901 QAF0060-621 R910 QRZ0107-474Z ! ! C355 0056 PROTECT C353 QFKC2EK-104Z STB1 RY901 QSK0061-002 QGAB801F1-02 MAIN PWB ASS'Y (1/3) CN00T ! F901 QMF51E2-4R0J4 CH C356 R354 0056 150 D370 X C354 0056 R352 150 ABL ! L351 QQL244J-5R6Z C351 001 TP-47G ! STB1 EW ABL HFB NECK VDRB- VDRA+ PROTECT VER_PROTECT 32V P_ON/OFF H_DRIVE 5V 8V 12V A_VCC A_GND 3.3V_STB 3.3V BL_GND IC351 TDA6107AJF/N1 PATTERN DIAGRAMS MAIN PWB PATTERN C317 R821 S901 C901 CN0PW Y902 J803 2-10(No.YA159) CNDEG Y908 LF902 C909 L973 R902 Q955 C905 D977 HS973 Y977 W145 R930 R976 K901 D954 L970 R903 Y912 C915 D926 Y911 FR901 C953 C954 D953 CP953 R9 23 C961 W149 R971 C973 Y978 IC921 C916 T921 K921 W194 W204 K953 C922 C962 D921 R924 D927 C951 C950 L951 R952 R991 C940 C993 PC901 C911 C956 D9 51 D934 D910 C988 R985 D936 D922 D931 K951 C987 R953 IC951 R935 W207 W206 R932 C917 Y950 W199 Q952 R959 D928 W197 R984 D933 C921 R934 Q981 Q982 R929 K957 C963 R958 K955 Y954 C955 Y953 R955 D961 R982 R980 R957 R621 C613 C610 R604 C969 W141 Q951 W112 W035 CP650 J805 C928 W022 R933 R950 R983 D981 Y913 C926 R951 D802 D935 C925 R954 Y603 C924 R921 D955 CP955 K952 R605 R624 C C656 R803 K922 D929 W134 J801 C971 L971 IC971 C960 C606 W182 R615 R619 Q606 Q603 R639 R614 Y801 R801 J802 D960 R611 D801 D812 W205 Y825 R977 W201 R607 C611 C603 C661 W109 R617 R602 Y812 Y802 C602 R802 R805 D810 R622 W037 Y816 Y807 Y817 R806 D811 R8 04 R956 D963 D959 R816 Y804 Y803 R616 Y819 W212 D804 C975 D974 R972 Y972 D970 W195 C964 W114 W104 Y961 W192 Y601 Q611 R636 Q610 Q602 Q605 Y808 R620 R623 Q608 Q607 Y818 (No.YA159)2-9 C976 C984 C730 R716 R662 W198 Q609 R601 R637 W101 Y806 LC802 05 D604 Y8 LC803 W075 J804 CP952 R718 R717 R772 R774 C608 C609 R634 C802 D805 D806 C803 R813 Q803 R811 W006 W162 C781 C782 C739 C7 29 C734 C727 C725 W046 K102 R810 C804 K103 C005 C002 K101 W053 Y821 LC804 Q805 D803 C571 R763 CN00C CN00X R812 R814 R573 TU001 R571 D591 R592 D962 Q804 R815 R962 Q002 Y006 R007 R008 R001 R002 R004 Q571 C006 Q001 L001 C572 C001 LC801 D817 R922 D605 D602 R612 R003 C003 R583 R764 R765 Y971 C591 K107 R762 R574 C573 R572 C607 R709 R576 R581 D975 D571 R575 R591 C581 R582 D530 W115 HS921 K954 D932 C952 R965 Y965 R618 CL003 C004 C929 D952 C614 IC601 HS601 Q604 L002 D001 Y005 W186 C605 C601 R610 R613 R595 C532 W187 R986 Y605 D813 R807 R608 Q572 W084 R635 CP954 C970 Q980 W126 Q601 R808 W079 CN00U R530 D581 B1 R570 Q801 C112 L551 Y571 C809 R594 D593 R101 Y107 Y106 D594 R597 R596 L530 T522 Y820 R603 B Y951 L954 ( C906 D958 C959 Y952 C949 D606 04 C9 C958 L952 C979 W159 C604 W127 R005 C551 C580 R638 C655 I D708 K106 CL001 W133 R809 D701 C593 D551 Y570 W045 D603 CF101 R606 R640 C957 W014 D901 D971 C972 D980 C612 W144 IC973 C552 R569 W044 R706 W078 W090 Q592 C R625 W071 R609 W060 W132 CN0E4 W061 C974 R973 Y963 W208 Y604 R901 C 93 D555 C592 R731 D592 R593 W108 R535 D552 K104 W073 W077 W041 W021 C722 R767 W076 Q591 C526 W082 R555 R551 C553 R 55 R554 C556 W080 C555 R529 W012 W118 R714 Q701 W043 C429 C535 K105 C524 Y101 R427 R006 ) R533 ( Y102 R426 C427 W025 R437 R970 C786 CF701 CF702 C423 R439 C721 R713 R109 Q101 R110 Y701 R707 C720 IC972 R773 C731 W026 W039 W110 C110 L003 C111 R719 Y711 R712 C723 C101 W048 W047 C104 C103 C7 19 R775 C724 R766 R105 R411 W004 D554 R435 C108 C102 R106 SF101 C726 R710 Y709 R711 D101 W098 R438 L101 R104 R107 IC401 HS401 R102 D422 C718 Y008 C717 R705 Y004 D C422 C430 CN0HV V Y104 R103 W009 Q103 W099 W013 Y007 C109 R108 C525 C106 C107 Y003 W001 L421 C5 D521 Y503 C428 L52 D423 Q522 HS522 C554 C436 C435 Y501 R440 Y502 R522 R528 C424 Y504 W055 Y103 C105 W121 W097 H C 82 R474 R473 H D522 L704 W129 C992 C994 IC975 L994 Q102 W034 C903 D957 R964 F C902 W219 W107 C980 W128 W203 W015 W210 C977 W093 W083 Y706 C752 C737 C991 R963 R981 C968 C989 HS975 D703 C735 C981 W008 Y707 C966 C967 L975 L972 C741 W196 L705 C733 Y962 Y907 Y906 C978 D710 C740 D704 W033 W056 Y905 C616 TH901 D601 C662 D9 56 R769 C742 D607 R720 Y710 W067 D702 C751 C706 W049 R715 C728 R704 W064 C738 C711 C420 C712 SF102 Y901 RY901 R727 R726 R724 R778 R723 R725 R728 Y717 C743 W065 R768 W066 L701 R786 R770 W102 R721 W074 W072 Y705 C736 W059 C745 C744 LF901 Y702 Q702 W007 W068 R790 Y703 LC701 D751 W070 X701 R910 C910 CL002 C615 W140 L716 W117 C753 R734 CN00T R733 C779 W094 W216 C732 V Y903 Y904 C660 C652 R657 R658 C653 C659 R659 R660 D753 W214 C756 W058 R783 R776 W051 VA901 W193 W157 W156 W150 W151 W153 W155 W152 W154 R651 R653 R722 Y712 W057 C747 W215 IC701 C705 C710 C807 R328 Q308 R326 R322 R323 D303 Y814 C657 C6 51 IC651 Y713 C7 54 R656 R655 R661 W086 R316 L651 W052 Y714 R317 C757 C654 C748 C750 C749 R315 R308 W018 W111 07 C304 C342 R732 C302 R735 C759 C762 R663 R664 W063 L702 W040 R701 C709 C713 R703 Y813 W092 C305 R314 L708 C760 C761 C7 66 R736 R7 42 L712 C764 C767 W217 R744 K701 R782 C758 C765 C658 R729 Q305 R310 R311 D349 Y301 R341 D344 Q341 C7 63 L710 L707 D342 C303 W016 Y715 R3 X301 R313 D651 R652 W116 R654 IC301 W189 W019 K301 Y302 W036 R343 R345 C769 C768 D7 14 C772 Q705 Q706 C773 R755 C704 R756 R708 R702 W174 W050 R320 W166 Y822 C316 C315 C314 C313 C312 C306 C307 C308 L706 W184 W178 C341 W160 Y303 W165 W164 W161 W171 W169 R741 R752 R751 R750 W143 W1 38 D973 W010 W002 Y824 W119 R626 R627 D815 W005 W106 R748 R749 R792 W136 Q306 D343 F C701 C708 Y105 R412 D341 FRONT F901 D807 R823 W089 C746 C716 C715 W105 R824 K108 K702 C702 C714 R431 D523 W027 W095 R4 34 R430 R448 C530 27 R5 D471 R472 C529 C528 W123 W030 W029 W042 W023 W218 C431 L521 Q461 C7 84 C790 W211 Q471 R825 D808 W085 C309 C311 W190 C806 R327 D976 L303 L302 L301 C783 W202 W081 C453 W031 R471 C471 W191 Y505 R432 R796 Q708 R794 D W122 W120 C791 D809 IC801 R324 L304 C780 W113 D472 W131 C776 R758 R759 W167 C310 W139 C771 R754 IC702 W125 R475 B W146 R753 R740 R793 L717 D707 CN0E5 R433 T521 C792 C531 C770 C774 D709 R757 W054 R464 W179 L714 L715 C775 R746 W024 S805 C318 Q307 Y718 R784 R771 D712 R777 C522 R524 Q707 W168 W170 C789 C778 C454 R743 L703 W124 R795 W163 W173 W181 R745 C777 W091 W003 R523 W135 R781 D711 W038 R460 C521 R785 W017 Y720 R457 R462 R451 D520 W142 W172 R318 R321 R319 C7 55 D345 R344 W137 L713 S804 W088 L711 W147 Q703 R453 IC451 R456 R463 R521 C523 C520 R520 Q521 W148 R761 R760 C785 R459 C452 Q374 R377 R452 R454 D451 Q373 D371 R458 C451 Q372 R360 SG 354 CN10T R376 W158 R779 R780 W180 R461 D372 R375 R371 R372 Q371 SCREEN R978 S803 S802 R342 R747 W177 C982 W213 W032 R455 R309 R312 L709 W188 W209 W069 TP-47R/G K355 D350 D816 W087 R974 C985 R738 D713 C986 R737 SG353 R373 R350 W062 W020 W103 C381 R381 R353 C355 C371 W130 C793 W175 D706 C359 W185 Y791 Q791 C353 IC351 HS351 SG352 R351 C351 D370 ) W176 IC976 CN0E2 C35 ( Y810 IC974 D791 SK351 LC805 TP-E C352 C983 R791 L355 CN00S C965 Q704 C354 R352 C380 R380 W011 Y809 Y981 S801 R628 W028 R632 W183 CN0E3 R629 R630 R631 R633 C356 R354 TOP D814 W096 R822 IC302 R325 R817 CN00U CN0E1 Y973 R359 L351 TP-47G/R SG351 TP-47B R356 D351 R355 J809 C350 R358 D356 L356 R369 R370 D355 J808 J807 R820 J806 C805 R819 D354 C7 C703 07 L357 Y811 R818 R357 ) VOLTAGE CHARTS PIN NO VOL VOLTAGE(V) TAGE(V) PIN NO VOL VOLTAGE(V) TAGE(V) PIN NO VOL VOLTAGE(V) TAGE(V) PIN NO VOL VOLTAGE(V) TAGE(V) PIN NO VOL VOLTAGE(V) TAGE(V) IC401 IC601 10 11 12 IC701 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 IC702 IC801 IC921 IC951 IC972 IC973 IC974 IC975 IC976 Q101 E C B Q102 E C B Q103 E C B Q521 E C B Q522 E C B Q571 E C B Q572 E C B Q601 E C B Q602 E C B Q603 E C B Q605 E C B Q607 E C B Q608 E C B Q703 E C B Q705 S G D Q791 E C B Q801 E C B Q803 E C B Q804 E C B Q805 E C B Q955 E C B TU001 (AGC) 11 IC351 0.5 14.3 -11.9 -13.6 14.5 0.5 0 19.0 0 9.4 2.2 20.1 13.7 9.4 0.1 0.1 1.8 3.2 0.1 0.7 3.1 0.7 3.1 0.3 0.3 0.1 0.1 2.9 4.9 0.2 2.4 2.3 2.3 0.1 0.9 0.9 2.0 0.1 2.4 1.8 0.1 0.1 1.9 2.8 3.3 1.2 2.2 2.1 2.7 0.1 2.3 2.3 2.0 1.7 2.1 8.4 1.7 4.9 2.2 2.2 1.3 1.5 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 1.7 2.8 2.7 3.6 2.0 0 4.9 1.2 0 0 0 1.2 0 0.1 0 0 0 3.2 0 3.2 1.8 3.2 0 0.1 3.2 3.2 1.1 0 1.8 1.7 3.2 0 2.9 3.2 0 1.8 1.8 3.2 0.9 1.0 1.8 3.2 3.0 3.0 0 0 3.0 3.0 3.2 3.1 3.2 301.1 20.1 0.2 1.3 0.9 115.4 13.1 0 6.1 3.3 15.8 12.0 3.9 1.8 0.5 0.5 0.5 2.9 3.2 6.1 5.0 4.0 1.8 0.4 0.5 2.9 3.2 12.0 2.9 0 2.0 1.9 4.9 4.9 33.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 4.1 209.3 142.3 144.8 145.6 2.3 12.0 3.0 0 3.0 0 3.1 10.8 0 111 -0.1 115.4 115.1 43.3 0.1 3.2 0 0.2 8.3 0.2 -0.5 0 -0.5 0 -0.5 0 0.6 15.0 3.2 3.2 0.8 1.8 4.8 1.9 1.3 0.1 -0.6 0 -0.7 0.2 -0.6 (No.YA159)2-11 WAVEFORMS -MAIN PWBIC401-3 IC401-1 IC401-5 IC701-66 5.4Vp-p 1.0Vp-p 4.0Vp-p T522-2 T522-3 T522-4 [H] 9.0Vp-p 64Vp-p Q461-B Q521-B Q461-C [V] 0.6Vp-p 4.5Vp-p 17Vp-p IC351-8 150Vp-p 2-12(No.YA159) IC351-9 [H] [H] 110Vp-p [H] 180Vp-p [H] 135Vp-p Q522-B [H] 50Vp-p -CRT SOCKET PWBIC351-7 26Vp-p Q521-C [H] [V] T522-9 [H] 130Vp-p 130Vp-p 2.4Vp-p T522-7 [H] [H] [H] 1.5Vp-p T522-5 [H] IC701-87 [H] 2.0Vp-p 5.4Vp-p 1.7Vp-p IC701-86 [H] Q522-C [H] 2.8Vp-p [H] [H] 1.8Vp-p IC701-85 [H] IC701-65 IC701-48 [V] 1.2Vp-p IC701-74 [H] IC701-23 [V] 30mVp-p IC701-67 [H] 0.6Vp-p IC701-22 [V] 3.0Vp-p [V] 28Vp-p IC701-21 [0.2us/div] 2.4Vp-p [V] 55Vp-p IC701-11 [0.2us/div] IC401-7 [V] 30Vp-p 0.8Vp-p IC701-10 IC401-6 [V] [V] [H] 1050Vp-p Victor Company of Japan, Limited AV & MULTIMEDIA COMPANY VIDEO DISPLAY CATEGORY 12, 3-chome, Moriya-cho, kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, kanagawa-prefecture, 221-8528, Japan (No YA159) Printed in Japan WPC ... AV-21C314/ V STANDARD CIRCUIT DIAGRAM NOTE ON USING CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS 1.SAFETY The components identified... VIEW OUT E IN 1 IN E OUT N CHIP IC TOP VIEW N N P.W BOARD ASS’Y NAME MAIN P.W BOARD 2-2(No.YA159) AV-21C314/ V SCW-1607A-H2 N N BLOCK DIAGRAM MAIN PWB IC701 MAIN MICRO COMPUTER/ IF㨯VIDEO㨯GRB㨯SYNC㨯DEF.PROCESS... 120K 1/2W C350 X R434 6.8K R439 L421 BW P_ON/OFF MAIN PWB ASS'Y (3/3) (CRT SOCKET) SCW-1607A-H2 [AV-21C314/ V] C431 18 1SR124-400A-T2 C436 NCF21HZ-334X Y951 BW C954 X D MF D977 *3 C970 X CP953 ICP-N38-Y
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