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Ngày đăng: 05/06/2019, 22:11

PRONOUNS (ĐẠI TỪ) ĐTNX O ĐTPT TTSH I You We They He She It PRACTICE My name is John …………… am a French a I b Me My parents live in New York We visit …………… often a They b Them Let …………… help you to repair your car a I b Me That book is ……………… It is not …………… a my/ yours b mine/ yours This is …………… bag That is…………… a my/ her b mine/ hers c my/ hers th My date is on November and …………… is on 1st August a hers b her d she You and Nam ate all of the ice cream by _ A yourselves B himself C themselves D yourself What is _your phone number? A you B your C yours D all are right ĐTSH Where are _ friends now? A your B you C yours D A and B are right 10 Here is a postcard from _ friend Peggy A me B mine C my D all are right 11 She lives in Australia now with _ family A she B her C hers D A and b are right 12 _ company builds ships A He B His C Him D All are right 13 _ children go to school in Newcastle A They B Their C Them D Theirs 14 Nam and Ba painted the house by _ A yourself B himself C themselves D itself 15 The exam _ wasn't difficult, but exam room was horrible A himself B herself C myself D itself 16 Never mind I and Nam will it _ A herself B myself C themselves D ourselves 17 You _ asked us to it A yourselves B herself C myself D theirselves 18 They recommend this book even though they have never read it _ A yourself B himself C themselves 19 I go to school with (he/ him) everyday 20 I see (she/ her/ herself) at the cinema D itself 21 She speaks to (we/ us/ ourselves) every morning 22 Is (she/ her) a teacher? 23 (He/ Him) is going to New York on vacation 24 John and (she/ her) gave me money 25 Your record is good and (mine/ my) is, too 26 John bought (himself/ herself/ hisself) a new coat 27 (We/ Us) are going camping over the weekend 28 Mr Brown cut (him/ himself) fingers 29 The dog bit (hers/ her) on the leg 30 John (he/ himself) made this cake 31 Mary and (I/ me/ mine) want to go home 32 This bag is for George and (I/ me) 33 Could you lend (I/ me) your ruler? (I/ Mine/ Me) has just been broken 34 I slipped on the sidewalk and hurt _ A himself B themselves C myself 35 The kids rode the rollercoaster by _ A themselves B herself C himself 36 She bought _ a new car A himself B myself C herself 37 _ am learning to speak better English A I B Me C You 38 Thanks for the package! Please leave _ on the table A them B them C it 39 Ben was surprised when _ discovered that his friends were hiding in the living room A she B he C they 40 I lost _ phone last night A mine B my C ours 41 They bought new furniture for _ house A mine B their C ours 42 We’re going to get _ test results today A mine B yours C our 43 I’m always talking to _ A themselves B myself C herself 44 John likes to things by _ A myself B ourselves C himself 45 You can it _ A yourself B himself C themselves
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