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Essay topic: Write an essay on: “There is no place like home”. Home! Home! There is no place like home. This saying always makes a deep impression on my mind whenever I think of it. My home is the sweetest, the loveliest and the best place in the world. In spite of its shabbiness, I still prefer it to any beautiful places on the globe. I would sacrifice all the comforts and luxuries of a modern building in a distant place in exchange for the simple dwelling place, my sweet home! Fancy we are away from home for a long time. How can we forget the place where we were born and brought up in the tenderness and love of our beloved mother? Nothing cannot prevent us from recalling pleasant and cozy evenings spent by the fire-place during winter beside our dear ones. We are tied to our home by bonds of affection and love: our mother is always ready to accede to our wishes and look after our daily needs, and our father willing to sacrifice everything to make us happy and comfortable. All people, in any case, in any places or in whatever position they may be, once far from their homes, are expecting to return to their warm hearths. The very thought of home fills them with deep emotion and serene bliss. They are looking forward to enjoying the cozy atmosphere of their families, seeing their relatives, their friends and their playmates again. The famous sycamore in front of the house, the lake alive with fish and radiant with lotus flowers are closely associated with their early childhood. Uncle Ho, after many years of exile and imprisonment in China, after his release when reaching our boundary, picked up a piece of earth in his hand, kissed it and cried with joy. The sailors, sailing across the sea, foster bright hopes of returning to their sweet homes on land, the warriors fighting the enemies in the battlefield are equally attached to the bracing atmosphere of their homeland. In fact, a man, whatever his occupation may be, loves his hearth and home tenderly. It is his cradle, his nursery, his school and his paradise on earth. Essay topic: A wedding celebration Weddings are grand affairs. Normally, it only occurs once in a lifetime. It brings about a bondage between a man and a woman. Recently I attended the wedding of my classmate’s sister. It was performed in a community center auditorium. The auditorium was converted into a fairyland. The stage was all illuminated with different color bulbs and decorated with pots of flowers, pots and other glittering decorations. A magnificent platform was erected which held two throne – like chairs for the bride and the bridegroom. The platform and the stage looked like the banquet hall of a five-star hotel with its thick red carpets and floral decorations. The cool fragrance was so strong that everyone left sleepy. There was a place by the side for music troops with their enormous music instruments. They played loud and soft music. The wedding day was on Sunday. The guests were very well dressed, which added to the atmosphere. The bridegroom party arrived in seven cars, they were welcomed. Dancing was also arranged. They were pleased with the warm welcome. Two video and cameramen, photographers were busy capturing the scenes with their equipment. The bridegroom was escorted to the throne. The bride followed in glittering red dress, escorted by her friends. They walked in a slow and doll-like pace. After some minor ceremonies they were officially announced as man and wife. The wedding was also an occasion for socializing. Many of my friends were there and we had many happy moments. As one by one went to the stage to offer them best wishes and presents, I also stood in line to offer them my best wishes with a present. Then I went home taking with me the pleasant memories. Essay topic: Talk about your home. Of all the places in the world, I judge my home to be a paradise. As the old saying goes, “East or West, my home is the best”. My home offers affection and security. I live with my parents, my elder brother and younger sister. I belong to a middle class family. My father is a supervisor in a factory and my mother is a production operator in the same factory. We have a four-room flat in Bedok Reservoir area. Our drawing-cum-front hall is decorated in a tasty manner. The northern corner has a television deck. Some ten meters from that end, there is a morgohany sofa set with an ornamented tea table in front. Our kitchen is fully equipped with multi-cabinets and a small store. A small dining table with four chairs are placed near the sink. A big refrigerator stands silent in the corner. Our home has been decorated with many memorable souvenirs which remind us of our visits to different places. Our home has three bedrooms. The master bedroom is occupied by my parents. I share the second bedroom with my younger sister. The third bedroom is solely occupied by my brother. Sometimes, it is used as a guest room for our relatives from Malaysia. They usually visit us during festival season. Ours is a small and happy family where every member has consideration for the needs and comforts of the others. All of us do our share of housework. In most mornings, the place looks busy as everyone rushes about doing one’s morning chores. We normally have a light and quick breakfast. In every evening, my family will have dinner together. This is the time of day I like best. We keep our home neat and tidy. Everything is kept in order and in its place. I am very proud of my home and I love it very much. Essay topic: Living in a city The outline: 1. The things found in a city 2. Why it is noisy, etc. 3. Why people like it 4. The end A city is very noisy; yet most people like to live in it. Many interesting things and places for entertainment can be found. There are many people and a variety of vehicles in streets. Cars, buses and other vehicles can be seen running to and fro in the streets throughout the day. All these make a city very noisy and busy. Accidents occur now and then. Some people die as a result. There are a lot of schools and hospitals in a city; therefore, people who live in it know that it is very easy to find a school for their children and to visit the hospital so quickly when necessary. At night a city is full of colorful lights. They make the city a nice place. Some parts of the city, especially where the cinemas and music shows are, are very crowded. Many people also attend school at night to improve themselves. Today there are evening classes in almost every city. For all these reasons, living in a city is very exciting. I like living in it. Essay topic: A house I would like to live in I would like to live in a house by the sea where I can see the sun rise and set every day. This is how I will want my house to be like. After passing the front gate, there will be a lovely rose garden. Then, the big white house comes into view. When I walk through the door, a white sitting room with a pink sofa set will greet me. Paintings of beautiful flowers hanging on the walls will make the room look comfortable and fresh. The three bedrooms will be on the second level. One is for my parents, one for my brother and one for me. I will like my room to be painted pink. Above my bed, I will hang a big picture of ballerina dressed in white. The grey carpet on the floor will be strewn with many cushions for me to lie on and enjoy a novel. I will do my homework at my study table by the window though which I can see the stars at night. On the highest level there will be an open space which overlooks the sea. It will be used for barbecues in the evening. No matter how fine this house may seem, it is just a dream. What is reality for me is a three-room flat in Tiong Bahru. Essay topic: Talk about an ideal house At first when I thought of purchasing a house, I wanted one that was neither too far nor too near a town. If it was too far, I may feel lonely and then, there was the question of transport. Finally, I chose an elevated, land enabling easy drainage and firm. The site is spacious allowing ground for the house and a decent big garden. I wanted an elegant look for the house I intended to build. The house has four rooms with a well-furnished kitchen and modern bathroom facilities. The living rooms are comfortable. The furniture has been chosen with great care. The walls have been painted with soft colors to match the curtains, the materials of which had been bought from the best textile manufacturing company. Each room is fitted with a radio so that one can enjoy programs from the bed. The drawing room is elegantly furnished with sofas, chairs and a central table. The walls are lined with built-in cupboards, a library to house well-chosen volumes by master novelists. There is a niche for the television and the room can be used for viewing programs. All the rooms are airy and air-conditioned. The kitchen is beautifully done up. It is fitted with electric grills and things can be stacked neatly away in specially designed cabinets. It is provided with modern gadgets for grinding, pulverizing or cutting. In front of the house there is an artificial pool with a fountain spray. One or two fish tanks are kept in the big porch to add the beauty of the place. There is a garage at the side of the house for my car, cattle and poultry. There I keep a few fowls of the high breed like the white leg horn, Black Monorca, and Rhode Island from which I get a supply of eggs and meat. I have two jersey cows in the shed which supply the milk for the family. In the backyard there are a few fruit bearing trees. On the margin of the house, there are some coconut trees. In front of the house there are certain bushes of croton and exotic plants. The well-kept lawn with luscious green grass is very pleasing to the eye. There is also a small playground for my children with a swing. I have a couple of chandeliers in the drawing room showing rainbow colored lights whenever light falls on them. I could specially mention the marble Buddha I got from Sian and a bronze Nataraja from India. There are a few selected pictures by masters in gilded frames. Thus I am surrounded by beauty and peace. Essay topic: Computer has made life easier? Computer is widespreadly used. It can be found in schools, in offices, even in homes. Every body rushes to learn how to use computers to have the advantages coming from this modern machine. In fact, computer has made life easier. Computer helps people do many things quicker and faster than they did before. A very clear evidence is that documents can be composed without papers. In our forefathers’ time, a draft paper should be used before they have a finished one. After draft, they must spend a certain time to rewrite in another paper to make it better to look at. Besides, there are many soft-wares which can be installed into computers to reduce the amount of time for the accomplishment of tasks. Typically, with Photoshop, a comic-book author duplicates the same pictures without drawing them from time to time. The second reason for the fact that computer has made life easier is its storage capability. Office workers nowadays escape the working environment with occupation of documents. As a matter of fact, all the documents are converted into file formats and are stored in the hard disk, which also help the looking for documents easier and more rapid. Further more, the documents in files are able to be copied and sent among computers in all over the world. In other words, people no longer move so many documents in papers from place to place when they must move their working offices. Last but not least, people can entertain with computers. With computers have nowadays been linked together in the world wide web, searching information or reading newspaper can be done at home without going out of house. A son can easily find an old song for his father in just some minutes with google search engine and his father can enjoy the song sooner than he expected in his childhood’s time. More amazingly, people can buy things from home if they know how to use basic computer and internet. Most often, people use computers to play games online. This is a very modern type of relaxing and spending their leisure time. In summary, people are used to the advantages brought from a so-called wonder of science. Although there are some disadvantages of using computers people have not counted, computer obviously becomes a friend of every body. This facility is still studied for more utilities to serve human beings. Essay topic: Which do you think is more valuable – health or wealth? Give your reason Health, in my opinion, is more valuable than wealth which is only the aftermath of the former. Men by nature are acquisitive. They all hope to have a pleasant and comfortable life. They spend the whole of their lives keeping up with their neighbors. Tom buys a new color television; his neighbor Peter is bound to buy a bigger and better one. Most of people want to possess all things either with their own money or with money borrowed from credit banks or insurance companies at a suitable rate of interest. However, once they are drained of strength, exhausted and breathless through their hunt for wealth they all regret having wasted their health and efforts in worshipping mammon. Wealth, therefore, is not always necessarily bound to bring people’s happiness but it sometimes causes them misfortunes too. Those who are avid of wealth are often dishonest and cunning. They resort to every trick to make money and when they get dishonest earnings, they become addicted to opium, gambling and prostitutes and all their ill – gotten gains will be dissipated – “ill – gotten gains never prosper”. Then they find themselves in a state of distress, their bodies get thinner and thinner, their minds become weaker. They are in the long run parasites on families and society. On the contrary, good health always brings about happiness. When we are quite fit, strong and healthy, we feel genial, our mind becomes lucid and clear and we think of noble things. If people do not have good health, strong body and an unflinching spirit of enduring and overcoming, they will not be able to turn wilderness into fertile soil which produces tons of food for their dear compatriots. Good health is therefore necessary to happiness and success whereas bad health means misery and continual failures. How can we feel happy when our body is in a morbid state though we are living on a heap of gold! In conclusion, we should feel no excessive greediness and enthusiasm for wealth but should always maintain good health which is the most valuable thing in life. Essay topic: Describe a village you know well I was born and have grown up in the country in a small village beside a beautiful river. My village is surrounded in a hedge of green bamboos. Most of the houses in the village are built of brick and have red tiled roofs. In the middle of the village there is an old pagoda with high trees around it. On the first and fifteenth days of the lunar month, the villagers often go to the pagoda to give offerings to The God of Agriculture. On the right of the village flows quietly a clear and blue river. When I was young, I used to swim in the river with my friends. How can I forget the wonderful time on this river fishing or rowing a boat with my boyhood friends! On the left of the village lies the village green where village meetings are often held by village officials. On this ground covered with soft grass we used to fly kites on windy autumnal evenings. The majority of villages live on agriculture. They get rich thanks to their fertile rice-fields and their diligence. Harvest time is certainly the busiest and the merriest time of the year. During the harvest, the villagers often get up very early in the morning. They cheerfully go to their rice-fields to harvest the bumper crop – the fruit of many months of hard work. My villagers are very friendly and helpful. They are willing to offer mutual help in any case and always get on with one another harmoniously. My village is rather small indeed but I like it very much because I was born and have grown up there and spent my happiest childhood among the simple and hard-working villagers who always feel attached to their native land In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon. Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay. Statistics shows that people are living longer now. There are several reasons for this. I will point out a few of them below. First of all, a few hundred years ago mankind suffered from many different kinds of diseases which are very well cured now. The achievements of contemporary medicine allow people to live with artificial arms, hands, legs and even hearts. Recently I read a few articles in the magazines about a man with an implanted artificial heart and a woman who had an implanted chipset in her head to make her happier. Additionally, many viruses are defeated nowadays with the modern vaccines and many pills help us to relief pain. Second of all, the conditions of live are greatly improved. A man chiefly does not have to sleep on the wet and cold ground, defense himself from predators in the wild forests and fight for his life. The wide extension of fast food stands, buffets and restaurants gives people the oppotunity to have full and nutritious meal whenever they need to. Many entertaining centers offer a wide variety of services where you can leave your troubles behind and just relax. All of these things mentioned above allow people to maintain healthy life, spend more time with his family and friends and make their life longer and happier.
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