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TEST I/ Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence A good clock always keeps accurate time She has earned a lot of money in her new job Would you mind me opening the windows now? We can get over the difficulty without too much effort Fewer people go the movies now than ten years ago We don’t know the rules of the game We had to ues our neighbor’s telephone because ours was out of order II/ Read the passage and then choose one answer for each of the following questions: A gold rush is the rapid relocation of large numbers of people to an area where gold has been discovered Gold rushes capture the imagination and participation of many people because of the magical lure of gold and the potential for overnight affluence The greatest gold rush in united States history was the California Gold Rush of 1849 1.what is the best title for this passage? The california Gold Rush of 1849 2.According to the passage, people join gold rushes because……………… They believe they have a chance of becoming affuent 3.According to the passage, where was gold first discovered? At Stutter’s mill I4.t can be inferred from the passage that the California gold rush…… Greatly Speeded up the development of carlifornia 5.According to the passage, what qualifire California to be admitted to the union? V/ Use the word to make sentences Please/not forget/put/names/on them -> Please don’t forget to put your names on them although/they/brothers/they/not look/alike ->Although they are brothers, they don’t look alike I/really/not want/dessert ->I really don’t want any dessert It/never/late/ go back/school ->It’s never too late to go back to school Jeff/bought/a twenty dollars sweater/half price -> Jeff bought a twenty – dollar sweater for half price Study/all night/good/for/neither/your grades/nor/health ->Studying all night is good for neither your grades nor your heatth we’ll/have/leave/eight o’clock/get/ office/before nine ->We’ll have to leave at eight o;clock to get to the office before nine Mary/lost/ a lot/ weight/ her diet -> Mary has losta lot of weigh on her diet I/appreciate/your offering/me/ride -> I appereciate your offering me a ride 10 They/lucky/get/ the only two seats left/ the play ->They were lucky to get the only two seats left for the play VI/ Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the one printed before it We spent five hours getting to LonDon It took (us) hours to get to London 10 11 12 13 14 It was such a boring speech that I felt asleep I think you had better not tell him truth What he says makes no sene to me He said that he had been badly sick since he returned from a broad The speaker said almost nothings worth listenning to If you had come to the party, you would have met Her The manager had his seretary type the report for him The great increase in population III/ Read the article bolow and put a cross on the letter next tho the word that best fits each space Shopping in the Mappstone is a must if you are visiting the area There (1) are Many shops and services all within walking distance (2) of The cetal square The city is particularly busy during (3) the summer months of june, July and August when tourists visit Mappstone from all over the (4) world One of the main streets of the central square – Cedar Avenue – is the most popular shopping area for not (5) just visittors but residents too Stores line both sides of the avenue and often (6) stay Open late into the evenung Most of the shops in this avenue are small and expensive (7) but In nearby streets shoppers can find almost anything at more reasonable (8) prices Tuorists wiil find that many of these shops offer and export service and goods (9) can be posted direct tho the buyer’s home country Shops ara usually closed on Mondays but ortherwise open from am in the morning (10) until pm in the evening IV/ Fill in each gap in the passage lelow with one suitable word She doesn’t usually stay up so late She’s not used to staying up late If i were you, I’d look for another job I suggest (that) you look for another job He lost his money simply because he wasn’t careful If he had been more careful, he wouldn’t have lost his money They last visited me five years ago They haven’t visitted me for five years All him suits were made in paris He had all his suits made in Paris 15 16 17 18 19 20 He will have been working in this office for ten years by next Monday No sooner had he left the office than the phone rang Neither the director nor his assistant havent’t com yet It is necessary that you be here at a.m tomorrow The village both b and c are correct We are going to visit is far from here She wishes she hadn’t told you the bad news yesterday One of the greattest (1) difficulties for foreign students in American universities is the lecture system The professor (2) Lectures and the students take (3) Notes These notes are later used to study for (4) Examinations If the notes aren’t good, it will be (5) hard for the student to (6)prepare for a subsequent exam It is not easy to take good notes from a lecture in a (7) Foreign Language You try to write every (8) Word The professor says, then you are writing at the same time the professor is lecturing, this kind of note (9) taling means that you will fall far (10) Behind the lecture, and the notes wiil be confused They may be (11) useless For later study What can you to take better notes? The first skill to learn is how to write only the most (12) Important Words, not whole sentences (13) Significant words are the ones that present new information The most important words are often the focus of intonation They are usually emphssized by pith change, and this should be your signal of (14) importance Content words, like nouns and verds, are usually be focus of information, so your notes should be almost entirely (15) content Words Remember that you need information, not sentences TEST LEVEL: PRE- INTERMEDIATE & INTERMEDIATE I Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence He couldn't make the radio work The secretary has been busy typing all afternoon She used to drive to the station every day but then she decided to walk instead I'm sorry I haven't got any money I've left my wallet ar home I disapprove of people smoking in public places While stady ing he was financially dependent on his wife Her father won't let her drive his car Out flight from Amsterdm to London was delayed on account for the heavy fog Last year, Matt earned twice as much as his brother 10 He has a bad cold, he sneezes so often 11 She said she met you once at a meeting last year had you met her since? 12 We are expecting him to arriver at any moment 13 I don't like to ask people for help but I wonder if you could me a favor 14 Mr and Mrs Hudson are always arguing with each other about money 15 I would like to thank you, on behaft of my colleagues, for the welcome you have give us 16 you ought to leave for the airport now in case there's a lot of traffic on the way 17 The children had better leave now, it is getting late 18 he has just bought ought expensive new furniture 18 he has just bought some expensive new furniture 19 The company these employees on strike is closing down for two weeks 20 It's no use learning a language if you don't try to speak it to II Read the passage and then choose one answer for each of the following question: I get a lot of letter at this time of year from people complaining that they have a cold which won't go away thre are so many different stories about to how to prevent or cure a cold It's often diffecult to know what to do.( ….)And remember they might make you sleepu - please don't try to drive if they do!Lastly, as far as avoiding cold is concerned, whatever you may be told about magic foods or drinks, the best answer is to keep strong and healthy - you''ll have less chance of catching a cold, and if you do, it shouldn't be so bad 1.This is from…… c a magazine What is the writer’s intention? b To give general advice Who should talk to the doctor before buying medicine for a cold? a people who are already talking drugs What is the writer’s opinion of the “magic foods and drink”? a The writer doesn’t believe in “magic foods and drinks” Which word in the paragraph is closest in meaning to “unhealthy”? d weak III Read the article below and put a cross on the letter next to the word that best fits each space Water is our life source It makes up 70 percent of (1) our bodies, and the avergage person actually spends 18 months of his life (2) in the bath or shower But we are only now learning how to look (3) after water Acid rain (4) has polutted as many as 18,000 lakes and our seas and river are polluted with waste products It is now (5) very expensive to try to repair the damage which has been done We have some hope for the future, thouhg, (6) because new sources of water have been discovered People (7) living in the Sahara Desert have (8) found fish swimming in deep underground streams Scientists also believe (9) there is a hige lake underneath London If we have (10) learnt anything from our mistakes, we will try to keep these new areas of water clean IV Fill in each gap in the passage below with one suitable word My mother and my father are very (1)defferent people Mum is always very calm not exactly easygoing, because she doesn’t get excited When we were small she almost never (2) shouted at us When we did something wrong, she (3) talked to us about it very firmly, but in a calm tone of voice If we shouted and (4) cried , she made us go and sit by (5) Ourselves in her sewing room until we calmed down So when the news came, she reacted in her (6) Usual way, quietly seeing what she could to prepare for the changes that were coming Dad, on the other hand, shouted, kicked a chair, and (7) Went for a long walk to try and cool off During the next few days he was (8) Cross with us a lot of the time, which (9) Upset us, as nothing was our fault All of us kids were (10) Worried about what was going to happen, and a bit afraid, but we didn’t talk to our parents so much Most of all we were (11) Sad about having to (12) Leave all of our school friends V Use the words to make sentences We/ go/ airport/ see/ off/ last sun -> We went to the airport to see him off last Sunday When/ arrive/ victim/ take/ hospital/ police -> When we arrived the victim had been taken to hospital by the police wish/ have/ money/ buy/ dictionary/ yesterday -> I wish I had enough money to buy a dictionary yesterday friends/ advise/ not/ go train/ next time ->My friend advised me to not to go by train next time can/ manage/ write/ report/ yourself? ->Can you manage to write the repost by yourself? Would/ mind/ lend/ motorbike/ until/ week? -> Would you mind lending me your motorbile until next week? ask/ whether/ find/ solution/ problem/ yet ->He asked me whether I had found a solution to the problem yet Brown/ only/ 30 years/ director/ big company ->Mr Brown, who is only 30 yearsold, is the director of a big company father/ tired/ so/ go/ bed/ right/ dinner ->My father was so tired that he wemnt to bed right after dinner 10 It/ until/ yesterday/ police/ capture/ robber ->It was not until yesterday that the police captured the robber VI Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the one printed before it 1.This is his first visit to England ->He is visiting England for the fist time I think it may rain ->It looks as if it’s going to rain He will come because he wants to be sure of meeting you ->He will come so as to be sure of meeting you Walking in the rain gives him pleasure ->He enjoys walking in the rain Most of a child’s life is spent in playing ->A child spends his/ her life playing The fox was unsuccessful in reaching the grapes ->The fox tried on vain to reach the grapes Tests I Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence Darwin was a brilliant scientist in the nineteenth century My father jogs a couple of miles every morning Don’t blamed bad habits in a child She informed her parents for the failure of her marriage We felt very relieved to hear you were safe Having laid the table, mrs Robert called the family for dinner The team’s success was largely due to our efforts I was about to go out when you telephoned Go straight on this road and you wil arrive at the hotel in five minutes 10 Dr Nam was believed to be living in New York 11 I feel as if my head were on fire now, doctor 12 It was difficult to arrange a date which was convenient for every one 13 When I first came here, they hadn’t build this bridge yet 14 Sunday is a holiday when most people rest 15 Only when he is here, does he speak English 16 If knew you are busy, I wouldn’t disturb you 17 We both worked for their hours, yet she paid John more than me 18 The man coming towards us is an engineer 19 They will have left for Pari by a.m tomorrow 20 We are not used to studying late at night II Read the passage and then choose one answer for each of the following questions: Dinosaurs were reptiles that lived during a period of earth’s history called the Mesozoic Era, which is also known as the Age of Reptiles The first dinosaurs appeared more than 200 million years ago For many millions of years, they dominated the land with their huge size and strength Then about 65 million years ago, they died out rather suddenly, never to reemerge.(…)In contrast, other species having protection, such as the mammals and birds, were able to survive 1.What is the best title for this passage? Parth’s Largest Reptiles 2.It can be inferred from the passage that the Age of Reptiles lasted about… 135 million years 3.In line 6, the author use the phrase “never to reemerge” to indicate that the dinosaurs… became extinct 4.According to the passage, what is true about the size of dinosaurs? It varied quite greatly 5.The paragraph followig the passage most likely discusses… another theory about the disappearance of dinosaurs III Read the article below and put a cross on the letter naxt to the word that best fits each space Dear Editor, I went to Newzealand on a student programme last year and I’d like to (1) tell you about it It was very (2) excited when I knew I was going to Newzealand because I had never been there before I didn’t think about the problems of speaking English (3) until Imet my host family At first I couldn’t communicate with them because my English was so bad All the eight years I (4) had been learning wasn’t much use at all, (5) because we didn’t have real practice at school Even though my grammar was good, my pronunciation wasn’t My problem is pronouncing “I” and “r” for example, Newzealand people often asked “What you eat in Thailan?” I wanted to tell yhem that we eat rice, but they didn’t understand when I said “We eat lice” My host mum helped me a lot by (6) correcting my bad pronunciation I usually practiced by talking to myself when I had a shower, so no one could hear me After four months my English was (7) much better Apart (8) from English I learn to make my own breakfast and lunch I had to ride a bicycle to school everyday I went swimming and tried water-skiing and sailing, (9) which was wonderful But the most valuable thing was that I learn to be (10) by myself and to be independent IV Fill in each gapin the passage below with one suitable word When you are (1) invited to a meal in Thailand, the words of the invitation literally (2) mean come and eat rice Indeed, nearly all Thai (3) dishes are eaten with rice, (4) which grows there very easily (5) as the climate is warm and there is (6) plenty of rain The food is always (7) served in neatly cut pieces, so there is no (8) need to knives and forks but, instead, (9) special spoons and forks are used The Thais used to eat with their (10) hands and there are still some people who eat this way There is a particular way of doing it First they wash their right hand in a bowl of (11) water they only eat with their right hand They are careful not to let the food (12) tough the palm of their hand After the meal, the hand is again careully washed The meal is usually made up (13) of saveral different dishes, all of which are spicy They are served in bowls which everyone shares, (14) though each person has their own bowl of rice As Thaiand has a long coastline, it is not surprising that fish and shellfish (15) play an important part in Thai cooking V Use the words to make sentences I/remember/see/DrNam/television/times ->I remember seeing DrNam on television several times parents/used/drink tea/dinner ->My parents used to drink tea after dinner take/them/3 years/build/bridge ->It took them years to build the bridge accident/happen/while/drive/highway ->The accident happen while he was driving on a highway when/meet/her/telking/teacher ->When I met her she was talking to the teacher you/hear/news/radio/this mornings? ->Did you hear the news on the radio this mornings book/interesting/that/read/twice ->The book was so interesting that I have read it twice we/not know/when/manager/return ->We not know when the manager return doctor/whom/see/party/friend ->The doctor whom you saw at the party is my friend 10 train/arrive/Hanoi/in/hour ->The train will arrive in Hanoi in one hour VI Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the one printed before it couldn’t you find a better hotel? ->Is this the best hotel you could find iohn began playing the piana ten years ago ->John has been playing the piano for ten years they won’t be able to come on Sunday ->It will be impossible for them to come on Sunday she needs to study harder -> She doesn’t study hard enough I only paid a few hundred pounds for the car ->The car cost me only a few hundred pounds 6.My mother made these curtains ->These curtains were made by my mother TEST I Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence My mother can’t stand seeing me at home all day When the company had to lay off a number of workers, he became redundant Dr Johnson is a very unpopular man in our neighborhood This time next week they will be flying to the United States My uncle Tom, whom you met the other day, is one of the best lawyers in the city Mike always keeps his promise, so you can rely on him They asked me both a and c are correct I had read “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville I will have your bicycle repaired before returning it to you Only when you are old enough will you know the truth 10 We are tired of listening to her advice 11 He has been a war correspondent for many years and covered the war in Rwanda last year 12 She was brought up in the countryside and sent to a little village school 13 The meeting was attended by nearly one hundred scientists, several of them were very young 14 He doesn’t write to his parents as often as he used to 15 My hair needs cutting , but I’ve been too busy to have it cut 16 Had they arrived at the fair early, they would have found what they wanted 17 After having been held captive for years, he was released yesterday 18 You cannot captive the truth when that detective questions you yesterday 19 There is great peril in climbing Mr.Everest, but many people have made the attempt 20 His parents are trying to persuade him to get married II Read the passage and then choose one answer for each of the following questions: Chess must be one of the oldest games in the world An Arab traveller in India in the year 900 wrote that it was played “long, long ago” Chess was probably invented in India, and it has been played everywhere from Japan to Europe since 1400 The name “chess” is interesting When one player is attacking the other’s King, he says in English, “Check”; when the King has been caught and cannot move anywhere he says “Check mate” These words come from Persian “Shah mat” means” the king is dead”, that is when the game is over and one player has won Such an old game changes very slowly The ruler have not always been the same as they are now For example, at one time the queen could only move one square at a time Now she is the strongest piece on the board It would be interesting to know why this has happened! Chess takes time and thought, but it is a game for all kinds of people You don’t have to be a champion in order to enjoy it It is not always played by two people sitting at the same table The first time the Americans beat the Russians was in a match played by radio Some of the chess masters are able to play many people at the same time The record was when one man played 400 games! It is said that some people play chess by post This must make chess the slowest game in the world Which of the following is known to be true? d Chess was played in India long before 900 One player has won the game when the other player’s King can not move anywhere c the other player’s King can not move anywhere According to the old rules of the game the queen could move no more than one square at a time c the queen could move no more than one square at a time Which of the following will you hear when one player has won the game? a “Shah mat” Which of the following is NOT correct? b only two people can play chess sitting at the same table III Read the article below and put a cross on the letter next to the word that best fits each space Should smoking be banned in public laces? Statistics (1) show beyond doubt that cigarette smoking can (2) damage the health, yet a surprisingly large number of people continue to smoke (3) in spite of all warnings By doing so they are not just shortening their own lives, they are also affecting the health of (4) those around them It is time that nonsmokers fought bach! Personally, I think smoking should (5) definitely be banned in public places In the first place, it is very unpleasant (6) to sit in a smoke-filled room, such as a restaurant or cinema, if you not yourself smoke (7) added to this, smoking can be a serious fire risk, especially in crowed places (8) like discos Finally, in my opinion, nobody should be asked to risk his heath just because of another person’s bad habits Smokers may (9) protest that they should be free to as they like They say that we already have nosmoking areas in public places, and that this should be enough To my mind, however, non-smokers should also be free to go anywhere they choose without risking their health Smoking is harmful not just to smokers but to nonsmokers too If some people are foolish enough to continue this dangerous habits, it seems to me that they should at least be prevented (10) from doing so in public IV Fill in each gap in the passage below with one suitable word For over a hundred years, the (1) people of London have gone to bed and (2) got up in the morning to the deep sounds of the world (3) famous bell called Big Ben The (4) bell appeared in Westminster Tower a year before the clock, in 1858 It (5) weighs 13.5 tons, and it is the (6) largest bell in all England As we have (7) mentioned the clock that the bell serves appeared one year later, in 1859 Each of the clock’s four (8) faces is almost 6.5 metres (9) in deameter The munute hand is over metres (10) long and weighs over 100 kilograms (11) Although the clock is so big, it is very exact, it is seldom more than one second (12) wrong in 1924 hours English scientists use an original method to correct (13) mistake in the clock There is a small tray in the middle of the pendulum.If the clock is running slow, they put a penny coin in the tray, and the clock begins to run (14) faster If the clock begins to run fast, they take (15) away the penny The little coin is enough to make the giant clock run a second faster or slower every day V Use the word to make sentences Dear Betty Thank you / invite me / your birthday party ->Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party I / afraid / not be able / come ->I’m afraid I’m not able to come We / have / many things to / this week ->We have got many things to this week The boss / ask / me / work overtime ->The boss asked me to work overtime I / promise / so / and / have to keep / promise ->I promise to so and have to keep my promise I / wish / can go to party ->I wish I coould go to the party If I / be there / all of us / have good time ->If I were there, all of us would have good time I’ll be thinking / you / when I / type / piles of letters ->I’ll be thinking of you when I type these piles of letters I / hope / your party / a success ->I hope your party will be a success 10 I / wish happy returns ->I wish you many happy returns VI Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the one printed before it He started investigating the case a week ago ->He has been investigating the case for a week I’m quite sure that she didn’t steal the necklace ->She can’t have stolen the necklace The flat’s very noisy but we enjoy living there/ ->Even though the flat’s very noisy we enjoy living here “If I were you I wouldn’t trust Peter”, she told John ->She advised John not to trust Peter She is a far serious student now than she used to be ->She studies far more seriously now than she used to Your car does not give as much trouble as mine ->Your car gives less trouble than mine Test 5: I Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence (Chọn từ cụm từ hồn thành tốt câu.) Her parents were very worrying because she was out so late that night They flew to the island Then hired a car for three days and visited most places of interest Because of the heavy rain had to postpone The dinner party until the following Sunday When he heard the terrible noise, he asked me what was going on The three friends allapplied for the same job The patient refused to listen to his doctor’s advice Takes this road and you will arrive at the hotel in five minutes The weather was awful I wish it had been warmer That’s where I used to live when I was young 10 She will accept the job both b and c are correct the salary is satisfactory 11 I managed to find the book I was looking for 12 He suffers from bad headaches 13 Did anyoneclean the windows? No, they should have been cleaned but they weren’t 14 If you had come to the party, you would have met her 15 She told me that she had been studying English literature 16 When we visited the zoo on Sunday, it was very crowded, but on weekday it’s practically empty 17 We delayed our departure on account for the weather condition 18 Bill is phoning his girlfiend again That’s the third time he has phoned her this evening 19 It was difficult to arrange a date which was convenient for everyone 20 This compostion needs rewriting II Read the passage and then choose one answer for each of the following question: The agricultural revolution in the nineteenth century involved two things: the invention of laborsaving machinery and the development of scientific agriculture Labor-saving machinery naturally appeared first where labor was scarce “ In Europe”, said Thomas Jefferson, “the object is to make the most of their land, loabor being abundant; here it is to make adthe most our labor, land being abundand.” It was in the United States, therefore, that the great advances in nineteenth-century agricultural machinery first came At the opening of the century, with exception of a crude plow, farmers could have carried pracitically all of the existing agricultural implements on their backs; by 1860, most of the machinery in use today had been dessigend in an early form The most important of the early inventions was the iron plow As early as 1790 Charles Newbold of New Jersey had been working on the idea of a cast-iron plow and spent his entire fortune introducting his invention The farmers, however, were not interested in it, claiming that the iron poisoned the soil and made the weeds grow Nevertheless, many people devoted their attention James Oliver of south Bend, Indiana, turned out the first chilledsteel plow What is the main topic of the passage? → Machines that contributed to the agricultural revolution The expression “make the most of” in the line is closest in meaning to → get the best yield from Which of the following can be inferred from what Thomas Jefferson said (line 4-6)? → There was a shortage of workers on United States farmers What point is the author making by stating that farmers could carry nearly all their tools-on their backs? → Farmers had few tools before agricultural revelution According to the passage, which of the following statements about Charles Newbold is true? → He spent his own money to promote invention III Read the article below and put a cross on the letter next to the word that fits each space When you (1) shop for a new car, you should star by using consumer magazines You can find them in the (2) reference section of a library You can read about the advantages and disadvantages of each new car get (3) an idea of how much you should pay When you decide (4) on which make and (5) model you want to buy, you should go to a dealer and test- drive the car to see (6) if like it The salesperson will tell you the sticker price You should bargain with the salesperson and make (7) an offer based o what you learned from the cinsumer magazines Then you should go to one or two other dealers to see if you can get a better price, Sometimes you have to go back and forth several times between dealers to bargain for the best pice When you agree on a price with a salesperson, you usually have to leave a small (8) deposit The salessperson writes up a contract that you both have to sign When the dealer (9) presents the car, you have to pay the lalance or get to loan Most people make a dwn payment and take out a loan for the rest You can get a loan from a bank or sometimes from the auoto company You can (10) pay off the loan over a period pf time, usuallu from two to five years IV Fill in each gap in the passage below with one suitable word, Write the words in the spaces on your answer sheet Most people think that the older you (1) get, the(2) harder it is to leam a new language, That is, they believe that chidren (3) more easily and efficiently than adults Thus, at some pint in our liver, maybe around age 12 or 13, we lose the (4) ability to learn language well, Is this idea fact or myth? Is it true that children learn a foreign language more efficiently than adults? On the (5) contrary, research studies suggest that the opposite may be true One report, on- 2, 000 Danish children studying Swedish, (6) concluded that the teenagers learned more , in less tome, than the younger children Another report, on Americans learning Russian, showed a direct improvement of (7) ability over the (8) age range tested, that is the ability to learn increased as the age (9) increased, from childhood to adulthood There are several possible (10) explanations for these (11) findings For one thing, adults know more about the world and there fore are able to understand meaning more easily than children Moreover, adults can use (12) logical thinking to help themselves see pattern in the language Finally, adults have more self-discipline than children All in all, it seems that the (13) corners idea that chidren are better language (14) learners than adults may not be fact, (15) but myth he’ll/seventeen/old/Saturday → He’ll be seventeen years old next Saturday 6.I/ interested/films/ children → I’m interested in films for chidren advise/not/ to go to/ bus/ next tiem →He advised me not to go by bus next time Jacket/ small/ not fit/ me →The Jacket is so small that it doesn’t fit me We/go/ airport/ meet him/ tomorrow → We will go to the airprt to meet him tomorrow 10.After/I entered/ house/ it/ to rain → After I had entered the house began to rain VII Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the one printed before it I was drowning, but he saved me →If hehadn’t saved me I would have drowned Salli is the cleverest student in the class → Nobody in the class is cleverer than Sally I have never read such a romantic story → This is the most romantic story I have ever read 4.We can’t afford to buy the car →The car is too expensive (for us) to buy 5.His parents made him study for his exams →He was made to study for the exams by his parents We started cooking for the party four hours ago →We have been cooking for the party four hours V/ Use the words to make sentences I/ happy/ get/ letter → I am happy to get your letter How long/ you/ waiting/answer → how long have you been waiting for the answer When/ I/ her/ talking/John →When I saw her She was talking to John Father/impossible/ home/lunch → My father finds it impossible to come home for lunch 10 I’m not sure where it was made 11 He was sacked after having an argument with his supervisor b (fired) 12 Can you tell me what time the doctor’s office open? Test 13 His model of the airplane was correct in very detail and could really fly I Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence 14 Mary wants to be a driver She’s had lot of driving lessons It is immense size, It is huge 15 The interviewer asks the job applicants what qualification she’s got You can hear it when it is actually striking You can hear, it is striking the 16 Children can be instructed in swimming They can be taught how to swim moment 17 They can be instructed swimming in spite of the fact that they are very The clock slowed down It was slow young Around the earth there is a (n) atmosphere 18 I would like to visit Australia some time in the future When you want to go buy train you go to a(n) railway station 19 This is the first time I have tried to play badminton There’s not much rice left, but I think there’s just enough of it 20 The problem is difficult therefore few students could answer it There is only one student in the classroom preparing his lesson II Read the passage and then choose one answer for each of the following People are interested in the idea of a Channel Tunnel questions: I’ve never heard of it Where was it made? Every year two million people visit Mount Rushmore, where the faces of four US presidents were carved in granite by sculptor Gutzon Borglum and his son, the late Lincoln Borglum The creadtion of the Mount Rushmore monument took 14 year – from 1927 to 1941 and mearly a million dollars There were times when money was difficult to come by and many people were jobless To move the more than 400,000 tons of rock, Borglum hired laid-off workers from the closed-down mines in the Black Hills area He taulght these men to dynamite, drill, carve, and frinish the granite as they were hanging in midair in his specially devised chairs, which had many safety features Borglum was pround of the fact that no workers were killed or severely injured during the years of blasting and carving During the carving, many change in the original design had to be made to keep the carved heads free of large fissures that were uncovered Howerver not all the cracks could be avoided, so Borglum concocted a mixture of granite dust, while lead, and linseed oil to fill them Every winter, water from melting snows gets into the fissures and explands as it freezes, making the fissures bigger, Consequently, every autumn maintenance work is done to refill the cracks The repaires swing out in space over a 500foot drop and fix the monument with the same mixture that Borglum used to preserve this national monument for future generations In line 13, the world fissures refers to cracks According to the passage, Borglum’s son is dead The men who Borglum hired were unemployed miners It can be inferred from the passage that the heads are not as originally planned Borglum’s mixture for filling cracks was invented by the sculptor himself III Read the article below and put a cross on the letter next to the word that best fits each space When man first learned how to make a fire, he began to use fuel for the first time The first fuel he used was probably wood As time (1) Passed, men eventually discovered that substances such as coal and oil (2) would burn John/begin/give up/ smoke/ two year/ago → John began to give up smoking two year ago They/regret/ not go/ party/us/last night →They regret not going to the party with us last night Remember/post/ letter/me/when/ you/go post office →Remember to post the letter for me when you go post office It’s/eleven thiry/ let us/ stop/ work/ have lunch/ now → It’s eleven thity, Let’s stop working to have lunch now It’s eleven thiry Let’s stop working to have lunch now Unlike/ his brother/ Bod/ exercise/ every day → Unlike his brother, Bob does morning exercise every day Coal (3) was not used very widely as a source of energy until the last century With the coming of the industrial revolution, it was soon realized that production (4) would double if coal was used instead of wood Nowadays, many of the factories and electricity generating stations (5) would be unable to function if there was no coal In the last twenty or thirty years, however, the use of coal (6) has declined As a result, there have been changes in the coal industry It (7) is believed that more people (8) would use coal if oil and gas were not so readily available There is more than enough coal in the world for man’s need for the text two hundred years if our ue of coal (9) does not increase Unfortunately, however, about half of the world’s coal (10) may never be used Mining much of it (11) would be very expensive even if it was possible to use new equipment IV Fill in each gap in the passage below with one suitable word Almost (1) all reading books contain a fable These old stories (2) which/that taugh people moral lessons many years ago can now help (3) us learn English Our fable is about a fox (4) and a crow A crow is a big black bird that likes to steal (5) things from house, and a fox is an animal (6) which likes to steal things (7) from crows One day a fox was walking along looking (8)n his for something (9) to eat when he saw a crow a branch for a free (10) with a large piece of cheese beak The fox, who could not climb (11) the tree, began to think to some way to get the cheese So said (12) to the crow: “ One of my friends heard (13) you sing last week and told me you had a very fine voice Won’t you sing for me.?” The crow was surprised (14) to hear this for crows not have voices But when the fox contined to speak well of his voice, he began to (15) sing The piece of cheese fell to the ground and the fox ate it What would you say is the moral of this story? V Use the words to make sentences I/ decide/how many/ postcards/ I/ going/ get → I can’t decide how many postcards I am going to get Why/we/not meet/ in front/the coffee shop/eight? → Why don’t we meet in front of the coffee shop at eight Jeff’s family/happy/ when/he/marry/Nancy → Jeff’s family will be happy when he marries Nancy Paul/want/his wife/go back/school/next semester → Paul wants his wife to go back to school next semester 10 Ann/like/us/pick/her/the bus station → Ann would like us to pick her up at the bus station VI Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the one prined before it I’ll only help you if you promise to try harder Unless you promise to try harder I won’t help you “You were cheating”, said Carol to June Carol accused June of cheating She bought that house in 1973 She has lived in that house since 1973 TEST I choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence The Brown had to use all their savings to buy their new house what are you cooking in that saucepan? It smells good He was robbed of all his money I expect him to arrive in a fornight A plan was put forward by William Low He suggested it The British feared invasion They were afraid of it It was fortunate we didn’t have to carry him It was our good luck A plane cannot get into the air without some kind of strength He may eventually get across the channel He may this finally 10 He wanted to measure (take) temperatures 11 He has told us more than any living person 12 The man whose work is to amuse people who attend a show is a (n) entertainer 13 The people in the theatre are the audience 14 Programmes on TV and radio are broadcasts 15 Between two films there is a (n) interval 16 If you live in a house which is not yours you have to pay rent 17 The man who design a house is the architect 18 The laeder of a football team is the head 19 The instructor of a football team is the coach 20 When the teams have played for 45 minutes it is half time II Read the passage and then choose one answer for each of the following questions: How can we know that the birds we see in the south in the winter are the same one that come North in the spring? Once John J.Audubon, a bird lover, wondered about this Every year he watched a pair of little phoebes nesting in the same place He wondered if thay were the same birds He decided to put tiny silver bands on their legs The next spring back came the birds with the brands to the Very same place Back came the young birds to build their nests on the walls of farm buildings in the Neighborhood The phoebe, it was learned, wintered wherever it was warm enough to find flies In summer, phoebe could be seen from Georgia to Canada, in winter, anywhere from Georgia to Florida and Mexico The phoebes were the first kind of bird to be banded, and Mr.Audubon They believe he is mad He is believed/ thought to be mad Our house is going to be painted by a local firm We are having our house painted by a local firm “I think you sold hould go by train”, he told us He advised us go to by train was the first birdbander Topday there are hundreds of birdbanders all over America These people band all kinds of birds The government of the united States has a special birdbanding department which makes all the birdbands The bands not hurt the birds, as they are made of aluminum and are very light They come in different size birds Each band has a special number On each band are there words: “notify Fish and Wildlife service, Washington, D.C” Anyone who finds a dead bird with a band on its legs is asked to send the band to Washington with a note telling where and the bird was found In this way naturalists add to their knowledge of the habits and needs of birds The title below that best expresses the main theme or subject of this selection is: d Studying birdlime through birdbanding According to the election, Adubon proved his theory that b birds return to the same nesting place each spring Adubon’s purpose in banding the phoebes was to a satisfy his curiosity The migration habits of phoebes depend upon c.the availabale food supply Which statement is true according to the selection? c The govement offers a reward for information about dead birds III Read the article below and put a cross on the letter next to the word that best fits each space The table tennis match was very enjoyable before (1) someone lit a cigarette and ruined the evening After (2) finishing smoking, they let the cigarette fall on the wooden floor Unfortumately, they dropped it without putting it out but (3) no one Paid any attention to it Even woman (4) who was next to the man with the cigarette did not fiotice Soon, however, there was (5) a lot of smoke Sunddenly flames (6) shot up into the air Someone immediately ran out of the room (7) to phone the fire brigade Two or there men got some buckets of water (8) to put out The fire, but it was useless Everyone in the large hut (9) was very frightened The next moment people, the whole building was on fire On (10) entering the burning building, one of the firemen succedded in (11) rescuing an old woman IV Fill in each gap in the passage below with one suitable word The country is (1) more beautiful than a town and pleasanter to live in Many people think so, and go to the country (2) for the summer holidays though they cannot live (3) there all the year round Some have a cottage built in a village (4) so that they can go there whenever thay can find the time English village are not all alike, but (5) in some ways they are not very different (6) from each other Almost every village has a church, the round or square tower of (7) which can be seen for many miles around Surrounding (8) the church is the churchyard, (9) where people are buried The village green (10) is a wide stretch of grass, and house or cottages are (11) built round it Country life is now fairly comfortable and many villages (12) have get water brought through pipes into each (13) home Most villages are so close to some small town (14) that people can go there to buy (15) what they can’t find in the village shops V Use the words to make sentences I/be happy/ get/ letter/offer/job/your company → I was very happy when I got your letter in which you offer me a job your company You/not tell/ when/want me/star work/for you →You didn’t tell me when you wanted me to star working for you My present employer/ expect/me/stay him/end/month → My present employer is expecting me to stay with him until the end of this month We/think/about buy/house/the office → We are tinking about buying a house near the office My wife/beanxious/ find/good school/children/attend → My wife is anxious to find a good school for the children to attend She worry/not be able/continue/study/same subjects → She is worried they will not be able to continue to study the same subjects Let/hope/problems/not take/long/solve → let’s hope our problems will not take long time to solve I look forward/star/work/you → I look forward to starting working for you VI Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the one prined before it It isn’t necessary to finish the work today →You don’t have to finish the work today Sally finally managed to get a job →Sally finally succeeded in getting a job That’s the last time I go to that restaurant →I certainly won’ go to that restaurant any more “I advise you take a holiday,” the doctor continued →“You’d better take a a holiday” “If you don’t rest yiuself you really will be ill →“Uncless you rest yourself you really will be ill” The doctor told him that he worked too hard →“You work too hard”, the doctor said to him TEST I.Điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống I never yellow because it doesn’t… suit me John and Lucy are very … spoilt ba cause their parents give them everythin g they ask for Can you change a pound?I need some money for the telephone box It’s Grandmo ther’s birthday tomorrow , so don’t forget to wish her many happy re turns 5.He failed to give sati sfactory reasons for his absence for school 6.If she can make such stiries, she is cerrainly a very imaginat ive girl 7.When I tried to walk I had a sharp pa in in my right leg 8.Mrs Black is spendi ng her holiday with friends in the country 9.A doctor who performs operation s is a surgeo n 10.If you are impolite to a person, you should make an apolo gy… 11.My uncle went out of th house if an hour ago 12Weddi ng rings are usually made of gold 13.I have durnk fo ur bottles of beer tod ay 14.There are two t’s in the word “pretty” 15”Whos e belt is it” “It’s my sister’s ” 16 This book is Andy’ s 17 The children hurt the mselves when they fell 18.Have you ever heard this song sung in VN? 19 Who actually saw the accident,, happen ? 20.They were walking slowly p ast the Director’ s room II.Trả lời đoạn văn: The body of primitive man, a faraway and primitive man called Homo sapiens, so far as we can reconstru ct from the fragment ary evidence, was exactly loke our own, and his barin was a big as that of modern man and quite as complicat ed in structure His in telligence and his ability to learn were probably as great as that of the average man today, but the had a very meager inheritan ce of knownled ge The use of tools and weapons of a primitive sort wag probably passed on from the subhuma n creatures, who had learned how to break stones and use the sharp edged pieces for cutting and scraping, and how to use a short, heavy stick for a club and a long, pointed one of fire when they found it, but they did noy known how to make it They had probably also disvovere d the advantag es of social living; that severral families living together in a trible could offer.Eac h other help and protectio n, and that hunters killed more game if they bnaed together and had a leader to direct the hunt The discovery that social living increased the odds in favor of survival was, perhaps, primitve man’s greatest discovery greater than either the discovery of the fire or the inven tion of th wheel 1.What we know of primitive man is based upon Pieces of evidence 2.The first real man Received very little kmowled ge from his ancestirs 3.Accord ing to the authorma n became a social being because Cooperatio n was necesssa ry for suvuval 4.A direct result of primitive man’s discovery of the advantag es of social living was a Of great sugnifica nce III.Điền từ có sẵn vào đoạn văn: When you are driving abroad you should make sure that you have all your document s with you These include your passport, your driving licence and insurace paper It can be very incivenie nt if you lose any of these or if you not find them quickly You must also make sure that your car has a mationali ty plate which shows the country where the car is registered ; for example, GB for Great Brtain, F for France, N for Norway and so on In some countrise you have to pay if you don’t obey motoring laws and this can sometime s cost you a lot of money For instance, you may have to pay immediat ely if you are stopped by a police offcer for taking no notice of traffic lights, speed limits or if you allow chidren under the age of twelve to travel in the front seat of a vehicle IV Điền từ vào đoạn văn: An old porter had been working for the railway for a very long time He was standing in one of the big railway stations in London one moring, wating fortravele rs to ask him to help them with their luggage, when he saw smaill man running to ward the trains, carrying a bag The old porter looked at him for moment and then said politely ‘well,sir,I ’d like to help you, but I can’t answer your question, because I don’t know how fast you can run along the rail ‘You see’, he explained , ‘the 10.35 train to New Castle left five minutes ago’ V Sắp xếp lại câu 1.He/ insist / invite / mother in law/ restaurant He insisted on inviting his mother in law to the restaura nt Although / live / far/ company / work / time Althoug h they live far from their company they always come to work on time 3.London / stand/ Thames/ divide/ two equal parts London stand on the Thames which divides it into two equal part 4.Thrille d/ lear / she / win / prize She was thrilled to learn that she had won a prize 5.Disapp ointed/ know / not / able / come / birthdayparty She is disappoi nted to know that you won’t be able to come her birthday -party 6.She/ smell/ find/ whether/ fit/ eat She was smelling the fish to find out whether it was fot to eat 7.When/ reach/ football ground/ game/ start When we reached the football ground, the game had already started 8.Doctor/ demand/ every/ drop/ water/ boil The doctor demande d that every drop of water should be boiled 9.It/ natural/ men/ love/ freedom It is natural that men should love freedom 10.I/ hope/ they/ keep/ promise/ that/ work/ do/ by/ end/ next/ week I hope they will keep their promise that the work shall be done by the end of next week VI.ViẾt lại câu thứ 1.He could not afford to buy the car The car was too expensiv e for him to buy She didn’t say a word as she left the room She left the room without saying a word They think the owner of the house is abroad The owner of the house is thought to be abroad 4.You remembe red to post the letter, didn’t you? You didn’t forget to post the letter,did you? 5.Speaki ng English fluenly is not easy It is diffcult to speak English fluently 6.I’m sorry that I didn’t finish my homewor d last night I’m I had finished my home word last night TEST I Điền từ thích hợp vào chổ trống 1.she’s got beautiful eyes, hasn’t she? 2.A relation of yours is coming to see uou, She will be coming soon 3.She intends to stay for a days That’s what she plans to You will get surprise You will be surprise “Where have you been hiding?”s he asked She asked me where I had been hiding 6.How long had they been fighting the fores fire?For nearly three weeks 7.The hill threatene d the surroundi ng villages with destructio n.The villages might be destroye d 8.If it rained haevily there would be 9.The tree had been there for centuries 10.Every body adimires him because he’s got a fine senes of humor 11.Geoffr ey loves making speeches 12.It was a great success He succeede d in making everyone laugh 13.It would be possible to build a platform A platform could be built 14.He suggested building a double raiway tunnel 15.Peopl e are intereste d in the idea of a Chnnel Tunnel 16.How long are the dogs going to be trained? Until they have learned how to wail in all kinds of traffic 17.When will he begin to teach?As soon as he’s finished his training 18 He had taken the basic course before he took the advanced one 19 Do a good deed whenever you can 20.He dosen’t care how he stands He stands as he pleases II Trả lời đoạn văn: I must tell you about our holiday this year, it was one of the best we’d ever had No, we weren’t staying in an expensiv e hotel, but a youth hostel! I know what you’re thinking; we must’ve gone mad.But we haven’t, I just wish we’d discovere d youth hostel years ago Now that I’m back at universit y again luxury hotel are a thing of the past, and I was complain ing about this one day to a friend who daid thet she and her family never satyed anywhere but hotels I had no idea that hostels could be anything from a cottage to a castle I mean where ekse you get to stay in a speccial so you pay an overnight charge according to the kind of hostel you saty at You can’t stay more than three nights as a time but that didn’t bother ua bacause we wanted a touring holiday Basically you look after yourself althought most hostels breakfast and some of them, offer an evening meal if you arrive early enoungh There are a few rules like having to be in by 11p.m in the evening ang out by 10 a.m ih the morning but otherwise you’re free to what you want Now I really believe that he best thing about this whole holiday was meeting so many different and interestin g people.I used to think hostels were only for the yuong and noisy but not any more.You can’t imagine what variety there was! Anyway what are you all doing next year? 1.This is from… A letter 2.What is the writer trying to do? To give informat ion 3.Why didn’t the writer stay in a hotel? The writer didn’t have enough money to say in a hotel bacause she is studying again 4.What did the writer most enjoy about her holiday? She enjoyed meeting other people in the hostel III Điền từ có sẵn vào đoạn văn: For many young people sport is a popular part of school life and(1) being past in one pf the school teams and playing in matches is very important If someone is in a team it means a lot of extra practice and often spending a Saturday or Sunday away3 from home, as many matches are played then It can also involve traveling to other towns to play against other school teams and then staying on after the match for a meal or a drink Sometim es parents, friends or other student will travel with the team to support their own side When s school team wins a match it is the whole school which feels proud,7 not only the players It can also mean that a school becomes wellknown; for being good at certain sports and pupils from that school may end up playing for national and internatio nal team so that the school has some really famous names associate d with it! IV Điền từ vào đoạn văn: Mr brxell was just shutting his shoe shop at the end of the day when a man in a well-cut suit came in and asked for an expensive pair of shoes There was somethin g about the way the man walked that made Mr boxell suspiciou s He filt as if he had seen him before somewhe re and then remembe red that he had on TV! The man was a criminal! The man tried on a few pairs of shose before he bought a pair Which Mr Boxell strongly recomme ned “ They’ re tight”, the man complain ed “ They’ll stretch,sir ”, Mr boxell said as Mr boxell had expected, the man limped into the shop next day to complain 11about the shoes.As soon as entered the shop, he was surrounde d by police Mr boxell had deliberate ly he was surrounde d by police Mr boxell had deliberate ly 12 sold the man a pair of shes 13 which were a size 14 too small, knwing he would return them the next day! V Sắp xếp lại câu: 1.I would/ to spend/ vacation/ a summer resort hotel I would like to spend my vaction at a summer resort hotel 2.I/ lying/ the beach read/ magazine when/ see/her I was lying on the beach reading my magazine when I saw her 3.They expect/ meet their friend/ the lobbly/ seven o’clock They expect to meet their friend in the lobbly at seven o’clock 4.If I/ not try/ be nice/ people,I/ not/any friends If I didn’t try to be nice to people, I wouldn’t habe friends 5.She/ not get along very well because she/ not know/wa y around She didn’t get along very well because she didn’t lnow her way around 6.We/ fell at home/ the United States if/ meet some friends We will feel at home in the U.S if we meet some friends 7.She had/ study two more years/ finishing high school She had to study two more years before finishing high school 8.Manvill e had lose/ every basketbal l game last year Manville had loat every basketball game last year 9.The person Mary meet/ the steps/Ho ward Anderso n The person Mary met on the steps was Howard An derson 10.Mary said it feel/ diferent/ be a senior Mary said it felt different to be a senior VI ViẾt lại câu thứ I was sorry I didn’t know how to it I wish I had known how to it 2.Spare the rod and spoil the child If a child is spared punishme nt he’ll be spoilt 3.He didn’t need to be reminded about it It wasn’t necessary to remind him about it 4.These shoes will have to be repaired They will have their shoes repaired 5.I love musica although I can’t play any musical intrumen t Despite my love of music I can’t play musical instrumen t “How long has it been since you left this city, Bob?” He wanted to know how long it had been since Bob left that city TEST 10 I ĐIỀN TỪ 1.He wanted to measure temperat ures Take He has told us more than any living person 3.I didn’t feel like having a swim this morning 4.We all look forward to our summer holidays 5.John was going to join the protest march, but he backed out at the last mimute 6.All his children speak fluent German 7.When you come to the crossroads, you wiill see the signpost showing the way to Middleto n Lovers have carved their names on this old stone bridge for hundreds of years 9.I was nearly driven mad by the noise of the airplanes 10.I wanted to see how the other lads did it Boy 11.The book containe d a lot of informa tion about how little petrol the car used 12.When our fiends have bad fortune, we try to show sympthy 13 You can’t count on me to heip you if you find yourself in truoble 14 He claimed to be the best chess pplayer in the district 15.If I biught a tichket in the lottery, I might win $1,000 16.The cost of having car repaired was far more than he had expected 17.John hopes to take his examinat ion in Septemb er 18 Your new flat reminds me very much pf the one we had in dalat 19.In the event oftrain, the match will have to be put off for a week 20.He said, “out of sight, out of mind ” II Trả lời đoạn văn: In recent year, scientific and technolo gy develop ments have drasticall y changed human life on our planet , as well as our views both of ourselve s as individu als in society and of the universe as a VI Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that its means the same as the one printed before it I don’t really want them, but I’ll have them I might as well have them He wwishes he had invited her to his party He is sorry now that he didn’t invite her to his party They go out when the sun begins to rise They go out in the early morning Is this the cheapest carpet you’ve got ? Have you got a cheaper carpet than this ? Nickel and silver not differ greatly in appearance The difference in appearance between nicked and silver is not great He doesn’t have enough money He’s short of money TEST 19 I Choose the word or phrase which best complete eah sentence Whose voice did she recognize? Mrs b Brown's I have been offered a large of moneya.sum 3.She often appears as a young girl She on the stage as a young girl a.is presented He's fat He must go on a (n) d.diet 5.We received her letter after she to a new house b.had moved Glen his clothes after he took them out of the dryerd.folded ? He doensn't look very well -d How is he Let you and agree to settle our differences without involving any of the other students .me Urgent message are important, so they must be sent Quickly 10 "How old are you?""I am you are" c.the same age as 11 "Here's my phone number""than ks I'II give you call if I some help tomorow"b.n eed 12.Our house is in the country It's not in b.the city 13 Joe wins every time.He always Billb beats 14.Bill Bruno has been very successful with his films.Every one begins to think of him as a d.superstar 15.How did he get to Drove? a.By hitch.hiking 16 Some people buy sugar for their coffee d.cubes 17.The man continued c.to drive 18 Will you let me a photograph of you?.take 19 Mr.Scott's "telephone service" is private It isn't d.public 20.The house is old and it needs .pai nting II Read the passage and then choose one answer for each of the following question After inventing dynamite, Swedish-born Nobel became a very rich man However, he foresaw its universally destructive powers too late Nobel preferred not to be remembered as the inventor of dynamate, so in 1895, just two weeks before his death, he created a fund to be used for awarding prizes to people who had made worthwhile contribution to mankind Originally, there were five awards: literature, physics, chemistry,me dicine and peace Economis was added in 1968, just sixty-seven years after the frist award ceremony Nobel's original legacy of nine million dollar was invented, and the interest on this sum is used for the award wich vary from 30.00 dollars to 125.000 dollars Every year on December 10, the anniversary of Nobel's death the awards (gold medal, illuminated diploma and money) are presented to the winners Sometimes politics plays an important role in the judge's decisions American have won numberous science award, but ralatively few litterature prizes No award were presented from 1940 to 1942 at the beginning of World War II Some people have won two prized, but this is rare:others have shared their prizeds When did the first award ceremony take place? b.1901 2.Why was the Nobel prized established? a.to recognize worthwhile contribution to humanity 3.In which field have Americans recived the most award? d.sciense 4.In how many fields are prizes given?c.6 5.Which of the follwing statements is not true? b.Ceremonie s are held on December 10 to commemorat e Nobel's invention III Read the article below and put a cross on the letter next to the word that best fits eah space Crime Prevention You can make life more difficult for thieves by (1) carrying your wallet in an inside pocket instead of a back pocket.But make sure that you still have it if someone bumps into you in a (2) crowd Most pickpockets are very skiiful Never let your handbag out of your (3) sight On public transport, (4) take hold of it, You are also (5) advised to take traverlers'chec k rather than cash when you go abroad, and to use cash dispensers which are on (6) main str eets, or are well lit at night A quater of all crimes are car thefts or things from cars, like radio and cassttes players If you car is (7) stoled , you many not get it back One in four is never found, and even if it is, it many be badly (8) damage Always lock all doors and windowns, and think about fitting a car alma too If you are bying a new radio cassette player, it is (9) worthwhile choosing one that is sercury-code or removable by the drive These precautions will help to (10) put off .thieves IV Fill in each gap in the passage below with one suitable word The need for money originates from the fact that different people in society produce different things This (1) means that people depend on each other for goods and services Let us take the (2) case/example of a farmer who produces more food than he requires and a carpenter who (3) lives by selling the tables and chairs that he has made It will be obvious that (4) unless some means of exchange is found, the farmer will (5) not/hardly be able to get rid of his surplus food and the carpenter will starve! Clearly, the (6) simplest/basi c means of the exchange will be for them to use barter, in other words, to exchange a (7) certain amount of one kind of goods (let's say flour) for a certain amount of another (tables or chairs, in this case) Obviously, barter can (8) work only in a very simple society In an advanxed society one cannot go around carrying things in the (9) hope .that we can exchange them for the things we need So we need something which will (10) stand for the goods and services that we want to exchage Hence the origin of money V Use the words to make sentences Cars/expensiv e to run/ motobikes ==> Car are more expensive to run than motobikes 2.I/lawyer/and /defend you all ==> I 'm a laywer and I defend you all 3.She/be either/London /Paris ==> She is (was) either in London or in Paris 4.I/always try/improve/s kills/make progress ==> I always try to improve my skills to make progress 5.policeman was/suppose/ make report/police headquartes ==> The policeman was supposed to make a report to the police headquartes you/have enough/sugar/ cake? ==> Do you have enough sugar for the cake? 7.I/wet/have/ no other clothes/chang e ==> I was wet and had no other clothes to change 8.Neither Jane/Mary/wa s/home ==> Neither Jane nor Mary was at home 10.She/call you/immediat ely if/ need help ==> She whould call you immediately if she need help VI Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the one printed before it Our neighbour has never invited us into his home Not once has our neighbour invited us into his home 2.We has made great progress cconomy in the last few years Great progress has beenmade in our economy in the last few years 3.Linda's uncle died She sold his house Linda sold her uncle's house after his death 4.I want to see him, not her It is him that I want to see, not her I can meet you if you arrive before noon So long as you ariive before noon, I can meet you 6.I must get my suit cleaned before the interiview My suit needs to be cleaned before the interiview TEST 20 I.Dien tu vao cho trong: I looked for my bag I tried to find it I am not used to the thought of working wihout him 3.I’m astnished at that matter The average depth pf the canal is about 10 metres 5.You don’t have to pay any aiport taxes They are included in the price 6.Will you be good enough to lend me $10 “ Why don’t you invite me to your birthday party?” “Sorry, I wish I had invited you to come with us” 8.Despite all that has beensaid, the touristhave been picking leaves 9.Mr Brown should have gone to the meeting but he didn’t 10.Did the snow lie thick on the ground? 11 Do you still want them? Do you want them now? 12.Since her father died, her eldest brother has looked after them? 13 “ He had nightmare”me ans” He had a terrible dream” 14 The roads in Brasilia are wide They are not narrow 15.The police are searching for a tall man with a beard 16 Rarely we have such an oppartunity to meet them 17.His wife got a shock She was shocked 18.A secondhand TV set is one previously owned buy 19.There weren’t any in shight.They couldn’t be seen 20.His wife was wearing a hat She had it II Trả lời đoạn văn: Diamond value is based on four charateristics: carat, color Clarity, and cut A diamond’s sixe is measured by carat weight.There are 100 points in a carat and 142 carat in an ounce…… O nly stones of similar shape are more reflective qulities compared, as some shapes are more reflective than others.For example, the round shape is the most refletive 1.The passage is mainly about Qualities affecting diamonds value 2.What can be said about a one carat diamond? It is has 100 points A stone that has no color at all is rated D 4.Clarity of stone Is determinnedl y im perfections 5.Two diamonds of the same shape Can be compared for reflective quality III Điền từ có sẵn vào chỗ trống đoạn văn: Clacton and Fronton are holiday resorts situated ten kilometer from each on the east coats of England Despite their proximity, they couldn’t be more different in character from each other Claction is a typical seaside town with cheap fish and chip cafes, ice cream stalls on the seafront, bright amusement arcades and, of course, a traditional pier jitting out into the sea For a few weeks in the summer its beaches are packed with young families; parents relax with a newpaper and a cup of tea, while their children play in the water or build sand castles Fronton, by contrast, is much more refined Tasteful apartment blocks overlook the undeveloped beach It’s odea for elderly holiday makers who enjoy a gentle stroll along the seafron It is quite, some would say dead, compared to Claaction with its noise and bustle IV Điền từ vào đoạn văn: The natural word is under violent assault from man The seas and river are being poisoned by radioactive waste by chemical discharges and by the dumping dagerous toxins and raw sewage The air we breathe is polluted by some smoke annd fumes form factories and motor vehicles even the rain is poisonned It’s little wonder forest and lakes are being destroyed and everywhere wildlife is disappearing Yet the deatruction continues V Sắp xếp lại câu: 1.Cyling down/ avenue , she suddenly feel/ faint Clying down the avenue, she suddenly felt faint 2.Turning round I see/ the bundle fall/ the lorry Turning round I saw the bundle fall from the lorry Pausing/ the lamp, the worker hear/ a queer noise Pausing by the lamp, the worker heard a queer noise 4.Noticing/ they spent too/ money, they decided/ to save it Noticing that they spent too much money, they decided to save it 5.Rememderi ng she leave/ they key/ home, she come/ back/ get it Rememberni ng she left the key at home, she came back to get it 6.Our teacher suggested/ Huong read more/ motorizedsub urbs Our teacher suggested that Huong read more about motorized suburbs 7.We recommend/ Hung make/ report/ the impact/ automobile We recommend that Hung make a report on the impact of automobile We asked/ someone/ us about/ change/ American living habits We asked that someone tell us about the change in American living habits 9.The customers demanded/ the store provide/ parking space The customers demanded that he store provide more parking space 10.My wife prefer/ we stay/ a motel when/ trave/ car My wife prefers that we stay in a motel when we travel by car VI Viết lại câu thứ 2: 1.Helen said: “Shirley, Where you get hair done?” Helen wanted to known the same of Shirley’s hairdresser’s The garage is going to repair the car for us next weel We are going to have our car repaired by the garage next week 3.You won’t find a school anywhere whose pupils get such good results Nowhere will you find a shool whose pupils get such good results 4.Many others have the same situation as you Your situation islike that of many others 5.Customs offcials are stopping more travelers than usual this week An increased number of travelers are being stopped by customs offcials this week 6.It is necessary for you to be able to drive a heavy lorry to get this job You must be able to drive aheavy lorry to get this job around the Earth Excuse me, you read/ are you reading your newspaper? Could I borrow it? Do you wait/ Are you waiting for the bus to Newcastle? 10 Andy builds/ is building his own house in the country TEST 21 LEVEL: PREINTERMED IATE I Underline the most suitable verb from in each sentence What sort of work you do/ are you doing? I can't talk now I cook/ I am cooking the dinner What shall we have? Do you like/ Are you liking fish? Can I borrow this typewrite? Or you use/ are you using it? What the people here do/ are the people here doing in the evening? Follow that bus Then you turn/ are turning left A lot of people think that the Sun goes/ is going d conductor That sells very good meat a baker b dentist c architect d butcher If my tooth doesn't stop hurting, I'll go and see my a actor b dentist c writer d jockey Not many buses have II Match a You the usually pay the drive person a manager with the b farmer c conductor people or d porter thing they Look! The is are in feeding the charge of lions a keeper Use each b pianist word c postman once only d engineer Write The your is showing them his plans answers of the new in the building a optician boxes b nurse a captain(d) c architect a dancer a chief(j) She wants the to a conductor(g) make a special cake a director(a) for her daughter's a general(b) birthday a inspector a headmaster/ b baker headmistress(i) d cashier d mechanic a manager/ My manageress(h) always comes early so I get matron(f) my letters before I go to a prime minister(e) work a postman 10 a ringmaster(c) b chemist c but cher d porter IV Put the verb in brackets into III Choose a suitable the best word form to complete the sentence What Ask the (be) shop Mr.Brown where the (do) in the washing garden? powder is I a nurse (not sleep) b assistant very well c Barber lately because of the noisy traffic I (try) to get a loan from the bank for eighteen months now The architect (finish) the plans for the new high school The yard (be) full of dead leaves I (wait) for Tom since ten o'clock The local council (build) twenty new houses every month I (not be) any open fireplaces in this house The Government (make) many new laws about housing 10 The resident's association generally (meet) once a month Is, doing haven't been sleeping have been trying has finished is have been waiting build/ are building aren't has made 10 meets V Choose the best reply in List B for each sentence in List A 1.D 2.C 3.A 4.F 5.B 6.E in MacDuff's in Tokyo! x The a 4.x x Set 2: x List A x The What's that? a 10 a 11, the What's it made of? VII Put the corect word Is it good? from the following list It's delicious in each space below from Seafood Chowder with Fish, vegetables and in cream 1.C 2.F 3.E 4.B 5.D 6.A VI Read the following paragraph and write 'a' or 'the' in the blanks where necessary Where no word is necessary, put a cross (x) Today (1) fast food í very popular throughout (2) word In (3) fast food restaurant you can get diferent kinds of (4) food cheaply and quickly You can even take it home For example, you can get (5) hot dogs or Set 1: (6) beef List A burgers in (7) paper bags Good evening, sir and boxes Mac Duff's is Is this table all right? (8) name of Would you like any (9) thing to drink? famous fast food Here's the menu restaurant Do you know that (10) Potatoes or rice with beef burger it? in Mac Duff's in London Anything else, sir? (11) same as one between of to at on Bobby started school the age of live They have a holiday hristmas There's a holiday the summer, too The teachers the staff are very young Sally goes a secondary school She'll probably pass good marks Harry's university He gets a grant the state at At In On To With At From VIII Put the passage carefully and then fill in each blank with the most suitable word from the box Use each word only once active moist colourful divided surrounded breathe called classified protected fertilized Snails belong to a large group of animals (1) molluscs Snails have soft bodies that are (2) by hard shells Snails may be (3) into two types: land snails and water snails It is very important for the snail to keep its body (4) Otherwise, the snail will die Land snails can therefore be found in damp and shady places These snails are thus most (5) on rainy days or at night as the weather is much cooler then Most land snails feed on the leaves and buds of plants Some snails feed on decaying plant material Land snails are not (6) into two separate sexes Their bodies produce both eggs and sperm Such animals are said to be hermaphrodit es However, a land snail cannot reproduce by itself The ess of a snail must be (7) by the sperm of another snail to produce an offspring Water snails not have a problem keeping their bodies moist because they are always (8) by water Most water snails (9) through lings and thus have to come to the surface of the water to breathe Like land snails, most water snails feed on plants Some water snails are freshwater species, while others live in the sea The shells of snails which live in the sea are often very (10) Called protected Classified moist active divided fertilized surrounded breathe 10 colourful IX Rewrite each sentence Use a verb from the box to replace the words in italics be feel see taste think of cost have smell have have This flower has a wonderful perfume This flower smells wonderful I think you are behaving in a very silly way I think you are being very silly She is expecting a baby in the summer She is having a baby in the summer Nacy is considering moving to Scotland Nancy is thinking of moving to Scotland Don't go in They are holding a meeting They are having a meeting I am meeting Janet this evening actually I am seeing Janet this evening actually Good clothes are becoming more and more expensive Good clothes cost more and more I am trying the soup to see if it needs more salt I am tasting the soup to see if it needs more salt Helen is taking a bath at the moment Helen is having a bath at the moment 10 I think that you would be happier in another job 10 I feel that you would be happier in another job X Put each verb in brackets into either the present simple or the present continous Dear Aunt Jean, I (1) (just write) to tell you much I (2) (appreciate) the money you sent me, and to tell you how I (3) (get on) in my first term at university Actually, I(4) (really enjoy) qumyself! I (5) (study)quite hard as well, but at the moment I (6) (spend) a lot of time just making friends I(7) (still stay) with my friend Sue, and I (8) (look for) somewhere of my own to live Only a few of firstyear students (9) (live) in college here, and I (10) (seem) to be spending a lot of time traveling backwards and forwards I (11) (go) to lectures every morning, and most afternoons I (12) (study) in the library In fact I (13) (write) this letter instead of an easy on Hamlet! I (14) (think) I’ll buy some new clothes with the money you sent Everything (15) (cost) a lot here, and I (16) (save) to buy a winter coat It (17) (get) really cold here in the evenings I now (18) (know) some other students and generally speaking we (19) (have) quite a good time socially! I (20) (also learn) to drive See you soon Katherine am just writing appreciate am getting on am really enjoying am studyding am spending/ spend am still staying am looking for live 10 seem 11 go 12 study 13 am writing 14 think 15 costs 16 am saving 17 gets 18 know 19 have 20 am also learning bargains/ sales On Saturday morning the High Street is full of customers/ shoppers It costs $9, so give her $10, and she'll give you $1 change/rest I don't go to that supermarket because it's a bit priced/ pricey You can not return goods without the original recipe/ receipt Supasoft Soaps are for sale/ on sale here A carrier bag is free with each buyer/ purchase over $10 If you pay cash, we can give you a 10 percent cutting/ discount How much did you pay/ spend for your new shoes? 10 This is a good shoe shop, but the costs/ prices are very high II Complete each sentence with a word from the box Use each word once only change find go queue try TEST 22 LEVEL: PREINTERMED IATE I Underline the most suitable verb from in each sentence That new clothes shop has a lot of very good help deliver fit order serve wrap pay You have to queue for ages to pay in this supermarket In the London area, we deliver furniture free of change in our van The trousers I bought the wrong size I'd like to change them Could some body serve me, please? I've been waiting for ten minutes Is this a present? Would you like me to wrap if for you? I like the colour of this skirt, but it doesn't fit me Good morning, ma dam Can I help you? We don't have your size at the moment, but we can order it for you Can you pay at the oder cash desk, please 10 Would you like to try on this green pair? 11 I went shopping but couldn't find exactly what I wanted 12 Food is so expensive now Prices seem to go up all the time III Choose the best answer The cost of the material is in the bill for the work b included The bus company has the fare by 20% a Raised "You were late for your dental appointment" "I know I shouldn't So long at the library." b have stayed The police to report to the headquarters immediately.d are required He was advised singing lessonsd to take Magazines are usually weekly or monthly, but newspapers are b daily There isn't foreign news in the paperd much I read in one paper that they are marrieda getting I wish I some jeans I really like I must have tried on ten pairs.c could find 10 Everyone what they have to do, don't they?b knows bulb lighter Mary: Did cabinet liquidyou enjoy cleaner machine your holiday? clock opener Tom: Yes, alarm clock thanks It was book shelves wonderful cigarette Mary: where lighter did you go? coffee potTom: To Ha cork screw Long, Viet dressing Nam table Mary: What frying is it famous for? light bulb Tom: It is damous for medicine many cabinet beautiful 10 microwace islans ans oven caves V Fill in each Mary: How gap with one did you think suitable about it? preposition: Tom: I about/ at/ by/ thought it was for/ from very They are wonderful excited abou Mary: Who t their trip to went with Rome next you/did you June go with? I feel Tom:Two sory for friends of Jack He í so mine and lonely Hoa’s family dáy Are you VII Write good at complete golf? sentences That with the hopuse is words given diferent from She/ Visit/ the one I parents / was looking tomorrow for evening Cezanne is  She’ll visit famous her parents for his tomorrow landscapes evening VI I must Old man/ Combine admit I was not read/ shockded a newspaper/ these t her because/ lose/ words behavipr at glasses the party  The old with the She's rather man can’t words worried abou read the t her son's below to newspaper studies because he’s make the I'm just lost his hopeless at names of glasses playing the She/ see/ twenty guitar friend/ while/ different She's walk/ along/ street things you furious abo ut her  She saw find son's grades her friend in school while she was around 10 They were walking the surpised at along the their good stress house fortune He/ not Use each VI Complete able/ write/ the word because/ unfinished break/ arm once only sentences in  He is not this dialogue The first able to write with because he has been questions broke his that fit the done for arm answers you given basket curtain She/ have to/ stay/ bed/ after/ accident  She has to stay in bed after the accident I/ be able/ speak English well/ if/ stydy hard  I’ll be able to sp ea k En gli sh we ll if i stu dy rd He/ not rid e/ bic ycl e/ wh en/ yo un g  He co ul dn ’t rid ea cic ycl e wh en he wa s yo un g How long / it/ tak e yo u/ get / off ice ?  How long es it ta ke yo u to get yo ur off ice ? The film/ so go od/ I/ it/ twi ce  The film is so go od th at I’v e see n it tw ice 10 If I/ your pla ce/ not so  If I were yo ur pl ac e, I wo ul d no t so VIII Look careful at each line Some of them are correct, and some have a word which should not be there Tick each correct line If a line has a word which should not be there write the word in the spare Good norning an d we lco me to ou r lib rar y It’t he mo st -> most Largest lib rar y in the cit y Yo u ca n fin d all mu ch kin ds of -> much Books, ma ga zin es ans ne ws pa per her e To fin din ga bo ok is -> to Very easy Th e onl y thi ng yo u ca n is to by loo k in the -> by Card index Th ese car ds sh ow the su bje ct an d the y car ds are -> cards In alp bet ica l or der by wit h bot h litl e an d aut hor An d no w -> with Please have loo k at the sh elv es Th ese sh elv es the y on the -> they Right have the re ma ga zin es, ne ws pa per s an d dic tio nar ies -> there Those shelves on the lef t lib rar y ve sci en ce bo ok s an d -> library Reference bo ok s An d tho se sh elv es at the co me ba ck of the -> come Library have lot his tor y ge og rap hy, lite rat ure bo ok s -> lot IX Give the co rre ct for ms of th e wo rld s in pa re nt he ses English in an int ere sti ng an d im po rta nt su bje ct The most pol ula r aft ersc ho ol act ivi es in ou r ciu ntr y are foo otb all, ba dm int on and bas ket bal l Today we ve lite rat ure ph ysi cal ed uc ati on an d his tor y The cards in the lib rar y are in alp bet ica l ord er The library in our cit y has ov er 50 em plo ye es X Read the pa ssa ge ca ref ull y, an s he n an sw er the qu est ion s bel ow what time es Pet er’ s da y us ual ly be gin ? -> His day us ua lly be gi ns at six thi rty What does he ve bre akf ast wit h? -> He has br ea kf ast wi th br ea d an d eg gs How does he go to sc ho ol? -> He goes to by sc ho ok by bu s an d on fo od How long es it tak e hi m to get to sc ho ol? -> It takes hi m ab ou t tw en ty mi nu tes to get to sc ho ol When is his fir st cla ss? -> His first cla ss is at lf pa st eig ht What time es he us ual ly fin ish sc ho ol? -> He usually fin ish es sc ho ol at th ere (o’ clo ck ) Why does he so me ti me s sta y lat e? -> He so me ti me s sta ys lat e to ve a ga me of vol ley bal l or wo rk in the lib ry go es ou t wi th his fri en ds Does he co me ho me at six o’c loc k -> No, he es n’t What does he wh en he get s ho me ? -> When he get s ho me he wa tch es TV 10 What does he so me tim es aft er din ner ? -> After di nn er he so me ti me s wa tch es T V or TEST 23 LEVEL: PREINTERMEDIAT E I Put each werb in brackets into suitable forms Would you like some coffee? I just (make) some -> Have just made Where’s Ann? She (be) on holiday She (go) to Italy -> is, has gone I (not see) her aunt recently -> haven’t seen No, she (not be) out of her house since she (buy) her colour T.V -> hasn’t been, bought I (leave) home at 11.30 and (get) here at 12 -> left, got He ever (eat) this food?-> Has… ever eaten Mary (make) all her own clothes At the moment she (make) a dress for herself -> makes, is making It (start) raining when I was watching TV -> started The lesson just (begin) You are little late -> has just begun II Complete the sentence with a, an or the This morning I bought (a) newsaper and (a) magazine (The) newspaper is still in my bag but I don’t know where (the) magazine is When you turn into Lipson Road, you will see there houses: (a) red one, (an) orange one and (a) blue one We live in (the) blue one I saw (an) accident this morning (a) car crashed into (a) wall (The) driver got out of his car unhurt but (the) car was quite badly damaged They live in (an) old house in (the) middle of the village There is (a) beautiful garden behind (the) house (The) roof of (the) house is tiled III Correct the mistakes in the sentences below I go to see her if I have enough time -> I will go to see her if I have enough time Her mother explained to her how cookies to make -> Her mother explained to her how to make cookies He has learnt French enough to study in France -> He has learnt enough French to study in France It is not easy metal work -> It is not easy to metal work He would rather ask his son fix the broken radio -> He would rather ask his son to fix the broken radio She drove so fast she won the race -> She drove so fast that she won the race The had rather have their clothes ironed by the maid -> They had better/ would rather have their clothes ironed by the maid I am very happy to work by this new sewing machine -> I am very happy to work with this new sewing machine IV Complete each sentence with the opposite of the word in brackets How much money did you win playing cards? Do you really hate going to concerts so much? What time the shops close? You must try to forget what happened They saw the sun set in the distance We hope to receive the letter tomorrow She decided to lengthen her skirt The meeting didn’t end until o’clock V Read the following sentences Put a circle round the letter of the correct word to use each blank Read these sentences about keeping your teeth healthy Do the following things to have healthy teeth? Avoid eating a lot of sweets It’s very important to avoid tooth decay You can also improve your teeth if you have healthy food Unfortunately you cannot stop tooth decay simply by brushing your teeth One way to stop tooth decay is to eat less sugar Fluorite toothpaste helps to prevent tooth decay VI Put each of the following phrases in the correct space in the conversation below Jennie: What you on Saturday? Donald: Well, I get up late and (1) have a bath or shower Jennie: Then you (2) have breakfast? Donald: Yes, bacon and eggs Fruit juice Then I usually (3) have a game of tennis in the park with a friend Donald: Oh, are you good at tennis? Jennie: No, but we enjoy ourselves We (4) have fun Donald: And in the evening? Jennie: Oh, I usually invite a few friends to my place and we (5) have a party You know, music, food, drinks, dancing Jennie: And on Sunday? Donald: On Sunday I don’t anything I just (6) have a rest VII Put one of the following words or phrases in each space in the sentences below Before we went to bed, I locked all the door We turned off all the lights and then left the room They usually had a bath after they played football We had no money because the banks were closed It was very cold so we didn’t go out The little boy was wet and cold, but he wasn’t hurt In summer, her mother often sat in the garden and read a book Although the flat was comfortable, it was very expensive VIII Write complete sentences with the word given Mr Clark / not interested / buy / new / car -> Mr Clark was not interested in buying a new car Because / heavy rain / students / late / class -> Because of the heavy rain many students were late for class You know / Mary / engaged / friend / mine? -> Do you know that Mary is/ will be engaged to a friend of mine? It / not easy / start / look / job / his age -> It is not easy to start looking for job at his age He / bored / doing / same thing / after / day -> He is/ was bored with doing the same thing day after day They / not / happy / during / last / year -> They have not been happy during the last few year Teacher / allow / take / seat / window -> The teacher allowed me/ him to take the/ a seat near / by the window Child / scream / dentist / pull out / tooth -> The child screamed while the dentist was puling out his/ her tooth IX Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given Do not change the word given You must use between two and five words, including the word given There’s a party at Mary’s house next week Next week Mary’s having a party at her house When you phoned me, it was my lunch time When you phoned me, I was having lunch I started working here three years ago I’ve been working here for Our meeting is tomorrow We are having a meeting I haven’t had a Chinese meal for ages It’s ages since I have had a Chinese meal David went home before we arrived When we arrived, David had gone home The arrival time of Helen’s flight is 8.00 Helen’s flight arrives at 8.00 8.Hurry up! We’ll get to the theatre after the beginning of the play By the time we get to the theatre, the play will have begun X Decide which answer (a, b, c or d) best fits each space A letter to the editor Dear Sir, We are writing to suggest that all cars should be (1) banned from the center of the city as soon as possible The amount of (2) pollution from car exhaust fumes is now (3) unbearable, and we believe that the public must be (4) protected Apart from this, the streets are crowded (5) with cars, and our lives are at (6) risk when we try to cross the road! There has been a huge (7) increase in the amount of traffic recently, and the government just seems to put (8) of the problem, instead of (9)dealing with it Unless we (10) face up to the traffic problem, and seriously consider some of the (11) solutions, lift in our city will become (12) impossible Our organization, Cities for People, has been (13) set up to make the government something! We are holding a (14) demonstratio n next week in the city center, and hope thay many people will (15) join us Your faithfully, Mary Kingwood, Secretary, Cities for People TEST 24 LEVEL: PREINTERMED IATE I Read each of the following lists of four words One word does not belong in each list Put a circle round the odd word in each list of parties in New Year's Eve -> There usually are lot of parties on ill sick New Year's Eve doctor nurse9 Framers are poor enough to buy cattle sleep take care of -> Framers are too poor hotelenough to buy cattle hospital 10 He told us feeling the tablet pill kitchens in the garden get recover -> He told us better to feed the kitchens in the II Correct garden the mistake III Join in the sentences one word Have ever on the left you been with one abroad before? from the -> Have you right to ever been abroad make a before? two- word Shakespeare's partnershi plays is read p Use all over the world each word -> once only Shakespeare's car plays are read all over the department world Teaching departure was choose by my father -> Teaching film was chosen by my father football Nobody have used this guest bike for a long time luggage -> Nobody has used this orange bike for a long time petrol He failed his 10 pocket examination like his 11 post girlfriend did -> He failed 12 swimming his examination 13 traffic as his girlfriend did 14 travle My brother talks as if he 15 windscreen knows everything -> My brother 16 word talks as if he knew 1.i everything He didn't o let me to go f -> He didn't let me go There 4.m usually are lot b c l d n 10 g whose we went to see V Put the correct word from the following list in each space below for on in lose waste Don't such a fuss! I'll only be gone a week! 11 h 12 j 13 e with to I saw the doctor her surgery 14, a 15 p 16 k IV Underline the most suitable verb from in each sentence My friend Jack, that/ who/ whose parents live in Glasgow, invited me to spend Christmas in Scotland Here's the computer program that/ whom/whose I told you about I don't believe the story that/ who/ whom she told us Peter comes from Whitney, that/ who/ which in near Oxford This is the gun with that/ whom/ which the murder was committed Have you received the parcel whom/ whose/ which we sent you? Is this the person whom/ which/ whose you asked me about? That's the girl that/ who/ whose brother sits next to me at school The meal, that/ which/ whose wasn't very tasty, was quite expensive 10 We didn't enjoy the play that/ who/ in She listened my problems to They treated me a heart problem for I took the prescription the chemist to I had to go hospital for an operation to Something's wrong my back, doctor make I try not to touch with my old friends lose What tis paper says doesn't much ralation to the truth bear Please me a line and tell me all your news drop Come on, hurry up, don't time with They operated him immediately on VI Complete each sentence with one of the word in the box Use each word once only bear waste I managed to sight of the prince through the crowd gain catch He says he's going to walk, but he'll probably better of it think drop take catch make break think Ann was able to a lot of experience in her first job Tick each correct line If a lien has a word which should not be gain there, write the word in Please a the space seat I'll be Kepping a with you in diary just a Are you one moment of those people who will know will exactly what take they will be 10 I doing every will day next the new to Dave of his week? When sister's the different accident days will arrive, will you Will have get out your diary, or break are you te VII Fill in kind of the blank have person who with will just correct guess? x form of Some people verbs in will write parenthes their appointments es: in a I him for years willI don't know where he is now diary, (not butsee) others just that they He said he hope here soon will (come) x remember He told his daughter his For example, shirt (mend) tonight I'm be going to My mother had me the be floor (clean) the cinema, but perhaps I didn't know where sheforget I'll not her bicycle (buy) all bout it not You see, will She asks her daughter I the keep a meal for the family.never (prepare) diary will I am ready what you I try not to say (do) forget my appointments, I am up the word in the but I know dictionary (look) x that I will This cupboard isusually of I wood (make) just don't like planning my 10 She from country 10.the will future Iknow side yesterday (return) that one day I'm going to make a VIII Look 11.x careful at serious each line mistake I'll some of them be miss an are correct, important and some 12.be have a word examination, which should or by the time not be there I remember it and get 13.x there, it will have been finished Perhaps that will 14.been be when I have finally buy a diary 15.have IX Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given Please don't open the window you -> I'd rather you didn't open the window Fiona wanted to know the time what -> Fiona wanted to know What the time/ what time it was We won't go our if the weather is bad couldn't -> Catherine said (that) I couldn't go If I were you, I'd try to get some sleep advise -> I advise you to try to get some sleep What a pity we din't see the match wish -> I wish we had seen the match The old man introduced himself us -> The old man told us his name X Put each of the following words or pharase in the correct space in the passage below look after treat ache won't -> We won't go out unless the weather is good I would like you to be here! wish -> I wish you were here Catherine refused to let me go examine suffer keep cure operate I am family doctor I have a nurse to help me and a receptionist to help the patients when they come to see me When I see in my surgery, first I listen to their problems, then I (1) them Then, if I can, I (2) them for their illnesses Some simply have sore throats, headaches or flu and I give them a prescription to take to the chemist Others (3) from serious diseases of the heart, lungs, stomach or even brain I can't always (4) them myself and sometimes I have to send them to hospital for treatment If something is seriously wrong with them, the hospital will decide to (5) on them The trouble is people don't (6) themselves properly It raslly isn't so difficult to (7) well If your head begins to (8) , have a rest If you always feel tired, get more exercise Eat well Have a good diet And have a regular check-up with the doctor examine treat suffer cure operate look after keep ache a blow My A front It’s all right I suppose c a carpet luggage is light b on b earn It’s a big room c.opposite I think a lot d a horse It was light d to Do you lay evening What a If you………more promise to pay me back at e your name narrow street products, you would earn the end of the month? park He’s an old more money a f your noise man I’ve a sell I’ll pay play had a quiet day b selling b g the fone She wore c will sell Ipromise ride formal clothes 10 d sold Can I use h the piano They are a poor family In my mother’s………, it your phone ? sign It’s minor is essential to eat a big a i a pipe problem 11 The breakfast You may not 10 smoke wood was very rough a opinion b j a salary It’s an old b idea Of course book 12 She c confidence Where 1-g 2-a 3-f 4-j felt nervous about her d principle you suggest I stay? 5-c 6-b 7-h 8-d 9-e exam 10 I wish a 10-i you………… leave now I recomment the Hilton 1-heavy 4-casual Can you stay a bit longer? b V Put each of 7-small 10-wealthy a don’t have to Let’s stay at the Hilton the following phrases in 2-dark 5-major b didn’t have to Do you the correct space in the 8-wide 11-smooth c don’t want beer or wine? conversation below 3-young 6-new d won’t have to a 9-busy 12-calm I’d prefer beer, please Make an appointment VII Rewriter b make a noise make sure the following sentences I’d rather beer, please Make your breakfast The bread I cant’s stop make a list make your was too stale to eat worrying a bout my exam bed The bread was so stale that tomorrow we couldn’t eat a My car That’s all right Never mind Mother: George, don’t really needs to be claned b forget to (1) make your soon I’m sure you’ll well bed and tidy your room I really must have my car Janet, make It’s nine o’clock cleaned soon us some tea, will you? I’m going shopping He can’t run as sast a George: Ok, Mum, Cn youChose the best answer he did No I won’t, I’m afrad buy something for me, Take an He used to run fast TEST 25 Widow b please? umbrella in case (than he dose) I Put the colleague toddler I can’t, I’m afraid Mother: Yes, (2) make a it…………… 4.In spite of having a vebs in brackets into the fiance bride Would you list of the things you want a.Rains good salary he was correct tense Sister-in-law niece mind moving your bag and give it to me b will rain unhappy in his job The son of from the seat? quickly c rained Although he had a My sister (work) works for your brother or sister a George: Ok I’ve got to (3) d would rain good salary, he was a bank She (start) started nephew Oh, sorry make an appointment There should be good unhappy in his job working five years ago She A woman b with the dentist.I’ve got reasons for… children to My sister hasn’t (decide) decided that she on the day of her marriage No, I would’nt toothache things written to me for ages wanted to go into banking bride How kind Mother: All right I’m a ask It’s ages since my while she (study) was A young you really should’nt have going out in two minutes b.asking sister last wote to me studying at school She child who is learning to bothered You’ll have to c asked There is no (earn) earns fifteen walk toddler a (4) make your d to ask ice-cream left thousand pounds a year What a It was nothing, really breakfast yourseft There’s Her father tried to stop We’ve run out of iceShe (do) is doing an woman calls the man she is b plenty of bread and her…… So many sweets cream evening cours in bussiness engaged to fiance Don’t worry, I didn’t eggs and tea a eaten I can’t administratian at the One of two bother George; Ok, Mum b eats affard to go on holiday this moment to improve her children born at the same 10 Is it all right Mother; And (5) make c eating year career prospects She time twin if I use your bike? sure you wash up d ate I haven’t got enough probably (get) will get A person a afterwards! Don’t forget Jon’s father ordered… money to go on holiday promotion if she does well who lives near you Please accept it with my George; All right Here’s Not to stay out late again this year on the course nieghbour best wishes the list of things I want a that he He can’t drive faster At the moment The b Thanks b to him because there is an she (talk) is talking to a daughter of your brother or Sure, go ahead Mother: Right And don’t c for him accident customer, Mr Pike who sister niece (6) make noise in the d him The accident (want) wants to borrow A person kitchen Keep quiet The old house are going prevents him from driving some money Mr Pike has a who is fully grown adult Remember your to be…………… soon faster furniture shop Next month A woman father’s in bed with flu a pulled down he (open) will open another whose husband has died b laid shop in nearby town, but he widow c run down IX Fill in each gap with (need)needs some extra 10 At a VI In the d knocked out one suitable verb given in capital first wedding, the friend of the IV Match the exerciser below replace the box in either the bridegroom bestman verb on the left with o each adjective with its gerund or the to-infinitive II Match the 11 The sister noun on the right Use opposite from the list The three friends forms words in the box with a of the person you many each word once only above all…… for the same job suitable definition(1-12) sister-in-law Write answers in the Casual new busy a requested Earn miss pay 12 A person boxes dark young calm b applied look after visit Adult nephew you work with colleague answer heavy c chose Overdraw leave find bestman twin III Chose the a a cake Wide small major d referred be able to buy neighbour most suitable response bake wealthy smooth Do you mean the Go work stay What b the car cinema………… The redecorate save you think of my new car station Jan is a nurse, but she is trying (1) to find a new job.Although she enjoys (2) looking after people, nursing is not very well paid, and she cannot afford (3) to pay all he bills She finds it impossible to live on such a low salary without (4) overdrawing her account at the bank He flat needs (5) redecorating and she would like (6) to buy a car She managed (7) to earn enough last year for a short holiday by (8) saving some extra money in her spare time And this year, she is hoping (9) to visit some friends in France She has stopped (10) going to the theatre, which used to be one of her greatest pleasures She is thinking of (11) working in America, where she could earn a higher salary in a private hospital, but would prefer (12) to stay in this country if possible She like (13) being able to see her parents whenever she wants to A friend of hers went to America after (14) leaving university, but began (15) missing her friends so badlythat she had to come back X Write sentences with the following prompts Dear John, It/lovely/ to get / letter this morning It was lovely to get your letter this morning I / be / sorry / I haven’t / write / you/ such / time I am sorry THAT I haven’t written to you for such a long time I/ be/ busy/ because I learnt / hard/ I have been busy because I have learnt hard I/stay up/ late last night/ but unfortunately I/ be use/ it/ now I stayed up late last night but unfortunately I am used to it now The weather/ be/ nice and things/ be/ cheap/here The weather is nice and things are cheap here I think/ you/ better/ come here/ holiday I think you’d better come here on holiday I look forward/ see you here/ soon I am looking forward to seeing you here soon TEST 26 I Choice the word or phrase which best completes each sentence Are there any good Program mes on televisio n tonight There’s a very interesting Documentary about life in the Arctic That’s a repeat, isn’t it? I think I saw it about a fortnight ago It’s part of a series on living in strangge places Do you watch a lot of travel Firm? I prefer television dramas What about sports programmes? I like to see “Match of the Day” on Saturdays That’s my favorite Is Cliff Lion still the Presenter ? 10 Cliff Lion usually discusses the matches with two or three footballers in the studio 11 Chas Merton has asked me to write a review of the programme for the Center City Daily News 12 You’ll probably see Dave on the 4:30 bus, he usually catches it to school 13 The doctor told me to take the pills regularly three times a day 14 Timothy is frequently late when he meets Marble 15 People who habittually tell lies should be punished severely 16 Would you believe it! It invariably Rains for this particular festival! 17 Linda consistently scores very high marks in grammar test but quite low marks in composition writing 18 Can you tell me what time the doctor’s surgery open? 19 Is it for some medicine for a headache? 20 This should soon cure your cough II Read the pasage and then choose one answer for each of the following question: An Enlish man living near Sheffield had a most unlucky day’s fishing He was standing on a law bridge when he had the misfortune to knock his tin of bait into the river Learning over the side of the bridge, he tried to hook the tin and pull it out of the river As he did so, his car keys fell out of his pocket and disappeared in the water Feeling thoroughly annoyed with himself and his luck, the fisherman lent over the bridge to try to see where his keys had gone As he so, so bridge collapsed and he fell into the river This was the last straw The fisher crawled out of the river and went back to his car There he discovered that he had locked the doors and colud not get in His antithief had immobilized his car There was nothing left for him to but walk sadly home How did the tin of bait get into the river? The fisherma n knocked it in accident ally When did the fisherman fist lean over the bridge? when the tin of bait fell in What was the last straw, according to the passage the collapse of the bridge What is the meaning of “misfortune”? bad luck What is the meaning of “thoroughly”? extremely III Read the article below and put a cross on the letter next to the word that best fits each space From the moment they have the security of their accustomed environment, travelers are at risk Environment factors such as a arduous condition, (1) unfavorable climate, and high altitude may cause a danger, and so may travelers’ own behavior, free from the (2) regulation of the daily routine, and determined to have a good time with little (3) regard For the consequences When illness or injury occur abroad, travelers are again at a disadvantage from (4) inability to communicate with a doctor on account of language and cultural difficulties or being unable to find a doctor owing to (5) ignorance of the local medical system There may be a complete (6) absence of skilled medical care, or of medical facilities of (7) standard acceptable to travelers from technologicall y developed (8) countries IV Fill in each gap in the passage below with one suitable word I my best to take care of my (1) health And my family’s but it’s not always easy My wife and I (2) the cooking and shopping and I’m a bit more careful than she is not about buying foods that I don’t have colorings or other sort of (3) chemicals In I know you can’t (4) avoid things like that entirely, but I really try to my best I think that chemical probably (5) cause more health problems that most people think they We don’t (6) have and in fact don’t have many friends who do, but my mother can’t live without her cigarettes, and of course when she is here all of the air we (7) breathe has some smoke in it The whole family gét some kind of (8) sports both the kids are very keen on swimmers, my wife runs (9) regularly and I play tennis at least three times a week Acctually I think we are (10) healthier now then when we (11) were younger, we began (12) paying more attention to food when the kids (13) were young and wanted to give them a good (14) health By keeping fit ourselves I certainly get fewer (15)sickness Colds and flu than I did then V Use the words to make sentences Arrange/ kitchen wares as/ mother/ ->Arrange the kitchen wares as your mother does Our company/ well-know/ whole saler/ ceramics ->Our company is well known as a whole saler of ceramics She dances/ much/ beautiful/ than predecessor ->She dances much more beautifully than her predecessor did not you enjoy/ see her after/ many/ year? ->Didn’t you enjoy seeing her after so many years? The chair/ too big/ put/ that room ->The chair is too big to put in that room How does/ mary/ life agree/ you? ->How does married life agree with you? You/ looking/ lovely/ ever ->You’re looking lovelier than ever He/ only play/ piano/ also compose/ music ->He not only plays the piano but also composes music Because/ roughnessd/ road/ car would go/ furture ->Because of the roughness of the road, the car would not go further 10 You can take / main road/ come/ crossroads/ station ->You take the main road until you come to the crossroads near the station VI Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the one printed before it Mary told the police about the burglary -> Mary reported the burglary to the police I never intented to go to the wedding -> I never had any intention to go to the wedding “It certainly wasn’t me took your car” said Bob ->Bob reused having taken the car Simon had no expected that he would feel so weak after the opẻation ->The operation left Simon weak Although he was not guilty they executed him ->In spite of his innocence, they executed him He was suspended for two matches for swearing at the referee ->Swearing at the referee earned him a suspension for matches Could you tale more (quite/quietly) He taked very (intersting/int erestingly) You can try some of the (local/locally) about his work The stsff are always (helpful/helpf ully) I sing vere (baf/badly) I will give you an (easy/easyly) assignment They have been (happy/happil y) married 10 Tom is (amazing/ama zingly) good at mathematics 11 Do you think that’s a (real/really) diamond in her ring? 12 He was (wonderful/w onderfully) kind to me 13 As soon as I saw him I wwas (sure/surely) he had been drinking 14 I felt her arm (gentle/gently) to see if any bones were broken 15 The job was (surprising/su rprisingly) easy Test 27 I Underline the most suitable word or phrase The (main/manily ) street is in the center of the city She seems very (angrily/angry ) II Replace each wodd or phrase in italics with a word or phrase from the box which has the opposite meaning I was surprisedby how mean Charles was generous Janet says that she is very hard up at the moment well off Last year their business made a huge loss profit I’d like to pay in 100 please take out Most people in the city live in great prsperity poverty The manager insisted that I paid by cheque cash Jean wwas able to make only one sale during the morning purchase The ald painting I found in the loft turned out to be valuable worthless III Match the worlds in the box with a suitable definition (18) Use each word once only Someone who inherits money or property heir Someone who has retired pensioner Some one whp keeps or checks financial records accountant Someone who buys things ina shop customer Someone who pays out money in a bank cashier Someone who represents others in business agent Someone who puts money into a business investor Someone who cheats people out of money IV Choose the most suitable word or phrase to complete each sentence I bought these shoses in the sale Thay were a real… a Chea b economy c bargain d purchase If you put money in the bank, it will earn ten percent…… a Intersest b profit c deposit d investment John asked his parents if they would pay of his… a Rents b debts c accounts d credits Adults have to pay to get in, but children under fourteen get in…… a Free b nothing c penniless d open I’m trying to save for my holidays so i’m ………… some money each week a Putting in b putting aside c putting behind d putting up Just a minute! You’ve forgotten to…… your cheque! a Mark b make c place d sign The blackmailer asked for the money in used…… a Notes b cheques c paper d cash I gave the assistan ten euros and she gave me four euros……… a Rest b money c coins d change V Complete sentences whith although, because, such or so The test was so easy that all students got a high score Daily received a scholarship because she is a good student Although is was raining, we went for a walk in the park It was such a hot dat that thay cancelled their tennis game The letter was delivered although it dit’nt have enough postage I usually play badminion in the morning because I enjoy it She talked so fast that I couldn’t understand her Although it was a formal dinner party, Tom wore his blue jean I ditn’t go to school yesterday because i ditn’t feel well 10 It was such an expensive car that he coundn’t afford to but it 4-b ; 5-h; 6-a; 7-g; - d; 9-j; 10-i VII Underline the most suitable word or phrase I haven’t got enough money, I’m afraid Could you brrow/lend me some? This car is too expensive We can’t afford/pay it There’s a small flat to hire/let in Bridge Stress How much you earn/gain in your new job? She’s a good dentist, but she doesn’t change/spend too much I bought this coat in the sales It was decreased/red uced a lot Jack made his fortune/treasu re Ibuying and selling property How much you reckon/value that house would cost? VIII Rewrite VI Match a each of the line in A anh following A eord or sentences, phrase in the using the box with a word or line in B phrase in brackets film His house is big The very The play wwas was very amusing I boring couldn’t stop I counldn’t unlock the laughing (such door He agrees to ) go  It was climbing He got a new such alarm an clock amusing film He hasn’t written to us that i Please tell me couldn’t stop I experienced laughing hot weather Cars cause The food was awful pollution but 10 I’ll clean the people still house want them ( although) People still 1-c ; – e; want cars – f; although they cause pollution Being the only child, i was often lonely ( because)  I was often lonely because i was the only child The driver stopped The children could cross the road ( so that) The driver stopped so that the children could cross the road I couldn’t stop laughing I was very anused (so) I wwas so amused that i couldn’t stop laughing Tom didn’t notice the sign It was right in from of him (even though) Tom didn’t notice the sign even though it was right in front of him It wasa very cold dat I didn’t want to go out (such)  It was such a cold day that i didn’t want to go out I told peter to hurry We had to reach the village before night (as)  I told peter tohurry as we had to reach the village before night Mark repaired the roof The rain wouldn’t come in ( so that)  Mark repaired the roof so that the rain wouldn’t come in 10 The play was disappointing It was badly acted and to long (because)  The play was disappointing because it was badly acted anh too long IX Look care fully at each line Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there Tick each correct line If a line has a word which should not be there wirte the word in the space Jean was one of those students who has problems … it……with writing First, her handwriting it was so bad that It Most teachers couldn’t to read it The letters were To So small, that the words were extremely difficult To read Even though she tried to change her handwriting She felt discouraged Secondly, she made so the many the Mistakes in spenlling and punctuation so that her work So Always gave a bad impression As well as this, she geve Had problems with organizing her writing, in despite in despite Making plans abd writing notes One day, though, she Took a goodwrites writing course, so to learn how to 10 so Be an effective write At goodwriters we taught her 11 How to organize her ideas Although however she found 12 however It difficult at first, so she soon made progress She 13 Learned to revise her writing, so as to improve it 14 She stared reading so too much that her spelling 15 too X Decide which answer best fits each space Money matters Are you always hard up? Do you often have to borrow money from your parents whenever you need a litter extra pay ? If you spend too much, and save too little, you will end up with more debts than friends You know the solution, of course: just save a small amount every month Most banks will pay interest on your savings, and you will soon be able to economise all those things which seemed to cost too much before The trouble is, you’re a univesity studen, anh many banks treat you like a child But not us, If you apen a/an account with Smith Fulton Bank befor October 31st , we’ll not only send you your own cheque book ans credit card , but you’ll also receive a copy of our booklet ‘Putting Money aside for Your Future ’ Smith Fulyon can pay your bills , help you with special studen loans , and your friendly branch manager can give advice for the future We believe in you Why not believe in us and open an account? TEST 28 Level : pre intermediate & intermediate I/ choose the word or pharse which best completes each Sentence some diseases spead quickly from one person to another he went to factory in order to check the progress of work why are you looking at me ? she asked He likes to go for a holiday without his wife I’m looking for ward to you birthday party we’re going on a picnic the day after tomorow He was not very pleased about be ing called an incompetent i diot the new factory chimney was Taller Than all the trees around it Is the enought bread for all the sandwiches we have to make ? 10 The was Just enought cake for all of us to have a very mall slice 11 The police – office ask us what we were doing 12 Mr white ran the company in the way he wanted to 13 I absolutely agree wich everything that has been said 14 One advantage of this job is that it is near where i live 15 He has a very quickly Temper and often says things he regrets later 16 The finance Minister will be making a statement To day a bout new raters of income tax 17 I have never had any experience of living in the country 18 pari lies one The river seine 19 Could you please tell me if you have any elictric typewrites in stock? 20 She was unable to warm her mother that she would be late because the telephone was uot of odder II/ Read the passage and then choose one answer for each of the following questions: An eliction year is one in wich all four numbers are evenly divisible by four (1944,1948 ect ) sice 1840, america presidents elected in years ending in zero have been destined to die in office William H.Harrison, the man who servel the shortest term, die of pneumonia Several week after his inauguration Abraham lincoln was on of four presidents who were assassinated.h e was elected in 1860 and his untimely death came just five years later James a Garfield, a former Union army general from Ohio, was short during his first year In office (1881) by a man to whom he wouldn’t give a job While in his second term of office (1901), William Mckinley, another Ohioan, attended the pan American exposition at Buffalo, new york.During the reception, he was assassinated while shaking hands with some of the guests Three years after his election in 1920 warren G, Harding died in office Althoungh it was never proved,many believe he was poisoned Franklin D Roosevelt had been eclected four time (1932,1936,19 40 and 1944), the only man to serve so long a term.He had contracted polio in 1921 and die of the illness in 1945 John F Kennedy,the last of the line was assassinated in 1963 only three years after his eliction Will 1980’s candidate suffer the same fate ? Which of the following was not an election year ? b,1930 which presidedent served the shortest term in office ? a, Abraham lincoln Which of following is true ? a, all presidents elected in years ending in zero have died in office b, Only presidents from Ohio have died in office c, Franklin D Roosevelt complated four terms as president d, Four American presidents have been assassinated How many presidents elected in years ending in zero sice 1840 have died in office ? a,7 Which of the following was not assassinated ? b, Franklin D Roosevelt III/ Read the article below and put a cross on the letter next to the word that best fist each space WATER Warter is our life source it make up 70 per cent ,of (1) our Bodies,and average person actually spends 18 months of his life (2) in the bath of shower But we are only now leaning how to look (3) after water Acis rain (4) has polluted with waste products It is now (5) very expensive to try to repair the damage which has been done We have some hope for the future,though, (6) because new sources of water have been discovered.Pe ople (7) living in the sahara Derert have (8) found fish swimming in deep underground streams Scientists also bilieve (9) there is a huge lake underneath London.If we have (10) learnt from our mistakes,we will try keep the new areas of water clean IV/ Fill in each gap in the passage below with one suiltable word Concorder, the world’s fattest and the (1) most graceful passenger plane, will soon be 25 years old,It fist flew on March 1969, from Toulouse in France Concorder (2) science developep (3) flight France and Britain.From 1956 these (4) was countries had a dream of a supersonic passenger plane the plane (5) takes over 1,5 billion on develop.It is the most tested plane in the ( 6) only Of aviation It was given over 5,000 hour’s of testing Concorder flies at twice the speed of sound This mans that it (7) both only hours 25 minutes to fly (8) between Lon don and New York,compare d with 7-8 hours in other (9) planes Each Concorde is (10) sold at a cost of 55 million.Twent y haven been built so far Air France and British always own the most they each have seven planes V/ Use the word to make sentencens Dear peter I/feel/very happy /get/letter/afte r/such/longtim e ->I fell very happy to get your letter after such a long time It /be /absolutely a year /since/i hear you ->It has been absolutely a year since i heard from you You like /come/stay/me /countryside? ->Would you to like to come and stay with me in the contryside ? you be /very welcome /you want /visit ->You are very wellcome if you want to visit me What about /come end /next months ? ->What about comming at the end of next month? My wife /miss /you both /often speaks/you ->My wife misses you both very much and often speaks about you Don’t think /chirldren/lov e /visit /countryside? ->Don’t you think your chirldren would love to visit the countryside Write soon /let /know/when / you /come ->Write soon and let me know when you can come Fondly,alane VI/ Finish each of the folloing sentences is such a way that it means the same as the one printed before it we must keep our school clean and tidy ->Our school must be kept clean and tidy He stay at home it rained hard ->Because it rained hard ,he stayed at home They were selling tickets when the match started ->Tickets were being sold when the macht started They like fied events They like team games ->They like not only filed events but also team games They were giving the captain some presents when we left the stadium ->The captain was being given some prensets when we left the stadium They are glad because they have a friend like him ->They are glad to have a friend like him T EST 29 I Put the correct verbs from the following list in the passage below If necessar y, add – s or -es I sometime s go to school on the foot, but usually i take a bus because it’s quicker by bus I wait for the bus at the bus – top When it arrive at the stop, I get on ans pay my fare When the bus reaches the school, I get off the journey takes about half an hour II Put each verb in brackets into a suitable verb from All sentences refer future time When i see you tomorrow , I will tell you my news As soon as we get there, we will phone for a taxi I will go to the library before I the shopping We will wait here until the rain stop I will get $50 from the bank when it opens After you take the medicine, you will feel You have to say until you finish your work I will let you know the minute I hear the results Before we paint the wall, we will have a cup of tea 10 We will climb over the wall as soon as it gets dark III Choose the most suitable word or phrase for each space If were you, I……… on holiday and relax a will go b would go c go If you don’t have any money… … a job walk work a own to did b owned c own If he weren’t tired, he……… go to the party a would be a would c was b will c did If you …… the doctor, the cat won’t escape If I………a pop star, I would buy an enormous house a be b were a close b closed c will close If we …… By plane, we’d get there much quicker a go a get c you will get If i …… a car, I wouldn’t c doesn’t leave If my brother had an expensive car, he…… really happy b will be b will go b you would get leave c went If Sue ……now, she will miss the bus a didn’t leave b won’t c will be 10 If I were you, I would tell Brian the truth IV Complet e each sentence (1-10) with a suitable ending (a-j) Use each ending once I bought my new television from a departme nt……e Don’t forget to write a shopping …….h Can you pay over there? This cash…… b Most of the tourists went bargain… j Why don’t we goto the new shopping …….a Quite late at night the litter corner… ….f If would be much better to buyan economy ……d Don’t forget that we have to stop at the filling… i There’s a very nice suit on display in the window ……c 10 Mary has just started workas a shop…… g g assirant in a shoe shop h list before we go to the market tomorrow i station get the some petrol j hunting in the old part of the city V Compele te each sentence with a word from the box Ca ptain a Center near the public libarary? b register doesn’t work c of that new shop next to the post office d size box of paper tissues e store in the town center f shop down the road is still open chauffeur filing attendant Gu ard conductor pedestria n Dri ver cyclist Tr afficward en crew mechanic motorist The company chairman has a RollsRoyce driven by a chauffeur When my car broke down a passing motoris towed it to a garage The police wanted me to describe the Driver of the car The four passenger s on the ship had dinner with the captain The train couldn’t leaver until the guard wawed his green flag Hilary was given a parking ticket by a Trafficwa rden Before take –off, the steward told me to fasten my seat belt When i got on the ship, one of the crew helped me find my cabin There is’nt a conductor in this bus, you pay the driver 10 Eddie is a keen cyclist and rides his bike to work every day 11 The bus mounted the pavement and injured a pedestria n 12 Jim works as a mechanic in a local garage VI Choose the most suitable word or phrase to compelet e each sentence The ship stopped because two passenger s had fallen… …… a upside down b overboar d c undergro und d inside out The….wa s crowded with perssenge rs waiting for the train a platfrom b quay c runway b floated c pump d satation c sank mary looked up the fastes train to Glasgow in the… a catalogue b timetable c dictionar y d program me The train was very crowded because there were only four … a coaches d rescued Everythin g went dark when the train entered a/an… a undergro und b tunnel c tube b wagons d metro David missed his train because of the queue in the ticket… a office c trucks b agency d cars c room Peter’s car….off the icy road and fell into a ditch a Crashed b collided d lounge 10 To get to our hotel we had to cross the railway… … a road c hit d pavement We had to stop for petrol at a filling … a garage b service b route d skidded i dropped my wallet from the boat but luckily it… a drifted c rail d line VI I Compele te each sentence with one suitable word I’m really looking forward to sailing in Jean’s new yacht In cities, cars and other vehicles take up with all those exhaust fumes We’ll come with the van and pick up the rest of the furniture When the storm began, the small boat made for the nearest harbour How can you put up with all thoseexha ust fumes! We can’t keep up with that speendbo at in this rowing boat Jane likes showing boff driving her sports car at 100 miles an hour A fire engine arrived and soon put out the fire Litter Johnny is in the garden trying out his new tricycle 10 One way of dealing with pollution is to use unleaded letrol VI II Use the word given in bold at the end of each line to from a word that fits in the space in the sane line I am writing to apologise for the cancellat ion of your ppy Holiday Coach Tour to Aberdeen Unfortun ately pur lu xury coach was involved in a collision in France a w eek ago, anh our driver has been unexpect edly obliged to re main there for the moment the coach was tra veling on a road unsuitabl e for heavy traffic, and the accident was unavoida ble luckily none of the pas sengers suffered any injuries, and we have co mplained to the authoritie s that the road needs wi dening our new coach will be fitted with adijustab le seat bel ts fof the safety and comfort of passenger s We will of course the payment you have made for your holiday as son as possible IX Compele te each sentence Use either Conditat ional or conditati onal Sue doesn’t ride a bike to school, because she doesn’t heave one  If sue had a bike, she would ride it to school Chris will pass his exams, but he has to work hard  If Chris works hard, he’ll pass his exams John is’nt fat, because he doesn’t eat a lot  If John ate a lot, he wold be fat Ellen doesn’t have a car, so she walks to work  If Ellen had a car, she wouldn’t walk to work Ali’s English will improve, but he has to practice  If Ali practices , his English will improve Pat won’t be late but she has to hurry  If Pat hurries, she won’t be late Rita doesn’t like swimmin g so she doesn’t go to the beach  If Rira liked swimmin g, she would go to the beach Paulo will get better, but he has to take his madicine  If Paulo takes his medicine , he will get better David doesn’t getup early because he lives near the school  If David didn’t live near the school, he would get up early 10 Carol will catch the bus she has to leave now  If Carol leavers now, she will catch the bus X Fill in each blank with a suitable word of your choice Ho w are things with you? Since I saw you last, I’ve been ill By the time I arrived home after seeing you on Monday, I had an awful headache I thought that perhaps my eyes were tired because i’ve been working so hard so i took some aspirins and went to bed However, when I woke up the next morning the headache was worse than ever and my throat was sore I tried to get up but my arms and my legs were stiff I saw the doctor and she told me i had a temperatu re She said I probably had flu She advised me to take some medicine and stay in bed The medicine tasted horrible and it did’nt make me fell any good I felt sick and i did’nt want to eat anything at all though I was very hungry I hve almost recovere d now and i’m going to star work again tomorrow I still have a slight cold and a cough but my chest doesn’t hurt when i breathe Ca n we meet on Sunday? I’m looking forward to seeing you TEST 30 I Look at that sky! It’s going to rain If I get wet, I’m sure I will catch a cold I’m not your teacher so I don’t know the answer If I were your teacher, I would tell you to look in your dictionary! I often imagine being on a deserted island If I lived on a deserted island, I would spend all day fishing and sunbathing! Yes, I often see Helen If I see her tomorrow, I will tell her to call you Come on, hurry up If we hurry, we will get to the cinema before the beginning of the film Sorry, but I haven’t got a pencil shapener If I had one, I would lend it to you, but I haven’t got one! Let’s go now If we don’t get there before 7.00, there won’t be any tickets left for the rock concert I don’t believe in aliens Anyway, if aliens landed on Earth, I think they would soon decide to return to their planet! II I am looking forward to seeing you I arranged to meet them here He urged us to work faster I can’t understand her behaving like that It’s no use waiting My mother told me not to speak to anyone about it Would you mind showing me how to work the lift? The boys like playing games but hate doing lessons He surprised us all by going away without saying goodbye 10 After walking for three hours we stopped to let the others catch up with us III climb a ladder drive a vehicle fly a helicopter grow some tomatoes obey an order prescribe some medicine repay some money sail a yatch tell a joke 10 wear a suit IV Take an umbrella in case it rains There should be good reasons for asking children to things Her father tried to stop her eating so many sweets John’s father ordered him not to stay out late again The old houses are going to be pulled down soon The three friends all applied for the same job Do you mean the cinema opposite the station? If you sold more products, you would earn more money In my mother’s opinion, it is essential to eat a big breakfast 10 I wish you didn’t have to leave now Can you stay a bit longer? V Mary was so angry that she demanded to see the manager The weather is so awful that I don’t fancy going out this evening The children could hardly bear to leave their pets behind John refused to let his children go to the concert If I give you the information, I risk losing my job! What you expect to be doing in ten years time? Do you intend to tell the police about the missing money? VI - Well, I (1) was born in the North of Scotland 22 years ago I (2) come from a quiet village It was a nice place for a child to (3) grow up and in the future I’d like to (4) bring up my own children in the country - My parents couldn’t (5) educate me themselves so I had to travel several miles to the nearest school But then my father had to (6) move to Glasgow for his work - And you were invited to (7) join Rangers Football Club - That’s right I was 16 so I was able to (8) leave school and (9) become a professional footballer - Well, I don’t know I’m still young I’ll get married I’ll play football as long as I can When I stop, I hope to get a job as a club manager And finally I’d like to (10) settle down in the North of Scotland again VII You should be ashamed of your behavior! Do you like chocolate cake? I am very fond of it Young David has got into trouble as usual Are you laughing at me? Do I look funny? That was a terrible thing to do! I’m extremely cross with you! I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on clothes You look a bit fed up Is anything the matter? I’m very keen on classical music, actually In reply to Jack questions, Sue shook her head 10 Cheer up! Try laughing for a change VIII Battle for your heart is the new film starring Hugh Grade I’m afraid that my first (1) impression was not very favorable The scenes of violence are (2) offensive and the main character, Tony, is simply (3) irritating The audience is supposed to feel great (4) admiration For Tony, an army officer, who is accused of (5) cowardice because he fails to attack the village where the (6) adorable Miranda lives with her father Tony saves their lives, and though the idea of marrying Tony has little (7) attractive for her, Miranda agrees to it out of (8) gratitude However, she is still in love with Alex, one of the enemy army, and wants to remain (9) faithful to him The dialogue and acting are just as bad as the plot At the end, I breathed a sign of (10) relief IX Jack denied cheating in the exam I couldn’t help laughing at Wendy’s letter I regret to tell you that you have not been appointed to the post I stopped running to drink some water I suggest taking the train Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave Derek appears to have forgotten the meeting X On Mother’s Day sons and daughters visit their mothers and bring (1) them flowers and little presents The eldest son must (2) bring his mother a good cake If sons or daughters cannot be (3) with their mother on that day, they usually (4) send her presents Mother’s Day must be a day of rest (5) for the mother of the family, so her daughters (6) cook the dinner on that day and lay the (7) table and the sons help to (8) wash the plates and dishes after dinner In the United States and Canada, Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May They have a (9) very beatiful stamp for Mother’s Day in the United States It shows the portrait of the (10) mother of James Whistler, one of the greatest American painters ... (11) to ……… socialist … constructi business on We with need American people s over with lunch at fullyexpensiv develope e hotel d (6) restaurant ….physi cal… d and (7) paid ….menta d l… wereabilities... eighteen months now The architect (finish) the plans for the new high school The yard (be) full of dead leaves I (wait) for Tom since ten o'clock The local council (build) twenty new houses... Harry's university He gets a grant the state at At In On To With At From VIII Put the passage carefully and then fill in each blank with the most suitable word from the box Use each word only once
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