Origin of matter and evolution of galaxies m terasawa, s kubono, t kishida (world scientific, 2005)

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... interstellar medium comes from the most massive and shortest lived stars In this model, the burst of intermediate mass stars begins to produce n5;26Mg at [Fe/H] -2.5 At this stage, during the... of Re/Os Cosmochronometer M Segawa 52 Recent Nuclear Astrophysics Data Activities at ORNL M Smith 525 xv Nucleosynthesis in Extremely Metal Poor Stars and the Origin of the Most Metal-Poor Star... for multiple images of objects The most sensitive test 47 looks for niultiple images of dimensional groups of objects, allowing for the possibility rotation and translation Redshift measurements
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Xem thêm: Origin of matter and evolution of galaxies m terasawa, s kubono, t kishida (world scientific, 2005) , Origin of matter and evolution of galaxies m terasawa, s kubono, t kishida (world scientific, 2005) , I. Big Bang Cosmology and Primordial Nucleosynthesis, Possible origins of 'Li discrepancy between SBBN and CMB, II. Observations: X-Rays, Cosmic Rays and Meteoritic Anomalies, The abundance ratios of O,Si and Fe and abundance pattern of SN Ia, Introduction: The Role of Metal-Poor Stars, III. Weak Interaction, Neutrinos, Dark Matter, Sensitivity of Experiments to the effective neutrino mass, IV. Evolution and Nucleosynthesis in Stars, and Cross Sections — Hydro Static Burning, V. Nuclear Data and Nuclear Physics, Determination of S17, Based on CDCC Analysis of 8B Dissociation K. Ogata, VI. Novae, Supernovae, and Explosive Nucleosynthesis, GRB Models and Nuclearphysics Parameters, Neutrino Effects Before, During and After the Freezeout of the r-Process Nucleosynthesis M. Terasawa, Direct Measurements of the Astrophysical (n) and (p, n) Reactions by Using Low-Energy Light Neutron-Rich RNB H. Ishiyama, C+O star models for SNe Ic, Evidence for BROs: the “Dark Side” of GRBs, Resonance States in 22Mg, 26Si for Reaction Rates in the RP-Process Y. Shimizu, The 21Na(p, ) 22Mg Reaction from Ecm = 200 to 850 KeV in Explosive Stellar Events S. Bishop, VII. Nuclear Equation of State and Neutron Stars, Equation of State of Nuclear Matter, Neutron Rich Nuclei in Laboratories, and Pasta Nuclei in Neutron Star Crusts K. Oyamatsu, Nuclear “Pasta” at Sub-nuclear Densities, VIII. Stellar Abundance, Galactic Chemical Evolution and Nucleo-Cosmochronology, Supernova Neutrinos and Their Influence on Nucleosynthesis: Light Elements and r-Process Elements T. Yoshida, Investigation of Resonant States in 23Al Using a Radioactive Beam of "Mg on a Proton Target J. He, Neutron Experiment for the Study of Re/Os Cosmochronometer M. Segawa, p-TPC: advanced gaseous tracking device, AMD+GCM Study of Structure of Carbon Isotopes G. Thiamova, Study of the 26Si(p,) 27P Reaction by the Coulomb Dissociation Method Y. Togano

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