Advances in agronomy volume 91

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... graminaceous plants (including wheat and barley) exhibit a rather low susceptibility to iron deficiency These species respond to iron‐limiting conditions by the exudation Advances in Agronomy, Volume. .. proteins (including cytochromes, catalases, and peroxidases), iron–sulfur proteins (including ferredoxin, superoxide dismutase, and aconitase), lipoxygenase, and so on (Marschner, 1995) Considering... bearing minerals Most iron‐bearing primary minerals are not stable over pedological timescales Iron liberated by weathering of primary minerals in well‐aerated soils forms secondary iron oxide minerals
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 91 , Advances in agronomy volume 91 , II. Strategies of Plant Iron Acquisition, C. Iron Complexes with Low-Molecular Weight Organic Acids, A. Effect of Organic Ligands on Iron Oxide Dissolution Rates, B. Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Ligand-Exchange Reactions with Phytosiderophores as Receiving Ligands, A. Zero-Till Development in Subtropical Southern Brazil, A. Permanent Soil Surface Cover, B. Cover Crops, and Crop Rotations and Associations, C. Soil Organic Matter Build-Up, F. Soil Acidity and Aluminum Toxicity, J. Suitable Equipment for Resource-Poor Farmers, II. Mechanisms of Trace Element Mobility, III. Trace Element Transport Pathways, IV. Factors Affecting Trace Element Mobility and Transport, D. Fertilizers and Soil Amendments, F. Clay Content and Soil Structure, A. Variably Saturated Water Flow, VI. Model Applications and Case Studies, Chapter 4: The Agronomy and Economy of Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum M.): The "Queen of Spices", A. Historical Background of Cardamom, B. Cardamom Production, Productivity: A World View, A. Biosynthesis of Flavor Compounds, IV. The Agronomy of Cardamom, D. Establishing a Cardamom Plantation, E. Shade Management in Cardamom, B. Measuring the Nutrient Buffer Power and Its Importance in Affecting Nutrient Concentrations on Root Surfaces, D. The Importance of K Buffer Power Determination in Predicting K Availability to Perennial Crops, E. The Commercial Significance of K Buffer Power Determination in K Fertilizer Management for Perennial Crops, C. Integrated Management of Viral Diseases in Cardamom, VIII. Harvesting and Processing of’Cardamom, E. Bleached and Half Bleached Cardamom, B. Packaging and Storage of Cardamom Seeds, I. Storage of Cardamom Oil, X. The Economy of Cardamom Production, A. The Emerging Trends in Cardamom Production, E. Demand and Supply Pattern, XI. Pharmacological Properties of Cardamom, I. Cardamom as a Spice, XII. A Peep Into the Future of Cardamom, I. Harvesting and Postharvest Technology

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