Advances in agronomy volume 74

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... 14–15 Indicator interpretation, 3–4, 23–24 response to no-till, 31 soil quality indexing and, 17–21 Inherent soil quality, 12, 35 Intercropping bamboo with leguminous crops, 129 sorghum following... Microorganisms, affecting cereal root systems, 218 Minerals P-containing, organic acid dissolution of, 70 structural modification rates, 57 Mineral surface, role in directing sorption end point, 52–54 Natural... yield declines, 172–173 Organic acids exuded from roots genetic engineering approach, 86–87 P supply and, 74 76 quantities, 72 74 phosphatases and, 81–82 species secreting, intercropping, 77–80
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 74 , Advances in agronomy volume 74 , Chapter 1. Soil Quality: Current Concepts and Applications, III. Evolution of the Soil Quality Concept, V. Soil Quality as an Assessment Tool, VII. Current Soil Quality Applications, VIII. Other Soil Quality Research and Outreach Programs, II. From Adsorption to Precipitation: An Overview, III. Macroscopic Evidence for Surface Precipitation: Utility and Pitfalls, IV. Approaches to Modeling Surface Precipitation, VII. Conclusions and Future Research, Chapter 3. Organic Acids Exuded from Roots in Phosphorus Uptake and Aluminum Tolerance of Plants in Acid Soils, III. Organic Acids and Phosphorus Solubilization in the Rhizosphere, IV. Organic Acids and Soil Organic Phosphorus, VI. Genetic Engineering Approaches to Increase Organic Acid Exudation, II. Manipulating Growth and Development in Bamboo, III. Managing the Environment for Bamboo Production, Chapter 5. Managing World Soils for Food Security and Environmental Quality, II. Historical Development of Agriculture, IV. Relation Between Extensive Agriculture, Soil Degradation, and the Greenhouse Effect, VI. Toward Sustainable Management of Soil Resources, VII. Respecting “The Dirt” for Feeding 10 Billion and Mitigating the Greenhouse Effect, Chapter 6. The Management of Wheat, Barley, and Oat Root Systems, IV. Soil Structure and Root Growth, V. Water and Nutrient Availability, VIII. Farming Practices and Rooting, IX. Selection of Appropriate Farming Practices

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