Advances in agronomy volume 68

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... Sulfur-Containing Components of SOM A Origins and Functions of Soil Nitrogen B Nitrogen Distribution in Soils and Humic Substances C Amino Acids in Soils and Humic Substances D Amino Sugars in Soils... advances in the chemistry of N-, P-, and S-containing components of soil organic matter Especially noteworthy is progress in the chemistry of N in soil organic matter, which points to a prominent... colorimeters requiring filters for changing wavelengths In the early 1950s, recording ultraviolet (UV) spectrophotometers became available, and in the mid-1950s, I remember convincing my director
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 68 , Advances in agronomy volume 68 , Chapter 1. A Lifetime Perspective on The Chemistry of Soil Organic Matter, II. Soil Organic Matter (SOM), III. Humic Substances: Analytical Characteristics, IV. Chemical Structure of Humic Substances, V. Nitrogen-, Phosphorus-, and Sulfur-Containing Components of SOM, VII. Water Retention by Humic Substances, VIII. Reactions of Humic Substances with Metals and Minerals, XII. Personal Encounters with Outstanding Scientists, II. Sensitivity to Drought at Various Reproductive Stages, V. Physiological and Metabolic Bases for Reproductive Failure under Drought, II. Behavior of Chloride in Soil, V. Chloride Management in Fertilization and Irrigation And irrigation, V. Processes and Formation of Oxisols, III. Decomposition of Crop Residues, IV. Crop Residues and Management Practices, V. Soil Nitrogen Dynamics and Crop Nitrogen Recovery, VI. Nitrogen Benefits to Subsequent Crops

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