Advances in agronomy volume 67

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... Imaging Spectrometer) Yield mapping in Texas (Bae et al 1987) India launches earth resources satellite (IRS-IA) that gathers data in the visible and near IR with the Linear Imaging Self-scanning... farming operations not currently in use, including field operations at night when wind speeds are low and more suitable for spraying and the use of night tillage to reduce the light-induced germination... the growing interest in precision agriculture observed since its commercial introduction in 1992 (Stafford, 1996b) Prior to 1992, the focus was on VRT, which would not in itself have sustained precision
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 67 , Advances in agronomy volume 67 , Chapter 1. Aspects of Precision Agriculture, II. Overview of the Basic Components of Precison Farming, Chapter 2. Surface Charge and Solute Interactions in Soils, III. Development of Surface Charge, IV. Components of Surface Charge, VI. Concepts of Point of Zero Charge, VII. Measurement of Surface Charge, VIII. Factors Affecting Surface Charge, IX. Effect of Surface Charge on Soil Properties, X. Manipulation of Surface Charge to Control Solute Interactions, XI. Conclusions and Future Research Needs, Chapter 3. Allelopathy: Principles, Procedures, Processes, and Promises for Biological Control, V. Secondary Metabolites with Allelopathic Potential, VI. Mechanisms of Action of Allelopathic Chemicals, VIII. Roles for Allelopathy in Biocontrol Programs, Chapter 4. Turfgrass Molecular Genetic Improvement for Abiotic/Edaphic Stress Resistance, III. Enhancement Strategy for Multiple-Stress Resistance

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