Advances in agronomy volume 64

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... PROCESSES INVOLVED INTHERHIZOSPHERE P Hinsinger I Introduction I1 Definition of the Rhizosphere I11 Root-Induced Changes of Ionic Concentrations in the Rhizosphere Iv Root-Induced... recombination in pearl millet They found no differences in recombination distances at the whole-genome level; only a few individual linkage intervals differed, but all were in favor of increased... played a role in building and maintaining new genome combinations in Pennisetum Hanna and Dujardin (1991) summarized some of their research, which showed how apomixis was used in crosses among
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 64 , Advances in agronomy volume 64 , Chapter 1. Cytogenetics and Genetics of Pearl Millet, IV. Chromosomes, Karyotype, and Meiosis, X. Hybridization and Exploitation of Hybrid Vigor, XIII. Genetics of Quantitative Traits, Chapter 2. Advances in ICP Emission and ICP Mass Spectrometry, II. ICP-AES and ICP-MS Instrumentation, Chapter 3. Managing Cotton Nitrogen Supply, II. Cotton Growth and Nitrogen Response, III. Soil Nitrogen Availability and Dynamics, V. Monitoring Cotton Nirrogen Status, VII. Managing Cotton Nitrogen Supply, II. Position in the Periodic Table, VI. Physiochemical Behavior of As in Soil, VII. Soil As and Vegetation, VIII. Soil As and Microorganisms, Chapter 5. Dryland Cropping Intensification: A Fundamental Solution to Efficient Use of Precipitation, II. Summer Fallow: A Second Look, IV. A Systems Approach to Intensification, III. Root-Induced Changes of Ionic Concentrations in the Rhizosphere, IV. Root-Induced Changes of Rhizosphere pH, V. Root-Induced Changes of Redox Conditions in the Rhizosphere, VI. Root-Induced Complexation of Metals in the Rhizosphere, VII. Other Interactions Involving Root Exudates

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