Advances in agronomy volume 60

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... stock of individual nutrients cannot go on indefinitely because the supply of potentially available nutrients is finite Maintaining Long-Term Soil Fertility at the Soil-Plant Level Maintaining soil... losses There are three stocks of nutrients (boxed in Fig 2): in the soil (including all living organisms), in living plants above ground; and in aboveground animals Nutrients are taken up from... soils coincide with the warming in the spring and are probably significantly enhanced by freezing and thawing over the winter (Magdoff, 1991a; DeLuca et al., 1992) When soils dry down during the
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 60 , Advances in agronomy volume 60 , Chapter 1. Nutrient Cycling, Transformations, and Flows: Implications for a More Sustainable Agriculture, II. Framework for Evaluating Nutrient Dynamics, IV. Cycling and Flows at the Field Level, V. Farm-Scale Cycling and Flows, VI. Watershed, Regional, and Global Issues, VII. Promoting a More Sustainable Agriculture through Changes Influencing Nutrient Cycles and Flows, III. Selection for Salt Tolerance, II. Decomposition of Surface-Managed Crop Residues, III. Modeling Crop Residue Decomposition, V. Deleterious Rhizobacteria for Weed Control, Chapter 4. Practical Ethics in Agronomic Research, III. Ethics of Choosing Research Subject Matter, IV. Difficulties with the Utilitarian Approach, V. Agricultural Ethics and the World Food Situation, VI. Ethics in the Conduct of Research, VII. Ethics in Research Administration, Chapter 5. Are Agroecosystems Sustainable in Semiarid Regions?, IV. The Issue of Sustainability, V. Technologies for Increasing Plant-Available Water, VI. Soil Organic Matter Maintenance

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