Advances in agronomy volume 56

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... Parr, 1992; Rodale Institute, 1991) Forums were held in Washington, DC, in the winter of 1995 to ensure that emphasis on maintaining the quality of our soil resources was included in the 1995 Farm... within a year or two (Lehninger, 1973) Thus, there is a fine balance between CO, production and utilization in the biosphere Decomposition processes in soil play a predominant role in maintaining... perform multiple functions in maintaining productivity and environmental well-being Identifying and integrating the physical, chemical, and biological soil attributes which define soil functions is
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 56 , Advances in agronomy volume 56 , II. Soil— A Vital, Living, and Finite Resource, III. Early Proponents of Soil Health Concepts, IV. Soil Health and Human Health, V. Agriculturc and Soil Health, VI. Assessment of Soil Quality and Health, VII. Soil Assessment –Need for Producer/Scientist Interaction, Chapter 2. Phytoremediation of Soils Contaminated with Organic Pollutants, IV. Plants as Remediation Structure for Organics, VIII. Current Phytoremediation Research and Development, III. Biological Control of Weeds with Plant Pathogens, V. Synergisms That May Affect the Effectiveness of Microbial Agents, VI. The Environmental Impact of Microbial Herbicides, Chapter 4. Organic Amendments and Phosphorus Sorption by Soils, II. Aerobic Soils: Organic Acids and Phosphorus Sorption, III. Aerobic Soils: Plant Residues and Animal Manures., Chapter 5. Advances in Drought Tolerance in Plants, IV. Water Deficits and Reproduction, II. Background and Identification of Aflatoxins as Contaminants of Corn, III. Conditions Impacting Aspergillus Flavus Group Infection and Aflatoxin Accumulation, IV. Managing Conditions during Plant Growth and Ear Development

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