Advances in agronomy volume 50

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... in winter B napus visual selection in the F, for yield was superior to a random line selection, but the highest yielding lines were identified by measuring yields of single-row F, progenies in. .. their combining ability On the other hand, in three of the four experiments, sowing mixed seed of the parents in the same drill run also resulted in yield increases, which in some instances approached... Also, in spring rape Grant and Beversdorf ( 1985)found high-parent heterosis for seed yield of up to 72%, with specific combining ability being more important than general combining ability In winter
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 50 , Advances in agronomy volume 50 , Chapter 1. Agronomic Improvement In Oilseed Brassicas, III. Improving Resistance to Pests, Chapter 2. Population Diversity Groupings of Soybean Bradyrhizobia, V. Taxonomic Status of Bradyrhizobium japonicum, Chapter 3. Crop Responses To Chloride, Ill. Yield and Quality Responses to Chloride, V. Predicting Crop Response to Chloride, VI. Summary and Future Research Needs, III. Derivation of Thermodynamic Relationships for Electron Activity in Soils, V. Uses of pe–pH Thermodynamic Information, VI. Uses of pe–pH Diagrams, VII. Measurement of Oxidation–Reduction Status of Soils, VIII. Free Radicals in Redox Processes, XI. Photochemical Redox Transformations in Soil and Water, XIII. Wetland and Paddy Properties and Processes, XIV. Empirical Methods for Characterizing Soil Redox, II. Extent of Sulfur Deficiency, IV. Sulfur Cycling in the Tropics, V. Effects of Acid Rain, VII. Sulfate Retention in Soil, VIII. Diagnosis of Sulfur Needs, IX. Critical Soil Solution Concentration, XI. Sulfur Fertilization and Crop Quality, XII. Sulfur Interactions with Other Elements

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