Advances in agronomy volume 49

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... In Eq (6),p(x, y) is determined using many independent views or projections through the object In the simplest scanning systems these are obtained using a scanning procedure involving both linear... Point-by-point correction: each point is corrected simultaneously for all rays passing through it and corrections are incorporated before moving to other points This technique was introduced in. .. treated include the pasture system and its effect on soil properties and nutrient cycling modeling The fourth chapter covers important advances in methods of measuring and mapping soil salinity
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 49 , Advances in agronomy volume 49 , Chapter 1. Use of Computer-Assisted Tomography in Studying Water Movement around Plant Roots, V. Application of Computer-Assisted Tomography to Soil–Water Studies, VI. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging, VIII. Recent and Future Developments, Chapter 2. Phosphogypsum in Agriculture: A Review, II. Uses of Phosphogypsum in Agriculture, II. The Pasture System and Its Effect on Soil Properties, III. Nutrient Returns in Feces and Urine, IV. Soil Processes and Pasture Response in Excreta-Affected Areas, V. Modeling Nutrient Cycling under Pasture, Chapter 4. Electrical Conductivity Methods for Measuring and Mapping Soil Salinity, II. Determination of Soil Salinity from Aqueous Electrical Conductivity, III. Determination of Soil Salinity from Soil Paste or Bulk Soil Electrical Conductivity, VI. Breeding, Genetics, and Cytology

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