Advances in agronomy volume 45

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.. .ADVANCES IN AGRONOMY VOLUME 45 This Page Intentionally Left Blank ADVANCES IN AGRONOMY Prepured in Cooperation with the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRONOMY VOLUME 45 Edited by Nyle... located mostly in the tropics Nineteen of the authors were located at national institutions in developing countries These numbers all emphasize the international character of Advances in Agronomy and... between wheat and rice in a NITROGEN IN RICE-LEGUME CROPPING SYSTEMS 11 rice-wheat rotation in northern India requires irrigation (Singh et al., 1981) Therefore, in determining the cost effectiveness
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 45 , Advances in agronomy volume 45 , II. Nitrogen Dynamics in Rice Soils, III. Legumes in Rice-Based Cropping Systems, IV. Effect of Legumes on Soil Nitrogen, V. Accumulation of Legume Nitrogen, VI. Contribution of Legume Nitrogen to Rice, VII. Effective Management of Legume Nitrogen, IX. Conclusions and Research Needs, II. Development of Global Activities, III. Areas of Research Which Impact Plant Genetic Resources Work, V. Current New Directions in Germplasm Management and Research, CHAPTER 3. LONG-TERM IMPACTS OF TILLAGE, FERTILIZER, AND CROP RESIDUE ON SOIL ORGANIC MATTER IN TEMPERATE SEMIARID REGIONS, II. Tillage Effects on Soil Organic Matter, III. Fertilizer Effects on Soil Organic Matter, IV. Organic Residue Effects on Soil Organic Matter, V. Organic Matter and Microbial Biomass, IX. Predicting Soil Organic Matter Turnover, II. Green Manure Crops for Wetland Rice, III. Biomass and Nitrogen Accumulation in Green Manures, V. Yield Responses of Wetland Rice to Green Manuring, VI. Nitrogen from Green Manure Crops, VII. Transformations of Green Manure Nitrogen in Wetland Rice Soils, VIII. Effect of Green Manuring on Availability of Plant Nutrients Other Than Nitrogen, IX. Effect of Green Manuring on Soil Properties, XI. Residual Effects of Green Manures Applied to Wetland Rice, II. Sources of Genetic Variability, VIII. Conclusions and Future Needs, CHAPTER 6. GENETICS OF RESISTANCE TO INSECTS IN CROP PLANTS, XII. Genetic Engineering and Insect Tolerance, CHAPTER 7. AGROFORESTRY IN ACID SOILS OF THE HUMID TROPICS, IV. Fruit Crop Food Production Systems, CHAPTER 8. ASSESSMENT OF AMMONIA VOLATILIZATION FROM FLOODED SOIL SYSTEMS, IV. Factors Affecting Ammonia Volatilization, VI. Models for Predicting Ammonia Volatilization

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