Advances in agronomy volume 38

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... cropping systems in the People’s Republic of China It gives a description of certain extremely intensive farming systems used in China, some of which have been modified in recent years in response... 96822 PREFACE This volume continues the international focus of Advances in Agronomy Scientists from six countries are among the authors of the nine papers included They remind us of the universality... increasing availability and continuing improvement of these spectroradiometers during recent years, there has been an expanding interest among soil scientists in developing techniques to obtain more
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 38 , Advances in agronomy volume 38 , I. Soil Color in Perspective, II. Instrumentation for Reflectance Measurements, III. Effects of Soil Constituents on Soil Reflectance, IV. Reflectance Properties of Soils in Their Environment, V. Applications of Soil Reflectance Measurements, III. Traditional Methods of Describing Soil Variability, IV. Regionalized Variable Theory and Geostatistics, V. Analysis of Spatial Dependence, VII. Perspectives: Future Use of Geostatistics in Soil Research, II. Soil Structure: Components of the Soil–Pore System, III. Stability of the Pore System, IV. Water Flow in Agricultural Soils, V. Patterns of Root Growth, VI. Water Uptake by Roots, VII. Speculation: Are We Measuring and Averaging at Consistent Scales?, II. Formation, Transformation, and Importance of Gaseous Hydrocarbons, III. Environmental Factors Affecting the Evolution of the Gaseous Hydrocarbons in Soil, V. Some Physical and Chemical Properties of the Gaseous Hydrocarbons, III. Adsorption on Variable-Charge Surfaces, IV. Rates of Adsorption and Desorption, V. Transferring the Variable-Charge Models to Soils, II. Methodologies Used in Kinetic Studies, III. Application of Chemical Kinetics to Soil Solutions, VI. Kinetics of Ionic Exchange in Clay Minerals, VII. Kinetics of Ionic Reactions in Heterogeneous Soil Systems, CHAPTER 7. ENHANCING NITROGEN FIXATION BY USE OF PESTICIDES: A REVIEW, IV. Blue–Green Algae in Flooded Soils, VI. Choice of Pesticides and Inocula, II. Weed Flora of Upland Rice, III. Ecology of Upland Rice Weeds, V. Land Preparation and Crop Establishment Techniques, VI. Fertilizer Application and Weed Management, VII. Soil Moisture–Herbicide Relationships in Upland Rice, VIII. Weed Control Methods in Upland Rice, X. Phytotoxicity of Herbicides and Residues, XI. Economics of Weed Control in Upland Rice, CHAPTER 9. RICE-BASED CROPPING SYSTEMS AND THEIR DEVELOPMENT IN CHINA, III. Division of Rice Belts, V. Problems in Multiple-Cropping Systems, VI. Approaches to Solving the Problem

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