Advances in agronomy volume 36

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... 0-12-000 736- 3 PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 83848586 50-5598 This volume is dedicated to Dr Arthur Geoffrey Norman, editor of the first 20 volumes of Advances in Agronomy This Page Intentionally... L SAHRAWAT S S VIRMANI ADVANCES IN AGRONOMY Prepared in cooperation with the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRONOMY VOLUME 36 Edited by N C BRADY Science and Technology Agency for International Development.. .ADVANCES IN AGRONOMY VOLUME 36 CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS VOLUME C AZCON-AGUILAR J M BAREA P BEMIS WILLIAM E B A BISDOM JEAN-MARC BOLLAG C M DONALD IANB EDWARDS KEITHW T GOULDING J HAMBLIN KRITONK
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 36 , Advances in agronomy volume 36 , CHAPTER 1. MYCORRHIZAS AND THEIR SIGNIFICANCE IN NODULATING NITROGEN-FIXING PLANTS, IV. Mycorrhizas in Nodulating Nitrogen-Fixing Nonlegume Plants, CHAPTER 2. SUBMICROSCOPIC EXAMINATION OF SOILS, III. Applications of Electron Microscopy, V. Applications of Other Forms of Submicroscopy, CHAPTER 3. THE CONVERGENT EVOLUTION OF ANNUAL SEED CROPS IN AGRICULTURE, II. Selection in Domesticated Crops, IV. Selection, Evolution, and Crop Yield, V. Progress and Prospects in the Development of Annual Seed Crops, VI. A Basic Ideotype for All Annual Seed Crops, II. Heterosis in Rice and Wheat, IV. Cytoplasmic–Genetic Male Sterility Systems in Rice and Wheat, VI. Use of Chemical Pollen Suppressants in Hybrid Production, II. The Thermodynamics of Ion-Exchange Equilibria, III. Calorimetry in Ion-Exchange Studies, IV. Thermodynamics Applied to Potassium Exchange in Soils and Clay Minerals, V. Exchange Equilibrium and the Kinetics of Potassium Exchange, VII. Appendix: List of Symbols, II. Development of Herbicide Antidotes, III. Chemistry of Herbicide Antidotes, IV. Field Performance of Herbicide Antidotes, V. Mode of Action of Herbicide Antidotes, VI. Degradation of Herbicide Antidotes in Plants, II. Buffalo Gourd: Cucurbita foeridissimu HBK, III. Jojoba: Simmondsia chinensis (Link) Schneider, CHAPTER 8. PROTEIN TRANSFORMATION IN SOIL, IV. Characteristics of Proteolytic Enzymes in Soils, V. Environmental Factors Affecting Proteolysis, VI. Transformation and Binding of Protein in Soil, VII. Ecological and Agronomic Importance of Protein Transformation, II. Breeding Applications of Semidwarf Mutants, III. Breeding Applications of Early Maturity Mutants, IV. Breeding Applications of Other Types of Mutants, V. Genetic Applications of Mutants, VI. Future Uses of Mutation in Rice Improvement, II. Factors Affecting Mineralization of Organic Nitrogen, V. Simple Models of Nitrogen-Supplying Capacity Based on Biological and Chemical Indexes, IX. Nitrogen-Supplying Capacity and Fertilizer Recommendations

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