Advances in agronomy volume 34

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... N C BRADY ADVANCES IN AGRONOMY VOLUME 34 This Page Intentionally Left Blank ADVANCES IN AGRONOMY, VOL 34 ADVANCES IN PLANT CELL AND TISSUE CULTURE IN CHINA Hu Han and Shao Qiquan Institute of... Much investment of effort has gone into anther culture investigations of corn inbred lines in China Different starting materials have been used, resulting in 25 inbred lines obtained by 14 institutes... Flax (Linum usitatissimum) Rehmannia glurinoso "Indicates the year the plants were obtained ing culture method-subjected pollen grains liberating continuously from dehiscing anthers-and obtained
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 34 , Advances in agronomy volume 34 , II. Anther Culture and Crop Improvement, IV. Protoplast Isolation, Culture, and Genetic Manipulation, VI. Miscellaneous: In Vitro Propagation through Plant Tissue Culture, CHAPTER 2. HOW MUCH NITROGEN DO LEGUMES FIX?, II. Methods of Estimating Fixation by Crops, III. Estimates for Major Crops, III. Economic Importance and Breeding Objectives, IV. Breeding and Quantitative Genetics, II. Molybdenum Fertilizers, Their Rates and Methods of Application, and Industrial Uses of Molybdenum, III. Physiological Role of Molybdenum in Plants, IV. Determination of Molybdenum in Soils and Plants, V. Responses to Molybdenum on Crops, VI. Factors Affecting the Molybdenum Uptake by Plants, VIII. Molybdenum Deficiency and Toxicity Symptoms in Plants, IX. Molybdenum Toxicity and Molybdenum-Copper-Sulfur Interrelationships in Animals, II. Genetics of Mitochondria and Chloroplasts, III. Organelle Involvement in Genetic Phenomena, IV. Genetic Implications of Intergenomic Interactions, V. Molecular-Genetic Aspects of Heterosis, VI. Improvement of Crop Yield, II. System for Expressing Results, VIII. Summary and Future Research Needs, CHAPTER 7. DESIGNING "LEAFLESS" PLANTS FOR IMPROVING YIELDS OF THE DRIED PEA CROP, II. Comparative Responses of Peas to the Crop Environment, III. Attaining Maximum Biological Yield per Unit Area, IV. Attaining the Maximum Economic Yield per Unit Area, V. Improving the Efficiency of the Pea Fruit, VI. A Plant Ideotype for Improving Yields of Dried Peas, CHAPTER 8. LOW-INPUT TECHNOLOGY FOR MANAGING OXISOLS AND ULTISOLS IN TROPICAL AMERICA, III. Selection of Acid-Tolerant Germplasm, IV. Development and Maintenance of Ground Cover, V. Management of Soil Acidity, VII. Management of Low Native Soil Fertility, CHAPTER 9. CYTOGENETICS OF PEARL MILLET, IV. Abnormal Meiosis and Its Genetics, VIII. Structural Changes in Chromosomes, X. Floral Biology and Hybridization, XI. Hybridization and Chromosome Relationships

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