Advances in agronomy volume 31

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... (1972) Paraquat Simazine, atrazine Prometryn, triflualin, chloropropham Simazine, atrazine, linuron Simazine, atrazine, dalapon, TCA Simazine, diuron, amitrole, 2.2-DPA Simazine, prometryn, diuron,... (Oleinikov et a / , 1975) Actinomycetes are generally counted on media containing antibiotics: nystatine and actidione in the work of Camper et al (1973), and albamycine and streptomycin in the.. .ADVANCES IN AGRONOMY VOLUME 31 CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS VOLUME J.-C FOURNIER UMESHC GUFTA M G HALE L D MOORE K NEMETH P H NYE GINETTE SIMON-SYLVESTRE R R SMITH N L TAYLOR G L TERMAN ADVANCES IN
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 31 , Advances in agronomy volume 31 , II. Methodology Applied in the Study of the Effects of Pesticides on the Soil Microflora, III. Effects of Pesticides on the Microorganisms and on the Total Activity of the Soil, IV. Effects of Pesticides on the Biological Cycles of the Soil, V. Action on Pathogenic Microorganisms, VI. Degradation Effect of Pesticides on the Microflora Responible for pesticide Degradation, CHAPTER 2. FACTORS AFFECTING ROOT EXUDATION II: 1970–1978, III. Effects of Environmental Factors, IV. Foliar Application of Chemicals, V. Biotic Factors Affecting Root Exudation, CHAPTER 3. RED CLOVER BREEDING AND GENETICS, V. Sources of Genetic Variation, VI. Alteration of Populations through Selection and Hybridization, VII. Use of Selected Materials, VIII. Maintenance of Genetic Stability during Seed Multiplication, II. Problems of Conventional Soil Testing Practice, IV. The EUF Values Required for Optimal Plant Nutrition and Their Calculation, V. Conclusions for Practical Soil Analysis, III. NH3 Losses from NH3-N and Urea Fertilizers, Including Moisture and Temperature Effects, IV. NH, Losses from Urea, IX. NH, Sorption by Soils and Vegetation, III. Diffusion of Adsorbed Ions in Soil Clays and Clay-Type Minerals, IV. Diffusion of Ions and Molecules in Soil, V. Prediction of Diffusion Coefficients in Soil, VII. Methods of Measurement of lon Diffusion Coefficients in Soil, CHAPTER 7. BORON NUTRITION OF CROPS, III. Methods of Determining Boron in Plants and Soils, IV. Role of Boron in Plants., V. Factors Affecting Boron Requirement and Uptake in Plants, VII. Deficiency and Toxicity Symptoms of Boron in Plants, VIII. Summary and Future Research Needs

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