Advances in agronomy volume 29

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... P WARKENTIN ADVANCES IN AGRONOMY Prepared under the Auspices of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRONOMY VOLUME 29 Edited by N C BRADY International Rice Research Institute Manila, Philippines ADVISORY... importance in the infection process of plant roots by N2 -fixing bacteria Recent findings (Rinaudo et al., 1971; Dobereiner et al., 1972a; Dobereiner and Day, 1976; von Bulow and Dobereiner, 1975)... plants in Wisconsin inoculated with strains of S lipofemm isolated from Digitaria roots in Brazil, showed establishment of the bacteria inside the roots (Burris, 1976; Dobereiner et al., 1976) Inoculated
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 29 , Advances in agronomy volume 29 , II. Nitrogen Fixation in C-3 and C-4 Grasses, IV. Factors Affecting Nitrogen Fixation in Grasses, II. Plant Cell Tissue Culture, III. Anther Culture and Haploids, IV. Mutant Isolation and Selection, VI. Genetic Transformation in Plants, III. Nature of Soil Organic Phosphorus, IV. Organic Phosphorus in Soil Solution, V. Organic Phosphorus Turnover in Soil, CHAPTER 4. GROWTH OF THE LEGUME SEEDLING, IV. Stages of Seedling Development, V. Improvement of Legume Seedling Vigor, CHAPTER 5. YIELDS AND CULTURAL ENERGY REQUIREMENTS FOR CORN AND SOYBEANS WITH VARIOUS TILLAGE–PLANTING SYSTEMS, III. Influence of Tillage–Planting System on Yields, IV. Yield Factors Influenced by Tillage–Planting System, V. Energy Requirements for Various Tillage–Planting Systems, VI. Projecting Energy Savings with Reduced Tillage, II. Genetic Variation in Response to Environment, V. Environmental Factors and Vegetative Growth, VIII. Genetic Adaptation to Environment, CHAPTER 7. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF ALLOPHANE SOILS, III. Structure of Allophane Soils, IV. Physical Characteristics of Allophane Soils, CHAPTER 8. DISEASE AND INSECT RESISTANCE IN RICE, IV. Developing Varieties with Multiple Resistance, II. Potential Advantages of Trickle Irrigation, IV. Modeling of Water and Salt Flows, V. Soil-Water Regime during Trickle Infiltration, VI. Solute Distribution during Infiltration, VII. Application of Infiltration Models to the Design of Trickle Irrigation Systems, VIII. Water Management in Marginal Soils

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