Advances in agronomy volume 27

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... SURESHK SINHA IRWINP TING ADVANCES IN AGRONOMY Prepared under the Auspices of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRONOMY VOLUME Edited by N C BRADY International Rice Research Institute Manila, Philippines... the rate of the controls, beginning in early grain-fill and continuing for the rest of the growing season For the grain-filling period as a whole, photosynthesis in the desiccated plants was... environmental contamination These two topics receive prominent attention in Volume 27 as has been the case in the two preceding volumes Two papers deal with the effects of environmental contamination on
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 27 , Advances in agronomy volume 27 , CHAPTER 1. PHYSIOLOGY OF WATER DEFICITS IN CEREAL CROPS, III. Improvement of Drought Response through Breeding and Management, II. Role of Accumulated Soil Enzymes in the Initial Phases of the Decomposition of Organic Residues and of the Transformation of Some Compounds, III. Enzymatic Activities in Soil under Conditions Unfavorable for the Proliferation of Microorganisms, CHAPTER 3. RESPONSES OF PLANTS TO AIR POLLUTANT OXIDANTS, II. Biochemical and Physiological Effects, IV. Environmental Factors Influencing Susceptibility and Sensitivity, V. The Role of Stomata, II. Heterosis in Heterotrophs and Autotrophs, VI. Present Theories of Heterosis, VII. Physiological and Genetic Analysis of Heterosis, IX. Programming in Heterotic Hybrids, II. Brief Description of Tropics, III. History of Fertilizer Use in the Tropics, III. Methods for Estimating Site Quality, CHAPTER 7. THE ROLE OF REMOTE SENSING IN DETERMINING THE DISTRIBUTION AND YIELD OF CROPS, III. Physical Basis for Remote Sensing, IV. Agricultural Applications of Remote Sensing, V. Future Role of Agricultural Remote Sensing, CHAPTER 8. CHEMICAL MONITORING OF SOILS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY AND ANIMAL AND HUMAN HEALTH, III. Soil and Waste Composition Monitoring, IV. Methods of Chemical Analysis, VII. Toxic Trace Elements, Organometallic Complexes, VIII. Recommendations for Continuing Research

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