Advances in agronomy volume 25

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... dissolved forms of P Increased turbulence in streams during high flow, or arising from an increasing gradient, will tend to maintain in suspension particle sizes more PHOSPHORUS IN RUNOFF AND STREAMS... PINTHUS J R QUINBY J C RYDEN J K SYERS ADVANCES IN AGRONOMY Prepared under the Auspices of the AMERICAN SOCIETY AGRONOMY OF VOLUME 25 Edited by N C BRADY International Rice Research Institute Manila,... et al (1972a), involved desorption following sorption of P from solutions containing P concentrations in excess of those commonly found in soil-water ecosystems In studies involving the sorption
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 25 , Advances in agronomy volume 25 , CHAPTER 1. PHOSPHORUS IN RUNOFF AND STREAMS, III. Factors Affecting the Dynamics of Phosphorus in Runoff and Streams, IV. Phosphorus Loads in Runoff and Streams, VI. Present Status and Outlook, II. Comparison of Environmental Conditions in Tilled and Untilled Soils, III. Effects of Zero-Tillage on Plant Growth, V. Evaluation of Zero-Tillage in Farming Systems, CHAPTER 4. THE GENETIC CONTROL OF FLOWERING AND GROWTH IN SORGHUM, V. Genetics and Physiology of Cell Elongation, VI. Influence of Photoperiod, Temperature, and Leaf Area on Flowering, VIII. Morphological Effects of Hybrid Vigor in Sorghum, IX. Genetic Control of Hybrid Vigor in Sorghum, X. Sorghum Genotypes as Experimental Subjects, XII. Implications to Plant Breeding, II. Overview of Nutrient Absorption by Roots, III. Energy-Dependent and Active Ion Transport, IV. Kinetics and Selectivity of Ion Absorption, V. Energetics of Ion Transport, VI. Proposed Model for Ion Absorption by Roots, CHAPTER 6. LODGING IN WHEAT, AND OATS: THE PHENOMENON, ITS CAUSES, AND PREVENTIVE MEASURES, III. Effects of Lodging on Crop Development and Yield, IV. Plant Characters Associated with Lodging, V. Environmental and Agronomic Factors Affecting Lodging, VII. Breeding for Lodging Resistance, VIII. Increased Exploitation of Yield-Promoting Factors Due to the Prevention of Lodging, II. The Formation of Sulfides, IV. Mining and Corrosion Problems, VI. Conditions for Plant Growth, VIII. Analysis of Pyritic Soils, II. History of Malting Barley Production in the United States, V. Classification of Cultivated Barleys of the United States, VII. Requirements of Malting Barley, IX. Barley and Malt Intercharacter Correlations, X. Genetics and Breeding of Malting Barley, XII. Quality Testing Procedures Used to Develop Acceptable Malting Barley Varieties, XIII. Malting Barley Production Practices

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