Advances in agronomy volume 21

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... Voluntary Intake of Forages 27 A The Factors Controlling Feed Intake 28 B Intrinsic Factors Determining Forage Intake _ _ 35 C The Nutritive Value Index D The Crude Protein Content... of up to 50 percent in digestibility as a result of grinding forage samples in a ball mill before in vitro digestion However, within the range of fineness of grinding found in forage samples ground... of Volatile Fatty Acids in Ruminant 40 C The Utilization of the Crude Protein in Forages 48 D The Use of Nonprotein Nitrogen in Ruminant 51 E The Mineral Nutrients in Forages 54 F Pharmacologically
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 21 , Advances in agronomy volume 21 , III. The Digestibility of Forage Crops, IV. The Digestibility of Different Forage Species, V. The Voluntary Intake of Forages, VI. The Efficiency of Utilization of Digested Nutrients, VII. The Relationship between Forage Quality and Forage Yield, IX. The Effects of Processing on the Components of Forage Nutritive Value, X. The Nutritive Value of Grazed Forage, CHAPTER 2. POTENTIALLY ARABLE SOILS OF THE WORLD AND CRITICAL MEASURES FOR THEIR USE, II. The Principle of Interactions in Soil Use, III. Higher Production from Existing Arable Soils, IV. New Potentially Arable Soils, II. The Genetic Control of Protein Structure, V. The opaque-2 and floury-2 Mutations in Maize, VI. The Prospects of Improvements in Other Plants, II. The Significance of Soil Polysaccharides, III. Studies on Soil Polysaccharides, IV. Methods for the Analysis of Complex Polysaccharide Materials, CHAPTER 5. FRAGIPAN SOILS OF THE EASTERN UNITED STATES, II. Horizons of Fragipan Soils, III. Occurrence of Fragipan Soils, V. Fragipans and the Soil Water Regime, VIII. Classification of Fragipan Soils., II. Relationships between Plant Density and Crop Yield., III. The Relationship between Plant Rectangularity and Crop Yield, IV. The Variation in Yield of the Individual Plant

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