Advances in agronomy volume 19

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... If there is a single theme, it is the soil-plant relationship Most of the articles in this volume exemplify the theme One indeed goes further and in an interesting way brings in consideration... CARDNUMBER:50-5598 PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONTRIBUTORS TO VOLUME 19 Numbers in parentheses indicate the pages on which the authors’ contributions begin BARLEY,K P ( l ) ,Reader, Agronomy. . .ADVANCES IN AGRONOMY VOLUME 79 CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS VOLUME K P BARLEY J W DUDLEY E L GFEACEN R H HAGEMAN K A HANDBCK EDWINJAMES L H P JONES SIGURDLARSEN E R LENG C B MCCANTS J R QUINBY M
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Xem thêm: Advances in agronomy volume 19 , Advances in agronomy volume 19 , II. Types of Deformation Produced by Plants, III. Forces Required to Deform Soils, IV. Forces Exerted by Roots and Shoots, V. Effects of Mechanical Stress on the Growth of Roots and Shoots, VI. Growth in the Soil, II. Heterosis and the Gene-Enzyme Concept, III. Heterosis and Enzyme Activity during Germination, IV. Genetic Control of the Initial Reaction of Nitrogen Metabolism, VI. Some Recent Developments in Plant Biochemistry Related to Heterosis, VII. A Concept for the Future, II. Theories Regarding Seed Deterioration, III. Methods of Preserving Seeds, IV. The National Seed Storage Laboratory, II. Factors Affecting the Silica Content of Plants, III. Silica in the Plant, IV. Silica in Relation to Plant Growth, V. Silica in the Ruminant Animal, III. Phosphorus in Soil Solution, IV. Soil Phosphorus in the Solid Phase, V. Kinetics of Soil Phosphorus Reactions, VI. Mobility of Soil Phosphorus, II. Origin and Characteristics of Classes of Tobacco, IV. Plant Growth and Nutrient Uptake, IV. Effect of Environment on Time of Flowering, VII. Interaction of Maturity Genes in the Heterozygous Condition, VIII. Identification of Sorghum Varieties for Maturity, IX. Allelic Series at the Maturity Gene Loci, XIII. Physiology of Flowering in Sorghum, II. The Importance of the Species, III. Characteristics of Growth and Climatic Tolerance, IV. Soil Factors Restricting Growth, V. Assessment of Limiting Factors, VI. Effective Addition of Fertilizers

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