(Advances in agronomy 77) donald l sparks (eds ) advances in agronomy elsevier, academic press (2002)

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... of Sahel rainfall with the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) is quite variable Hunt (200 0) proposes a mechanism by which tropical Pacific SSTs in uence Sahel rainfall by modulating HILLEL AND ROSENZWEIG... topsoil and often cuts into the soil to produce deep gullies During fallow periods, rainfall may also leach away soluble nutrients The net result can be an overall reduction in biological productivity... diverse interdependent forms of life Integrated ecosystems may thus play a vital role in controlling global warming and in absorbing and neutralizing pollutants that might otherwise accumulate to
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Xem thêm: (Advances in agronomy 77) donald l sparks (eds ) advances in agronomy elsevier, academic press (2002) , (Advances in agronomy 77) donald l sparks (eds ) advances in agronomy elsevier, academic press (2002) , Chapter 1. Desertification and It's Relation to Climate Variability and Change, IV. Case Study The Sahel, VI. Future Climatic Variability and Change, Chapter 2. Fate and Transport of Viruses in Porous Media, II. Characteristics of Viruses Relevant for Subsurface Fate and Transport, IV. Protein Sorption and Denaturation, VI. The Role of the Gas–Liquid Interface in Protein Virus Inactivation, VII. Transport of Viruses in Porous Media, VIII. Indicators for Human Enteroviruses, Chapter 3. Current Capabilities and Future Needs of Root Water and Nutrient Uptake Modeling, II. Water Transport in Plants, III. Linking Plant Transpiration with Assimilation, IV. Transport of Water and Nutrients in the Plant Root, VI. Flow and Transport Modeling in Soils, IX. Coupled Root Water and Nutrient Uptake, Chapter 4. Micronutrients in Crop Production, II. Status in World Soils, III. Soil Factors Affecting Availability, IV. Factors Associated with Supply and Acquisition, V. Improving Supply and Acquisition, II. Soil Science in Temperate Regions, III. Soil Science in Tropical Regions, V. Impact of Soil Science, Chapter 6. Responses of Agricultural Crops to Free-Air CO2 Enrichment, III. Results and Discussion of Crop Responses to Elevated CO2, II. Crop Rotations as the Central Management Tool in Organic Farming, III. Break Crops for Nutrient Management, IV. Break Crops for Improving Soil Structure, VI. Break Crops for Pest and Disease Management

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