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... correct past participle Choice (D) is a correct prepositional phrase 141 Mr and Mrs Mueller had seen (A) their (B) favorite play performed (C) at the theater (D) last night 1 42 It’s getting... the present participle is required: Computech had the most promising future Choice (A) is a correct verb Choice (C) is a correct prepositional phrase Choice (D) is a correct past participle 149... firefighter rescue (B) a baby from (C) the burned (D) house (D) The house was burning, so the present participle is required: the burning house Choice (A) is the correct article Choice (B) is a correct
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Xem thêm: PART VI 2 , PART VI 2 , It’s getting (A) late (B) I think it’s time (C) that we will leave (D)., His excellent physical (A) health is the result of (B) he swims (C) two miles every day (D)., The team worked (A) to clear away the (B) brush and (C) planting (D) crops., The (A) reporters saw the firefighter rescue (B) a baby from (C) the burned (D) house., I wish I would go (A) to the movies tonight, but (B) I have to (C) finish this (D) report., Black Forest (A) is in danger (B) because of (C) acid rain (D) in the area., Our research team thought (A) that Computech had the most promised (B) future of all (C) the firms surveyed (D)., The results (A) of the test have proven (B) the oral medication (C) to be effective as (D) the ointment., The guards (A) had left the (B) building by the time (C) the alarm has been sounded (D)., The firm of (A) Dorsey and Rodriguez is pleased to announce (B) a new joint venture (C) with the advertisement (D) agency Adcam., While (A) visiting Zurich, the young couple was (B) able to sampling (C) some world-famous (D) Swiss chocolate., The president and vice president were both welcomed (A) by the head (B) of the committee; However (C), there were violent demonstration (D) on the streets outside the hotel., The window display for (A) the new products have (B) been designed by (C) the merchandising (D) staff., The new executive condominiums, which are presently (A) under construction, will be (B) the most luxury (C) living quarters available (D) in the city., Our new sales manager found out that get (B) the job done is not as easy as (C) it first appears (D)., His (A) failure to secure the contract led (B) to the terminate (C) of his employment with our (D) firm., Due to (A) poor planning and problems with cash flow, most analysts predict (B) that the firm will remain solvable (C) for only a few (D) more months., The flight attendant only has (A) a twenty-dollar bill (B) with her when (C) she landed at (D) Heathrow airport.

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