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... in the infinitive (to ) form? INCORRECT [We expect finishing before the deadline.] CORRECT We expect to finish before the deadline 1 Although the new accountant enjoys working (A) here, he is.. .Gerunds (- ing words) and infinitives (to + verb) are verb forms that can be used as nouns They can be used as subjects, objects, or objects of prepositions When... especially in negative sentences or questions) to have enough money or time to be able to buy or to sth: Can we afford a new car? The file clerk says he can’t afford to live (A) on his salary if
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Xem thêm: GERUNDS OR INFINITIVES , GERUNDS OR INFINITIVES , To quit (as sth) (informal) to leave your job, school, etc.: If I don’t get more money I’ll quit., The file clerk says he can’t afford to live (A) on his salary if he wants saving (B) some money for an emergency, so he’s going to stop complaining (C) and start looking (D) for another job., The nutritionist told him to avoid (A) to eat (B) lots of carbohydrates, focus on having (C) more protein-rich foods and green vegetables, and remember to drink (D) at least eight glasses of water a day., To resign (from sth)|To resign (as sth) to officially tell sb that you are leaving your job, an organization, etc.: He resigned as manager after eight years.

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