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...STRATEGIES FOB SUBJECT- VERB AGREEMENT ITEMS ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS: Is the noun a collective noun? Is it considered a unit? If so, is the verb singular? INCORRECT [The committee... if so, is the verb singular? INCORRECT [The news have not been good lately.] CORRECT The news has not been good lately 4 is there a phrase that separates the subject from the verb? If so, have... phrase that separates the subject from the verb? If so, have you found the verb? Have you found the subject of that verb? Do they agree? INCORRECT [The price of our goods are lower than that
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Xem thêm: SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT , SUBJECT VERB AGREEMENT , We have (A) interviewed many people who is (B) interested in the job we have (C) been advertising in the trade newsletter that is (D). distributed so widely., My staff has (A) contacted a group of doctors that are (B) involved in research and development efforts that are (C) so greatly needed by children who suffer (D) from this disease., Astronomer (n) a scientist who studies astronomy (the scientific study of the sun, moon, stars, planets, etc.), Poisonous (adj.) causing death or illness if swallowed or absorbed into the body SYN  Toxic: poisonous chemicals / plants, The government is (A) sending a team of agronomists to remote areas to look into cooperative farming techniques that the peasants claims (B) have (C) greatly improved their (D) crop yields.

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