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... taste(s) SIMILAR WORDS Similar words are often confusing if they have similar meanings but cannot be interchanged Sometimes they have the same root, prefix, or suffix Sometimes they have similar. .. which is correct STRATEGIES FOR SIMILAR WORD ITEMS ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS:  Many words seem similar because they contain similar letters Do the other words in the sentence help you understand... change for a ten-dollar currency?] CORRECT Do you have change for a ten-dollar bill?  Some words have similar spellings, but they have very different meanings or are different parts of speech
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Xem thêm: SIMILAR WORDS , SIMILAR WORDS , Impressed (adjective) impressed (by / with sb/sth) feeling admiration for sb/sth because you think they are particularly good, interesting, etc.: I must admit I am impressed., Hospitable (to / towards sb) (of a person) pleased to welcome guests; generous and friendly to visitors SYN  Welcoming: The local people are very hospitable to strangers. Hospitality (n) friendly and generous behaviour towards guests:Thank you for your ki, To ascend (to sth) to rise; to go up; to climb up: [v] The path started to ascend more steeply. Mist ascended from the valley., No one is at fault, according to the company ..... . (A) speaker (B) man (C) teller (D) spokesperson, To cooperate (with sb) (in / on sth) to work together with sb else in order to achieve sth: The two groups agreed to cooperate with each other. Cooperation (with sb) (in doing sth) | cooperation (between A and B) the fact of doing sth together or of worki, Have you checked out the ..... of that contract? (A) rightfulness (B) lawfulness (C) legality (D) authority

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