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Đề luyện học sinh năng khiếu (học sinh giỏi) tiếng Anh 6 Mới (Chương trình tiếng Anh hệ 10 Năm) Đề luyện học sinh năng khiếu (học sinh giỏi) tiếng Anh 6 Mới (Chương trình tiếng Anh hệ 10 Năm) Đề luyện học sinh năng khiếu (học sinh giỏi) tiếng Anh 6 Mới (Chương trình tiếng Anh hệ 10 Năm) Đề luyện học sinh năng khiếu (học sinh giỏi) Anh 6 Mới (Chương trình tiếng Anh hệ 10 Năm) 23-03-2019 I Complete the passage with a suitable preposition We have English lessons (1) Room 12 There are 24 tables for students and one desk for the teacher (2) the walls, there are a lots of posters of England There’s a cupboard at the front of the room and (3) the cupboard, there is a TV and DVD player Sometimes we watch films There are some bookshelves (4) the classroom (5) the shelves, there are a lot of English books Our books are (6) the teacher’s desk He wants to look at our homework Our school bags are (7) the floor, and there is some food (8) the school bags It’s now 5.30 pm We are (9) home, but our teacher is (10) _ school He often stays late to prepare for tomorrow’s lessons II Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined A nice A foot B confident B book C like C look D kind D food A creative A finger B think B leg C big C neck D idea D elbow A writes A request A Thursday B makes B project B thanks C takes C neck C these D drives D exciting D birthday 10 11 A A A A B B B B C C C C D D D D 12 13 A film A cheap B city B sleepy C nice C near D police D peaceful 14 15 A big A heavy B wide B sea C quiet C team D exciting D street 16 17 18 19 20 A A A A A red lake island map post B B B B B tent bag plaster area cost C C C C C end take coast hat question D D D D D forest nature longest plan coast 21 22 23 24 25 A A A A A decorate smile special rice cheer B B B B B market so spring celebrate child C C C C C resolution spring she calendar peach D D D D D celebrate noise sugar smile chorus teen ideal arrive opposite see cinema quickly those coffee exciting historic expensive street difficult city noisy 26 27 28 29 30 A A A A A blossom tradition travel love shy B B B B B discussion condition parent pagoda why C C C C C rooster celebration hand mother lucky D D D D D compass question bad come buy 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 A A A A A A A A A A the earth when clumsy weather game programme thirty schedule brother B B B B B B B B B B there feather where cute newsreader relax sport them when through C C C C C C C C C C think theater detective just teaching national most both red then D D D D D D D D D D they thanks best but repeat channel show theme comedy weather 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 A A A A A A A A A A wear fair marry near here match teacher chess sport please B B B B B B B B B B dear share fair bear series square feature champion stop pear C C C C C C C C C C fear carry air idea sphere badminton reason machine not weak D D D D D D D D D D hear prepare chair appear there grandfather idea match goggles easy 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 A A A A A A A A A A stand dark fantastic automatic calm animal thanks land bag plant B B B B B B B B B B apple cancel part had bag card cancer start that hat C C C C C C C C C C hand action fact activity cat heart channel stand can far D D D D D D D D D D father travel camera yard bad cart smart plastic star plan 61 62 A house A noise B shout B soil C ought C boil D mouse D doing 63 64 65 66 67 A A A A A could told noisy laugh what B B B B B should so sound because walk C C C C C would now house taught water D D D D D our go lesson sauce wall III Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) Next summer Mike’s parents him to New York to see a new film A taking B is taking C are taking D take We are visiting a milk farm to see how they milk, cheese and butter 10 11 A make B C play D ride My younger sister a short black hair A have B has C is D are On Sunday, Cuong his parents in the field as usual A help B helps C is helping D helping Can you me the book, please? A move B pass C have D turn Nga is the phone, chatting friends A on – to B on – on C to – with D to – to My best friend is kind and He often makes me laugh A funny B nice C shy D boring The film is very and we can’t see all of it A wonderful B easy C exciting D boring The summer camp is for students between 10 and 15 A age B aged C aging D ages Mary has hair and big eyes A blonde, small B a black, blue C blonde, blue D black, long Next summer I am working as a teacher in a village near Hoa Binh city A volunteer 12 She is always homework B nice C good D favourite at school and helps other students with their A hard B hardly C hard-working D work hard 13 Our class is going to a picnic at the zoo on Saturday Would you like to come with us? A have 14 It’s B take C pass to go home It’s so late D go 15 16 17 18 A now B sure C time D like Please turn the lights The room is so dark A in B on C off D at Daisy is very to take the test She is a very good student A kind B confident C friendly D talkative I like to read “Tuoi Tre” very much It’s my magazine A nice B quick C funny D favourite Nguyen is in the art club She likes to paint pictures, and everyone enjoys them She is very A funny B shy C creative D kind 19 Please be when you have to use fire to cook A happy B careful C quiet D funny 20 The baby next to me is very He talks all the time, which really annoys me A silent B lovely C talkative D kind Mike’s exam results are than Nick’s A important B good C well D better Susan is not happy because her results in the competition are than her sister’s A bad B good C better D worse people own motorbikes now than ten years ago A Many B Much C More D Some This type of car is economical than that type A more B much C many D as London, the capital city of England, is a city with many old buildings and beautiful parks A history 10 11 B historic C largest D larger go pass the traffic lights, and turn left A First – than B First – then C Then – first D Finally – then Is there a theater your neighbourhood? A in B on C at D with The cinema is the corner of the street A on B at C in D into Going by taxi is more than going by bus A cheaper B faster C easier D expensive The weather is nice, so I enjoy doing activities A outdoor B inside C outdoors D boring The streets in the old quarter in Ha Noi are not wide They are A exciting B quiet C narrow D noisy 12 A is a place where we can buy medicines, soap and make-up A chemist’s B grocer’s C square D temple 13 The people in Hoi An is incredibly and helpful A friend B friendly C friends D friendship 14 It is to live far from the market and the supermarket A easy B inconvenient C convenient D comfortable 15 the second turning the right A Take – in B Take – on C Get – in D Get – on 16 The map that art gallery is nearer than the cathedral Shall we go there first? 17 18 19 20 A speaks B asks C says D talks Can you us the to the post office? A show – road B show –street C tell – road D tell – way A is a place where we go to buy stamps or send letters A library B post office C cinema D school The air in this area is with smoke from the factories A polluted B noisy C clean D fresh There are many shops near here, so the streets are very busy and during the day A noise B narrow C quiet D noisy Which city is , Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh City? A large B larger C largest D the largest It is often rainy in hue remember to bring an umbrella A but B so C or D must You must remember to bring a It’s very useful when you go into a cave because it’s very dark there A torch B clock C scissors D compass The boat trip to Ca Mau, the southern tip of Viet Nam, was experience of my life A good B better C best D the best The Amazone is in brazil A rain forest B rainy forest C wet forest D wetter forest Tra Co beach is beach in Viet Nam A long B longer C longest D the longest The islands in Ha Long Bay are named things around us A in B for C after D at Mount Everest is the highest mountain the world A in B on C at D of - Do you finish packing? - Yes All my things are in my 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 A back B backpack C back pack D plaster If we had a , we wouldn’t get lost A backpack B ruler C compass D painkiller You travel alone to the mountain Always go in group A must B mustn’t C D don’t People think Ayers rock is in the evening when it red A good B better C best D the best You all necessary things along with you before you start your trip A takes B won’t take C must take D mustn’t take You be late for school It’s against the school regulations A must B mustn’t C can D can’t You take a lot of warm clothes when you go to Sapa in winter A must B mustn’t C can D can’t Ba Be lake is the lake in Viet Nam A large B larger C largest D tallest I walked too much I need to put a on my foot A gloves B hat C scissors D walking boots The Sahara is desert in the world A hot B hotter C hottest D the hottest Ha long bay is the most natural wonder in Viet Nam A big B small C largest D beautiful A is a large thick bag for sleeping in, especially when you are camping A sleeping bag B sleepy bag C bag sleeping In London people cheer and sing when the clock New Year’s Eve A gets B strikes C sees On new year’s day, children lucky money envelope D bag sleepy midnight on D goes red A get – in B ask – on C take –at D have – with The Times Square Ball begins its fall millions of voices countdown the final seconds of the year A during B because C when D throughout Do you believe that the first footer us good or bad luck? A must take B should bring C can make D can bring Some Vietnamese people don’t eat shrimps New year’s day A in B on C at D during We shouldn’t play music after midnight A careful B loud C right D easy At Tet, many people present rice to wish enough food throughout the year A in B for C at D with Students copy their classmates’ work A should B shouldn’t C must D not The American a midnight kiss with someone they love A share B take C bring D celebrate 10 People in many countries in the world often wear their clothes on the New Year day 11 12 13 14 15 A tradition B traditional C ordinary D summer I wish you a life and health A long – best B big – good C long – good D happy – bad I will my lucky money in my piggy bank A keep B spend C borrow D give We should help our mother the table after the meal A make B to make C clear D to clearing People in Laos water over one another A give B throw C take D bring On new year’s day, children in Korea make a to their parents or elders and wish them a long and healthy A bow – live B friend – lives 16 Children should help their parents pictures C bows – lives D bow – life their house with flowers and A make B C decorate D play 17 New year’s Eve is a night when members of a family often get A together B another C other D others 18 People believe that water over people will bring a lot of rain in the new year A throw B to throw C throwing D throws st 19 January is a day when people in Europe and America new year A see B remember 20 New year is one of four important A parties B events C celebrate D spend in the United States C festivals D celebration VTV is a TV channel in Vietnam It attracts millions of TV viewers in Vietnam A national B international C local D wide What’s your TV programme? A best B good C favourite D like My family enjoys watching game shows they are very exciting and interesting A so B because C but D and you like the modern English programme? - Because it helps me with my English A What B Where C Who D Why Disney channel is one of the most channels A good – for B exciting – of My father likes watching sports C popular – to on VTV3 children D popular – for A channels B events The football match is on at am A so B because My brother wants to become a weather is like C athletes D matches I can’t watch it C but D then to tell TV viewers what the A newsreader B actor C weatherman D producer TV can join in some game shows through telephone or by email A weathermen B people C viewers D newsreaders 10 are films by pictures, not real people and often for children A Documentary B Cartoon C Love stories D Detective story 11 Are there any good programmes teenagers on TV tonight? A to B of C with D for 12 My father works late tomorrow, so he will the first part of the film on VTV1 A miss B lose C forget 13 That TV programme is not only interesting children many things about family and friendship A and B so C because 14 is the weather forecast programme on? - At 7.30 pm every day D cut it also teaches D but A what B how C when D where 15 the newsreaders on BBC One reads very fast My brother can hear everything in the news A but B although C when D but 16 Children can participate in a TV for a game show or quiz show A channel B competition C studio D cartoon 17 Many people with different skills work hard quality programmes for TV A produce B producing C to produce D to producing 18 is that TV programme directed by? - By a famous Vietnamese director A What B When C Where D Who 19 If you want to know what the is like tomorrow, watch the weather forecast A weather 20 My sister often A play Phong B music C world news D game show badminton in her free time B plays C playing D to play three goals for our team and made it a hat trick A scores B scored Our school football team Saturday C plays D played the match with Nguyen Du school last A wins B won C scores Blackburn rover is at the bottom of the league They matches 10 11 12 13 D scored most of their A scored B lost C won D played Playing sports helps us get A free B fat C fittest D fitter Minh’s dream is to become a A loser B champion C contest D gamer I’d like to watch motor racing because it is very A frightening B exciting C excited D boring My sister often badminton in her free time A play B plays C playing D to play When you go to the zoo, don’t the animals A B play C watch D tease Sports and games an important part in our life A play B C make D Football is regarded the most popular sport in the world A for B as C like D of sports you like to watch on television? A What B How C Do D How often I usually play football when I have A spare time B good time C no time D times In team sports, the two teams against each other in order to get the better score A B make 14 you judo? - Twice a week C are D complete A Why B How often C Where D When 15 Team sports are sometimes called sports A compete B competition C competitor D competitive 16 I like watching football matches but I am not very good playing football A at B in C on D for 17 Last summer, I fishing with my uncle in the afternoon A go B went C goes D going 18 Nam plays sports very often, so he looks very 10 A sport 19 20 10 11 12 13 B sports C sporty D sporting draw on the walls and tables, please! A Do B Don’t C Should D Shouldn’t Marathon is considered a/an sport A team B individual C indoor D sporting The Eiffel tower is the most landmark in the world A visit B visiting C visited D to visit When we were in Stockholm, we had coffee and cakes a coffee shop the old town A on – on B at – at C in – in D on – at - Do you know the most drink in Vietnam? A popular B cheap C hot D best People in Tokyo are very polite _ friendly A or B but C so D and Have you ever to Manchester? A be B been C being D went I think it is a very nice town the weather is good and the people are friendly A because B if C so D although This is the first time that I _ a 3d film A watch B watched C watches D have watched I Da Lat three times in all A visit B visited C visiting D have visited The red double-decker bus is London’s famous A sign B signal C symbol D logo Which is Britain in? – Europe A country B continent C city D area People must be well-prepared they want to climb Mount Everest A after B until C although D before The food is A noisy B delicious C friendly D quiet International school in Ho Chi Minh City is the school in Vietnam with high-tech facilities A oldest B youngest 14 My family had a lot of A fun B funny 15 That city is most famous A to B with C most historic D most modern in Hoi An and it was an exciting trip C enjoy D enjoys its fashion shops C for D of 11 16 Nha Trang has an A exciting – growing atmosphere of young, B exciting – C excited – grown grow _ city D excited – growing 17 Do you have in Da Lat during your holiday? A time B good time C a good time D good a time 18 I have been to Nha Trang How about you? A one B two C two times D twice 19 Britain’s most common activities are watching TV and films and listening to the radio A free B leisure 20 Big ben is the most famous A tower B waterfall C good in England C city D popular D river If we waste paper, we will save a lot of trees A Repeat B Recycle C Rewrite D Remark You can save money while shopping by only buying you need A What B This C It D That What can we air pollution? A Reduce B To reduce C Reducing D To reducing Why you often forget to _ the lights when you go out of the classroom? A Turn on B Turn off C Close D Shut down If we plant more trees in the schoolyard, the school will become a place A Darker B Greener C Dirtier D More polluted Do you think we should put a bin in every classroom in order to keep it clean? A Reusable B Recycled C Recycling D Recyclable My brother and I will give last year’s clothes to instead of throwing them away A Shop B People C Charity D Survey Next week our class is having a discussion about finding to reuse old items before throwing them away ways A Interested B Surprising C Useless D Creative It is a good idea to our clothes with our friends or cousins A Change B Swap C Turn D Send 10 If people turn off all electric appliances in one hour all over the world, they can save lots of A Electric B Electrical C Electrician 12 D electricity 11 You should put the food in a reusable box plastic bags A By B Instead of C Because of D Without 12 If we use paper, we will save a lot of trees A Fewer B Less C More D Much 13 Don’t throw rubbish into the river because you will make it A Greener B Dirty C Cleaner D Fresher 14 If there is a rubbish bin in every class, the classroom will become A Harmful B Lighter C Dirtier D Cleaner 15 If we all use bags, we will help the environment A New B Cheap C Reusable D Reduced 16 This newspaper is made of paper A Recycle B Recycled C Old D Waste 17 Please collect all the recyclable materials, and take them to the factory A Recycle B Recycled C Recyclable D Recycling 18 Reduce, reuse, recycle is said to encourage people to waste less, by using less and using things again, in order to the environment 19 20 A Harm B Damage C Pollute D Protect These three Rs reduce, reuse and recycle A Stand up B Stand for C Ask for D Means If you have old clothes, will you give them to those ? A Needs B To need C For needing D In need Robots will be very useful for our lives but they use energy A Very B Too much C A little D Some My father always coffee at home instead of going to the coffee shop A Do B Does C Make D Makes Robots will be able to the personal computer in the future A Do B Replace C Recognize D Make Nowadays robots can’t talk to people or play sports, but in the future I think they A Can B Could C Will D Do Will robots be able our voices? A To recognize B Recognizing C recognized D Recognizes Robots can’t talk to people or recognize our voices, but scientists are working the solution A At B On C In 13 D With Many people think sending money on robots is a complete time and money A Cut B Number C Waste you walk when you were two? A Can B Could C Will These robots can many things for the streets of watching plants A Common B Best 10 Home robots can things or looking after the garden of D Amount D Do such as cleaning C Human D Public repairing things around the house A Such 11 12 13 14 15 16 B Like C With D Of you think about the new kinds of robots? A What B How C When D Why Our future robots will be able to to help us the gardening A Do B Make C Try D Plant Robots can our houses when we are away A See B Guard C Look at D Look In the future, robots will be able to more things for us A Harder B Easy C Complicated D Much difficult Do you think robots can work longer than people getting tired? A But B Of C With D Without They will be very useful because they will be able to everything for us A Most 17 I don’t agree English friend B Most of C Almost D Almost of you that robots will be able to write letter to an A Of B About C To D With 18 We must be careful because some people may use robots A Do good things C Do bad thing B To good things D To bad things 19 - “Robots are helping us a lot in industry, education, and in our house” -“ ” A I agree with you C I hope not B What about you? D Do you agree with that? 20 - “We waste a lot of money and time researching and making robots” -“ ” A I think not B I don’t think so C I agree with D I don’t hope so 14 IV Fill in each blank with the correct adjective from the box 8.shy 6.creative 1-boring 9.talkative 7.funny 3-confident 5.kind 4-clever 2-friendly 10.hard-working It is to sit on the plane with nothing to read She always has a smile with everyone The teacher wants the students to feel about asking questions when they don’t understand I’m not very at Math I often make mistakes in calculations Everyone is to me They often help me when I need She is very She writes poetry and paints It’s a really film; everyone laughs a lot Children are often of people they don’t know He’s a little bit He likes to talk a lot 10 He is often at school and he always gets good marks V Complete the passage with the words given in the box from often carpet path however peaceful water fresh flowers for My village is about 10 kilometers (1)from Da Lat It is a very beautiful and (2) peaceful place where people grow (3) flowers and vegetables only It is very famous (4) for its pretty roses and beautiful landscapes The air is quite fresh, (5) however, the smell of the roses makes people feel cool In spring, my village looks like a (6) carpet with plenty of colors Tourists come to visit it so (7) often Nowadays, with electricity, it doesn’t take the villagers much time to (8) water the roses And even at night, people can walk along the (9)path and enjoy the (10) Fresh smell of the flowers VI Complete the passage with the words given in the box moving familiar water seen clouds waves beach considered shady landscapes Mui Ne is located 24 kilometers north-east of the city of Phan Thiet It is a fishing village as well as a (1) familiar tourism area in Binh Thuan Province It is found on Highway No.106, and is famous for sweeping sand dunes and beautiful rows of palm trees The (2) beach is shallow and sloped The (3) water is clean and blue and the sun rarely hides behind (4) clouds Beside beaches and sand dunes, there are also beautiful (5) landscapes such as Suoi Tien, the 15 Ong Hoang Building and the Poshanu Cham Tower It has long been (6) considered the “Hawaii” of Viet Nam It has (7) shady roads under coconut trees, a beautiful beach and cliffs The typical scenery of this place lies in the (8) moving lines of golden sand and when they are (9) seen from distance, they look like moving (10) waves VII Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets I (not be) wasn’t very happy yesterday The people in the café (not be) weren’t friendly when I was there yesterday I (leave) left my school bag at school this morning It (be) was a great film in 2001 Our teacher (tell) told us to be quiet yesterday I went to the shop but I (not have) didn’t have any money Susan (not know) didn’t about the exam and she did very badly I (buy) bought a ticket for the football match yesterday I (have) have had this bike since I was a teenager and I still use it 10.The weather (be) has been quite good since Christmas 11 I (study) have studied very hard for this examination 12 He (play) has played for the football club for several years, but it’s time to leave it now 13 Mike and his brother (learn) have learnt English for three years 14 Mr Brown (play) has played chess since eight o’clock 15 It (not rain) hasn’t rained since last week 16 We (not see) haven’t seen our new teacher yet 17.My aunt (work) has worked in this hospital for eleven years 18.She (see) has seen the film before 19 Be careful The teacher (look) is looking at you 20.Our school performance (start) started late last Sunday because of the heavy rain 21 The boy (learn) has learnt for three years, but he can’t understand this letter 22.Would you like some coffee? I (just/ make) have just made some 23 (she/ feed) Has she fed the cat yet? 24.(your dog/ ever bite) Has you dog ever bitten anyone? 25.(you/ ever be) Have you ever been to Ha Noi? 26.We (do) will this for you if you want 27.If we (need) need some help, we will ask 28.If Peter stays with his grandparents, Susan (not be) won’t be happy 29.If we win the money, we (buy) will buy a new house 30.She (not write) won’t_ to you if she leaves 31 We (go) will go on holiday if there is time 16 ... it A wonderful B easy C exciting D boring The summer camp is for students between 10 and 15 A age B aged C aging D ages Mary has hair and big eyes A blonde, small B a black, blue C blonde, blue... local D wide What’s your TV programme? A best B good C favourite D like My family enjoys watching game shows they are very exciting and interesting A so B because C but D and you like the modern... (6) considered the “Hawaii” of Viet Nam It has (7) shady roads under coconut trees, a beautiful beach and cliffs The typical scenery of this place lies in the (8) moving lines of golden sand
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