Bài tập về các câu điều kiện rất hay. CÓ ĐÁP ÁN

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Bài tập câu điều kiện loại 1, 2, 3 được trích xuất từ sách A Practical English Grammar của các tác giải A. Martinet và A. Thomson với câu hỏi và đáp án rõ ràng, ngôn ngữ khúc chiết chuẩn mực. Là nguồn bài tập rất hữu ích cho việc tự học và sử dụng trong giảng dạy. MIXED TENSES AND VERB FORMS Conditional forms are used in requests Fill the gaps in the following dialogue with a suitable verb form Telephone conversation Ann: .I to Mr Wash, please? Wash: Wash Ann: Good morning, Mr Wash This is Ann Jones of 10 Cyprus Road you come and my windows one Saturday this month? Wash: I'm afraid I (negative) The next six Saturdays are ahead booked But I on Wednesday morning Ann: you very early on Wednesday? I leave at 8.15 on weekdays Wash: I to you by 8.30 that be early enough? Ann: No, it ! There be nobody to let you in I the flat at 8.15 Wash: Oh 8.15! I you 8.30! 10 Well, I suppose I to you by 8.00 as you're an old customer But I (negative) a habit of it 11 It means breakfast at and my wife (negative) that 12 She always to persuade me to give up window — as it She it's dangerous 13 Ann: What she you instead? 14 Wash: Her father has a shop and she me in it 15 She it be a nice steady job with regular hours, 16 And if I in a shop she where I was 17 Ann: And you really , of giving it up? 18 Wash: No, I the life At least, I it in summer 19 Besides, I bored working in a shop 20 Well, Wednesday at 8.00 you then, Miss Jones? 21 Ann: Yes, it be splendid It's very good of you … so early 22 I let you in and you can yourself out 23 You shut the door carefully after you, (negative interrogative) you? 24 Wash: Yes, of course I I always Goodbye, Miss Jones ANSWER could I speak speaking could you come and couldn't could come could you come could get, would wouldn't, would, leave thought you said 10could get, couldn't make 11 having, doesn't like 12 is always trying, cleaning, thinks/says 13 does she want/would she like you to 14 would like/wants me to work15 says/thinks it would be 16 worked, would know 17 are you really thinking 18 like, like 19 would get 20 would Wednesday suit 21 would, to come 22 will, let 23 will, won't 24 will,
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