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CLOTHING ( PRACTICE ) I / Use the correct form of the words in parenthese : Nguyen Du is one of the famous in Vietnam He wrote a lot of ( poetry ) He always wears a shirt ( stripe ) My father is a ( music ) He has composed many beautiful songs for children The Ao dai is the dress of Vietnamese woman ( tradition ) He is a of our company ( design ) I like my form teacher very much Her clothes look very modern and ( fashion ) It's too to call anyone at night ( convenient ) Lan Maryam to Hanoi last year and Maryam was very pleased to get this ( invite ) Some designers have the ao dai by printing lines on it ( modern ) II / Choose the correct form of the verbs : Monica Kovak is a tennis player She is / has been only 14 years old , but she already won / has already won many tournaments in her life She started / has started playing tennis with her father when she was three years old Two years ago she came / has come to the United States to a famous tennis school in California Monika and her father traveled / have traveled to many countries Last month they went / have gone to a tournament in Australia Monika played / has played well , but she didn't win / hasn't won She didn't play / hasn't played at Wimblendon yet , but she hopes to play there next year III / Fill in each gap with an approriate preposition : 1, My class consits thirty-five members 2, Traditionally, the ao dai was frequently worn men and women 3, Women usually wear the ao dai special occasions 4, They also like to wear ao dai work 5, Some designers take inspiration of fashion some ethnic minorities 6, Many people think it's necessary students to wear uniform 7, Are you proud your country and its traditions? 8, To modernize the ao dai , some designers have printed lines poetry it 9, Vietnamese women wear ao dai loose pants IV / Rewrite these sentences using the words given : 1, I last saw her three years ago  I haven't 2, They have learned English for ten years now  They started 3, She started to give up smoking last year  She 4, Tom and Mary have worked in that factory since 1990  Tom and Mary in 1990 5, I haven't written to you for a month  I last 6, I have lived in Hue since I was an eleven-year-old girl  I started 7, How long have you learnt English ?  How long ago ? 8, When did you start to listen to pop music ?  How long ? V / Change these sentences into passive voice : 1, The teacher will explain the lesson untill all the students understand it 2, He has done his homework for hours but he hasn't finished it yet 3, The brick-layers have built a new house in the village 4, My parents never make me work hard 5, One of my neighbors has stolen my bicycle 6, They are writing my address in a notebook when the bell rang 7, I saw Peter three days ago 8, The students must finish all the homework before going to class 9, Should children brush their teeth before bedtime ? VI / Change these sentences into active voice : 1, The room is cleaned by the maid every day 2, The robbers were arrested by the police yesterday 3, The documents will be sent as soon as possible 4, We are often shouted at work by our boss 5, Two department stores have been built here this year 6, The match has been cancelled because of the bad weather 7, A letter is being written by my sister now 8, We are often taken to the cinema by our father 9, He didn't his test well .. .9, He didn't his test well
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