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SỞ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO HẢI DƯƠNG TRƯỜNG THPT THANH HÀ ĐỀ KHẢO SÁT HỌC SINH GIỎI TỈNH LỚP 10 THPT NĂM HỌC 2017 - 2018 Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH 10 Thời gian làm bài: 180 phút (Đề thi có trang) Full name: ………………………………………………… Class:…………………………………… A LISTENING Hướng dẫn làm Nghe: Bài Nghe gồm có 04 phần, phần thí sinh nghe 02 l ần Mở đầu kết thúc phần nghe có tín hiệu nhạc Mọi hướng dẫn cho thí sinh (bằng tiếng Anh) có I Listen to five short conversations and choose the correct answer to each question Which part of the Arts Centre only opened recently? What does the shop assistant give the man? Where does the woman feel pain? Page | Where must the woman go to buy dollars? Which vegetable is used in all today’s recipes? II Listen to a man called Frank, talking on the radio about looking for ships that sank at sea long ago and choose the correct answer to each question The first old ship which Frank found was A covered by rocks B older than he first thought C easy to find Frank finds ships quickly because he A reads history books B is a professional diver C uses the latest equipment What does Frank say about the ship called The Seabird? A It was built in 1859 B It sank in a storm C It was badly made Frank says his wedding ring A was made from gold he found himself B is worth £88,000 C was found by a friend 10 Frank’s wife believes he should A stop diving B give things to museums C sell some of his collection 11 How did Frank learn to dive? A by joining a diving club B by going on a diving holiday C by teaching himself III Listen to a telephone message about a Business Studies course and fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN WORDS Page | Business Studies Course Course start date: (12) Course begins with: (13) What students musn’t bring to class: (14) Visitors’ car park: (15) Language classes available: (16) IV Listen to a conversation between a girl called Ella, and his father, about the school holidays and state whether the statements are true (T) or false (F) T F 17 Ella is happy to be alone during the holidays 18 Ella has a lot in common with her friends 19 Someone has asked Ella to look after a horse in the holidays 20 Ella’s father is keen for her to spend the holidays relaxing B- GRAMMAR – VOCABULARY – LANGUAGE FUNCTION I- Choose the best answer to fill in each gap 21 In the kitchen, there is ta table A beautiful large round wooden B wooden round large beautiful C round large wooden beautiful D large beautiful wooden round 22 America, as well as Japan, England, and Germany A is developing countries B is a developed country C are developing countries D are developed countries 23 Since they aren’t answering the phone, they A can’t have left B should have left C must have left D need have left 24 Tom: Is the lify still working? Peter: No, it’s Let’s use the stairs A out of order B impossible C in danger D out of work 25 The human brain only two percent of an adult’s body weight A makes up B which makes up C makes it up D it makes up 26 The temparature takes place varies widely from material to material A which melting B which they melt C at which melting D at which they melt 27 – John: “Oh, I forgot my girlfriend’s birthday last week.” – Anne: “ ” A Not on your life B So I guess you are in the doghouse again C Sure, knock on wood D You really shoule get a life Page | 28 – Porter: “I didn’t too well on my final exams” – Mary: “ ” A That’s a shame! B Don’t mention it! C What a drag! D That will be the day! II- Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting 29 Pasteurization is the process of heating milk to destroy disease-caused organisms and A B C bacteria D 30 Astronomers not have sufficient information to determine what the solar system was A B C D created 31 The authorities must have taken actions to stop illegal purchase of wild animals and A B their associated products effectively However, they didn’t so C D III- Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions 32 Man: “I heard you have a part in the school play tonight.” Woman: “Yes, and I’m on pins and needles.” A happy B anry C nervous D confused 33 Elephant will become extinct if man continues killing them A die out B die down C die of D die away Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions 34 Because she usually behaves in a very weird way, people think that she’s rather strange A usual B average C conventional D standard 35 I’m really feeling under the weather today; I have a teerible cold A diseased B indisposed C ailing D well IV- Give the correct form of the words in brackets (5.0 points): 36 They used to be _ enemies, but now they have managed to bury the hatchet for the sake of mutual benefits (RECONCILE) 37 List the problems facing poor and _ countries (POPULATE) 38 It is for beginning students to make mistakes in English (AVOID) 39 Their plan seemed to be _ possible (THEORY) 40 He won the discus event at the Olympic Games but was later when (QUALIFY) a medical check prove that he has been taking drugs C READING I Study the following pieces of information and choose the option that is SIMILAR in meaning to the given one 41 Special one-day drama class this A The six-week course is cheaper if you also Page | Saturday Price - £50 per person Anyone who attends will be able to book our new six-week course at a discount the one- day class B The one-day class is free for those who book the six-week course C You must pay for the six-week course before you the one-day class 42 PARKING FORM Complete and place in lower-left hand corner of windscreen Car registration…………………………………… Date………………………………………………… A Register your car here by filling in this form B Put this form in your car windscreen after filling in C Place the completed form at the top of your car windscreen 43 NOTICE BOAT TRIP TO WOODLEY PLACE Due to high water levels, this trip will now take place by coach at no extra cost The pick-up time from the hotel remains unchanged 44 Mum, Could you pick up my skirt from the dry cleaner’s when you collect your jacket? I’ll pay you back this evening Thanks Sonja What has changed about the trip to Woodley Place? A the transport B the price C the departure time What will Sonja’s mother do? A receive money for the dry cleaning from Sonja tonight B fetch Sonja’s jacket from the dry cleaner’s for her C deliver her own clothes to the dry cleaner’s 45 Allow at least two hours for your visit to the castle A Each tour of the castle lasts less than two hours B Two hours is the minimum time recommended for a visit to the castle C Visitors are only allowed to spend two hours inside the castle 46 WATCH REPAIRS Warning to Customers All uncollected items will be sold after twelve months A This shop will sell customers’ watches within twelve months B This shop will keep customers’ watches for up to twelve months C This shop will look after customers’ watches for more than twelve months Page | 47 Philippe, Couldn’t wait any longer, didn’t want to miss the start of the match! Problem at work? Here’s your ticket – see you at the stadium Stefano 48 PARENTS: Complete and return your child’s form for next month’s school trip by Friday 49 From: Gabi To: Jo I’ll be in town on business on Wednesday, so could we meet for dinner then, instead of on Thursday as usual? 50 Lift service starts at ground floor today For basement please use the stairs A Philippe and Stefano missed each other at the stadium B Stefano had to leave without Philippe to get to work C Stefano has given up waiting for Philippe to arrive A Parents must return forms this week if their child is going on Friday’s trip B Parents cannot go on next month’s trip unless they return their forms by Friday C The last day for returning completed forms for the trip is Friday Gabi wants Jo to A change an arrangement B cancel a regular event C come to a business meeting A It is not possible to use the lift above the ground floor today B The lift will not be going to the basement today C The stairs between the basement and the ground floor are closed today II Read the passage below and decide which option A, B, C or D best fits each space (10 points): Keeping fit and staying healthy have, not surprisingly, become a growth industry Quite apart from the amount of money spent each year on doctors’ (51) _and approved medical treatment, huge sums are now spent on health foods and remedies of various kinds, from vitamin pills to mineral water, (52) _ health clubs and keep- fit books and videos We are more concerned than ever, it seems, (53) _the water we drink and the air we breathe, and are smoking less, though not yet drinking less alcohol This does not appear to mean that coughs and sneezes have been banished, or that we can all expect to live to a hundred To give a personal example, one of my friends, who is a keep- fit (54) _, a non- smoker and teetotaler, and who is very (55) _about what he eats, is at present languishing in bed with a wrist in plaster and a badly sprained ankle Part of his healthy (56) is to play squash every day after work, and that (57) _ for the ankle He also cycles everywhere, and if you have ever tried to cycle through the rush-hour traffic with a sprained ankle, you will understand (58) _ he acquired the broken wrist For (59) , it Page | seems, is not just a matter of a good (14) and plenty of exercise Too much exercise can be harmful, as many joggers have discovered Eating the right food can easily become an obsession, as can overworking, which you might have to so as to be able to afford your (60) _ of the squash club, your mountain bike, your health food, and a few holidays in peaceful and healthy places 51 A prescriptions B surgeries C hospitals D payments 52 A beside B not to mention C saying D example 53 A than B about C for D hence 54 A fanatic B follower C fad D person 55 A interested B varied C detailed D particular 56 A living B lifetime C lifestyle D liveliness 57 A is B caters C depends D accounts 58 A how B that C whenever D thus 59 A fit B this C health D all 60 A share B visit C membership D subscription III Read the following passage and choose the best answer to each question The countryside of Britain is well known for its beauty and many contrasts: it bare mountains and moorland, its lakes, rivers and woods, and its long, often wild coastline Many of the most beautiful areas are national parks and are protected from development When Britain people think of the countryside they think of farmland, as well as open spaces They imagined cows or sheep in greenfield enclosed by hedges or stone walls and field of wheat and barley Most farmland is privately owned but is crossed by a network of public footpaths Many people associate the countryside with peace and relaxation They spend their free time walking or cycling there, or go to the country for a picnic or a pub lunch In summer people go to fruit farms and pick strawberries and other fruit Only a few people who live in the country work on farms Many commute to work in towns Many others dream of living in the country, where they believe they would have a better and healthier lifestyle The countryside faces many threats Some are associated with modern farming practices, and the use of chemical harmful to plants and wildlife Land is also needed for new houses The green belt, an area of land around many cities, is under increasing pressure Plans to build new roads are strongly opposed by organizations trying to protect the countryside Protesters set up camps to prevent, or at least delay the building work America has many areas of wild and beautiful scenery, and there are many areas, especially in the West in States like Montana and Wyoming, where few people living In the New England states, such as Vermont and New Hampshire, it is common to see small farm surrounded by hills and green areas In Ohio, Indianan, Illinoisan and other Midwestern states, field of corns or wheat reach to the horizon and there are many miles between towns Only about 20% of Americans live outside cities and towns Life may be difficult for people who live in the country Services like hospitals and schools may be further away and going shopping can mean driving long distances Some people even have to drive from their homes to the main road where their mail is left in a box In spite of the disadvantages, many people who live in the country say that they like the safe, clean, attractive environment But their children often move to a town or city as soon as they can As in Britain, Americans like to go out to the country at weekends Some people go on camping or fishing trips, others go hiking in national parks Page | 61 We can see from the passage that in the countryside of Britian A it is difficult to travel from one farm to another B only a few farms are publicly owned C none of the areas faces the sea D most beautiful areas are not well preserved 62 The word “enclosed” in paragraph is closest in meaning to A embraced B rotated C blocked D surrounded 63 Which is NOT mentioned as an activity of relaxation in the countryside of Britain? A Going for a walk B Riding a bicycle C Going swimming D Picking fruit 64 What does the word “they” in paragraph refer to? A Those who dream of living in the country B Those who commute to work in town C Those who go to fruit farms in summer D Those who go to the country for a picnic 65 Which of the following threatens the countryside in Britain? A Protests against the buiding work B Modern farming practices C The green belt around cities D Plants and wildlife 66 The phrase “associated with” in paragraph is closest in meaning to A related to B referred to C supported by D seperated from 67 According to the passage, al of the following are true EXCEPT A the green belt is under pressure because of the need for land B the use of chemicals harms the environment of the countriside C camps are set up by protesters to stop the construction work D all organizations strongly oppose plans for road construction 68 The phrase “reach to the horizon” in paragraph is closest in meaning to A are endless B are horizontal C are varied D are limited 69 According to the passage, some Americans choose to live in the country because A life there may be easier for them B they enjoy the safe, clean, attactive environment there C their children enjoy country life D hospitals, schools and shops are conveniently located there 70 Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage? A Towns in some Midwestern states in the US are seperated by long distances B The majority of American people live in cities and towns C Both British and American people are thinking of moving to the countryside D Many British people think of the country as a place of peace and relaxation D WRITING (30 points) I Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before (5.0 points) 71 A builder is going to replace the gutters on our house -> We 72 The plane had only just landed when the storm broke -> No sooner 73 Experts say that the fall in the birth rate between 1964 and 1977 caused the drop in the number of school leavers -> The drop 74 Macbeth is the play that I enjoy the most Page | -> There 75 He was very gifted, but he never became a concert pianist -> Despite Part 2: This is part of a letter you receive from Mary, an English friend  Now write a letter, answering your penfriend’s questions  Write your letter on your answer sheet Part 3: Write an essay (180-220 words) about the following topic: Students at schools and universitis learn far more from lessons with teachers than from other sources ( such as the Internet, television) To what extent you agree or disagree? - THE END- Page | KEYS 5A 6C B 2C 3C 4A 8B 9A 10C 11A th 1212 (of) June 13 video/ film 14 (mobile) phone 15 Entrance 17 T 18 F 19 F 20F 21A 22B 23C 24A 25A 26C 27B 29C: DISEASE-CAUSING 30C: how 32C 33A 34C 35D 7C 16 Italian 28A 31A: may have taken 36 irreconcilable 37 overpopulated 38 unavoidable 39 theoretically 40 disqualified 41A 42B 43A 44B 45B 46B 47C 48C 49A 50B 51A 52B 53B 54A 55D 56C 57D 58A 59C 60C 61B 62D 63C 64A 65B 66A 67D 68A 69B 70C 71 We are going to have gutters replaced on our house 72 No sooner had the plane landed when the storm broke 73 The drop in the nember of school leavers is said to have been caused by the fall in the birth rate between 1964 and 1977 74 There is no play (that) I enjoy more than/ as much as Macbeth 75 Despite his being gifted, he never became a concert pianist Page | 10 ... 5A 6C B 2C 3C 4A 8B 9A 10C 11A th 1212 (of) June 13 video/ film 14 (mobile) phone 15 Entrance 17 T 18 F 19 F 20F 21A 22B 23C 24A 25A 26C 27B 29C: DISEASE-CAUSING 30 C: how 32 C 33 A 34 C 35 D 7C 16... 35 D 7C 16 Italian 28A 31 A: may have taken 36 irreconcilable 37 overpopulated 38 unavoidable 39 theoretically 40 disqualified 41A 42B 43A 44B 45B 46B 47C 48C 49A 50B 51A 52B 53B 54A 55D 56C 57D 58A... the following questions 32 Man: “I heard you have a part in the school play tonight.” Woman: “Yes, and I’m on pins and needles.” A happy B anry C nervous D confused 33 Elephant will become extinct
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