Handbook of computational group theory

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... Presentations of groups 2.4.1 Free groups 2.4.2 Group presentations 2.4.3 Presentations of group extensions 2.4.4 Tietze transformations 2.5 Presentations of subgroups 2.5.1 Subgroup presentations... Quotients of Finitely Presented Groups 9.1 Finite quotients and automorphism groups of finite groups 9.1.1 Description of the algorithm 9.1.2 Performance issues 9.1.3 Automorphism groups of finite groups... elementary abelian p -group In general, if A, B are subsets of a group G, then we define 2.1.2 Subgroups DEFINITION 2.3 A subset H of a group G is called a subgroup of G if it forms a group under the
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Xem thêm: Handbook of computational group theory , Handbook of computational group theory , 7 Representation theory, modules, extensions, derivations, and complements, 7 Sylow subgroups, p-cores, and the solvable radical, 8 Intersections, centralizers, and normalizers, 5 Application - enumerating finite unlabelled structures, 6 The “ATLAS of Finite Groups”

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