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... Chapter16 CollectionInterfacesandTypes Section16.1 TheCollectionInterfaces Section16.2 ArrayLists Section16.3 Queues Section16.4 Stacks Section16.5 CopyingfromaCollectionTypetoanArray... The C# languagecanbeusedtodevelopthreetypesofapplicationsyou canrunonyourWindowscomputer: Consoleapplications,whichdisplaynographics Windowsapplications,whichusethestandardWindowsinterface Webapplications,whichcanbeaccessedwithabrowser... Arraysareoneofthecollectiontypesrecognizedby C# Chapter16,describessomeoftheother C# collections,includingstacks andqueues Chapter17,discussesthemanipulationofstringsofcharacters,the C# stringclass,andregularexpressionsyntax
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