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... Object-oriented programing with C++ Chapter Programming With C++ Functions C++ Functions as Modularization Tools Argument Promotions and Conversions Parameter Passing in C++ Inline Functions Parameters... Syntax of C++ Exceptions Exceptions with Class Objects Type Cast Operators Summary Chapter 19 What We Have Learned C++ as a Traditional Programming Language C++ as a Modular Language C++ as an... file://///Administrator/General%20English%20Learning/it2002-7-6 /core. htm you can learn to write simple C programs (and, hence, C++ programs) very quickly But things are different for complex programs If the programmer does not know C++ well, a complex C++
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Xem thêm: C++ core 2000 , C++ core 2000 , Chapter 1. Object-oriented approach: What's So Good About It?, Chapter 2. Getting Started Quickly: A Brief Overview of C++, Chapter 3. Working with C++ Data and Expressions, Chapter 5. Aggregation with Programmer-Defined Data Types, Chapter 6. Memory Management: the Stack and the Heap, Chapter 7. Programming With C++ Functions, Chapter 8. Object-Oriented Programming with Functions, Chapter 9. C++ Class as a Unit of Modularization, Chapter 10. Operator Functions: Another Good idea, Chapter 11. Constructors and Destructors: Potential Trouble, Chapter 12. Composite Classes: Pitfalls and Advantages, Chapter 13. Similar Classes: How to Treat Them, Chapter 14. Choosing between Inheritance and Composition, Chapter 15. Virtual Functions and other Advanced Uses of Inheritance, Chapter 16. Advanced Uses of Operator Overloading, Chapter 17. Templates: Yet Another Design Tool, Chapter 19. What We Have Learned

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