The art of assembly language 2003

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... moderndevelopmenttoolsand The Art of Assembly Language Afteradecade of rigorousend-usertesting of the onlineversion, The Art of Assembly Language isan indispensablereferenceforusing assembly towrite... disable[4],sign,zero,auxiliarycarry,parity,andcarryflags Figure1-6 shows the layout of the flagswithin the lower16bits of the EFLAGS register Figure1-6:Layout of the FlagsRegister(Lower16Bits of EFLAGS) Of the eightflagsthatareusablebyapplicationprogrammers,fourflags... Language andco-author of The WaiteGroup’sMASM 6.0Bible The Art of Assembly Language RandallHyde NOSTARCHPRESS SanFrancisco Copyright© 2003 RandallHyde Allrightsreserved Nopart of thisworkmaybereproducedortransmitted
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