Agile java development with spring hibernate and eclipse 200

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... ThePast:HowWeHaveBeenKiddingOurselves TheFuture: Agile Methods MyPerspective JointheCommunity? Index Copyright Agile Java Development with Spring, Hibernate and Eclipse Copyright© 2006 bySamsPublishing Allrightsreserved... Ihaveenjoyedworking with Spring and Hibernate, mainly becausetheyallowmetowork with plain-old Java objects (POJOs) and avoidsomeofthehasslesofworking with EJBs Also,working with the Eclipse IDEhasbeenaniceexperience... PageLayoutNonieRatcliff Agile Java Development with Spring, Hibernate, and Eclipse isawell-writtenguidethatcoversnumerous significanttechnologies,weavingthemtogetherusing practical and provenmethodsthatwillsurelyprovide
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Xem thêm: Agile java development with spring hibernate and eclipse 200 , Agile java development with spring hibernate and eclipse 200 , Chapter 1. Introduction to Agile Java Development, Chapter 2. The Sample Application: An Online Timesheet System, Chapter 3. XP and AMDD-Based Architecture and Design Modeling, Chapter 4. Environment Setup: JDK, Ant, and JUnit, Chapter 5. Using Hibernate for Persistent Objects, Chapter 6. Overview of the Spring Framework, Chapter 7. The Spring Web MVC Framework, Chapter 9. Logging, Debugging, Monitoring, and Profiling, Appendix A. Downloadable Code for This Book, Appendix B. Refactoring Done to Sample Application, enterhours.jsp: Swith to Include File and Timex Tag Library, timexhsqldb.xml: Bad Data Defect Fix, Appendix E. Sample Development Process Cheat Sheet, Appendix G. Extreme Programming (XP) Cheat Sheet

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