Killer game programming in java (2005)

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... Why Java forGames Programming? Java IsTooSlowforGames Programming Java HasMemoryLeaks Java IsTooHigh-level Java ApplicationInstallationIsaNightmare Java Isn'tSupportedonGamesConsoles... TheA*-BasedAlienSprite StoringTileDetails FurtherReading Chapter14 Introducing Java 3D Java 3D Java 3DStrengths Criticismsof Java 3DforGames Programming Alternativesto Java 3D Chapter15... ThePeer-to-PeerModel Client/Server Programming in Java P2P Programming in Java Firewalls OtherKindsof Java Networking Chapter30 NetworkChat ThreadedTCPClientsandServer UDPMulticastingClientsandaNameServer
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Xem thêm: Killer game programming in java (2005) , Killer game programming in java (2005) , Chapter 1.  Why Java for Games Programming?, Chapter 2.  An Animation Framework, Chapter 3.  Worms in Windows and Applets, Chapter 5.  An Introduction to Java Imaging, Chapter 6.  Image Loading, Visual Effects, and Animation, Chapter 7.  Introducing Java Sound, Chapter 8.  Loading and Playing Sounds, Chapter 13.  An Isometric Tile Game, Chapter 14.  Introducing Java 3D, Chapter 15.  A 3D Checkerboard: Checkers3D, Chapter 16.  Loading and Manipulating External Models, Chapter 17.  Using a Lathe to Make Shapes, Chapter 19.  Animated 3D Sprites, Chapter 20.  An Articulated, Moveable Figure, Chapter 23.  Shooting a Gun, Chapter 24.  A First-Person Shooter, Chapter 25.  A 3D Maze, Chapter 27.  Terrain Generation with Terragen, Chapter 28.  Trees That Grow, Chapter 31.  A Networked Two-Person Game, Chapter 32.  A Networked Virtual Environment, Appendix A.  Installation Using install4j, Appendix B.  Installation Using Java Web Start

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