2006 AW hitchhikers guide to visual studio and SQL serv

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... ReinstallingtheDACW and OtherMissingFunctionalityin Visual Studio AppendixIII Monitoring SQL Server Monitoring SQL Serverwiththe SQL Profiler Monitoring SQL Server and ADO.NETwithPerformanceCounters Summary AppendixIV Creating and ManagingServer-SideCursors... previousasIexpandedmyunderstandingof Visual Basic and SQL Server and astheseproductsevolved and matured Each editionfocusedonthelatest Visual Basic and SQL Server interfaces and features, and eachbecamethedefinitivesource... The7thEdition'sScope TheHitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server,7th Edition,isintended to provideabroadtreatmentof Visual Studio and SQL Server,howtheyinteract, and howdevelopers canbuildprofessionalapplicationsusingthesetoolsand
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Xem thêm: 2006 AW hitchhikers guide to visual studio and SQL serv , 2006 AW hitchhikers guide to visual studio and SQL serv , Chapter 2. How Does SQL Server Work?, Chapter 4. Getting Started with Visual Studio, Chapter 5. Managing Executables with the Server Explorer, Chapter 6. Building Data Sources, DataSets, and TableAdapters, Chapter 7. Managing Data Tools and Data Binding, Chapter 13. Managing SQL Server CLR Executables, Chapter 14. Creating and Managing Reports, Chapter 15. Summary and Wintry: Where We Are Now, Appendix I. Installing the Examples and Test Databases, Appendix II. Reinstalling the DACW and Other Missing Functionality in Visual Studio, Appendix IV. Creating and Managing Server-Side Cursors

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