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... providing pleasant surroundings in which to spend many hours scribbling on paper My wife Karen provided considerable support and understanding in what turned out to be a much longer endeavor than... running on a given host 1.2.2 Solution Use the GRANT statement to set up the MySQL user account Then use that account's name and password to make connections to the server 1.2.3 Discussion Connecting... Protecting Option Files Section 1.7 Mixing Command-Line and Option File Parameters Section 1.8 What to Do if mysql Cannot Be Found Section 1.9 Setting Environment Variables Section 1.10 Issuing Queries
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Xem thêm: MySQL cookbooki n , MySQL cookbooki n , Chapter 1. Using the mysql Client Program, 2 Connecting to the MySQL Server, Selecting a Database, and Disconnecting, Chapter 5. Working with Dates and Times, 33 Recording a Row's Last Modification Time, 4 Summarizing with SUM( ) and AVG( ), 7 Controlling String Case Sensitivity for MIN( ) and MAX( ), 2 Dropping, Adding, or Repositioning a Column, Chapter 9. Obtaining and Using Metadata, Chapter 10. Importing and Exporting Data, 10 Don't Assume LOAD DATA Knows More than It Does, Chapter 11. Generating and Using Sequences, Chapter 16. Introduction to MySQL on the Web, Chapter 17. Incorporating Query Results into Web Pages, Chapter 18. Processing Web Input with MySQL, 12 Generating "Click to Sort" Table Headings, Chapter 19. Using MySQL-Based Web Session Management, Appendix B. JSP and Tomcat Primer

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