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... the Handbook of Linear Algebra an invaluable resource The Handbook is the first resource that presents complete coverage of linear algebra, combinatorial linear algebra, and numerical linear algebra, ... applications to a variety of fields and information on software packages for linear algebra in an easy to use handbook format Content The Handbook covers the major topics of linear algebra at both the... undergraduate level as well as its offshoots (numerical linear algebra and combinatorial linear algebra) , its applications, and software packages for linear algebra computations The Handbook takes the reader
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Xem thêm: handbook of linear algebra , handbook of linear algebra , Chapter 1. Vectors, Matrices, and Systems of Linear Equations, Chapter 2. Linear Independence, Span, and Bases, Chapter 5. Inner Product Spaces, Orthogonal Projection, Least Squares, and Singular Value Decomposition, Chapter 7. Unitary Similarity, Normal Matrices, and Spectral Theory, Chapter 8. Hermitian and Positive Definite Matrices, Chapter 9. Nonnegative Matrices and Stochastic Matrices, Chapter 12. Quadratic, Bilinear, and Sesquilinear Forms, Chapter 14. Matrix Equalities and Inequalities, Chapter 17. Singular Values and Singular Value Inequalities, Chapter 19. Matrix Stability and Inertia, Chapter 21. Totally Positive and Totally Nonnegative Matrices, Chapter 23. Matrices over Integral Domains, Chapter 24. Similarity of Families of Matrices, Chapter 26. Matrices Leaving a Cone Invariant, Part II. Combinatorial Matrix Theory and Graphs, Chapter 30. Bipartite Graphs and Matrices, Chapter 34. Multiplicity Lists for the Eigenvalues of Symmetric Matrices with a Given Graph, Chapter 37. Vector and Matrix Norms, Error Analysis, Efficiency, and Stability, Chapter 38. Matrix Factorizations and Direct Solution of Linear Systems, Chapter 39. Least Squares Solution of Linear Systems, Chapter 41. Iterative Solution Methods for Linear Systems, Chapter 42. Symmetric Matrix Eigenvalue Techniques, Chapter 43. Unsymmetric Matrix Eigenvalue Techniques, Chapter 44. The Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi Methods, Chapter 45. Computation of the Singular Value Decomposition, Chapter 46. Computing Eigenvalues and Singular Values to High Relative Accuracy, Chapter 52. Random Vectors and Linear Statistical Models, Chapter 55. Differential Equations and Stability, Chapter 56. Dynamical Systems and Linear Algebra, Chapter 59. Linear Algebra and Mathematical Physics, Chapter 60. Linear Algebra in Biomolecular Modeling, Chapter 63. Information Retrieval and Web Search, Chapter 66. Some Applications of Matrices and Graphs in Euclidean Geometry, Chapter 72. Linear Algebra in Maple, Chapter 76. Use of ARPACK and EIGS, Chapter 77. Summary of Software for Linear Algebra Freely Available on the Web

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