Singapore math gr 3 workbook 3b part 2

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PRINNARY NNATHENNATIES 3B WCRKBCCK Port Two Nome Closs School cu**,arruM PLANNTNG a DrveLopireNr DrvrsroN C/ qfD MrNrsrRy oF EDUcATToN, Srrcapone PROMARV MATHEMATOGB 3B WCRKBCCK Port Two Primary Mathematics Proiect Team Project Director Dr Kho Tek Hong Team Members Chee Kum Hoong, Heclor Chip Wai Lung Llang Hin Hoon Lim Eng Tann Lim HuiCheng, Rosalind Ng Hwee Wan Ng Siew Lee Curriculum Specialists Cheong Ngan Peng, Chdstina Ho Juan Beng Cunnrcurur,,r PLANNTNG & DEvELopMENT DrvrsroN C/ qID MrNrsrRy oF EDucafloN STNGApoRE [!f tuarshatt cavendlstr o o 1982,1991currlculum Deveopmenl nstilute ols ngaPore 1997,1999 cutrculum Planfinq a Developmenl Division Min nfy ol Educat on,5 ngapore Publithed by Ma19hall cavendiih Edu(aiion a nenbet al tunet Publishing Linited Times cente,l New hdustrialRoad, SifqaPore 536196 cunomer servke Holline: (6s) 6213 9106 E mail: fps@sq marshai web5ite: www.marshalkavend 5h.(omledu(alioi/sq ftnd tuition 1999 Rep.inred 2000 (twice), 2001 A rshis res€rved No (lwi.e), 2003 (twce), 2004, 200s, 2007 pa ollhis pub i.auon maY be reprodu.ed, slored n lled, n any fom or by any meafs, e €don c, photo.opyinq, re.ording or olhetuis€, withoul lhe prlor medrankal, permi!slon of the copyr !ht owne a relrielalsynem or tian5m lsBN 973 93t 01 5657 llunmt€d by: Ren Jianhui Printed in nqapore by c.0.s Prinlers Pte tld ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The project team would like to record lheir thanks 10 the following: members of the Primary l,4athematics Team who developed ihe lirst edilion and second edilion oi the package members oi the Steering Committee for the second edition oi the package leachers who tested the materials in the package and provided useful insights and suggestions Educational Technology Division, fbr componenls ot the package lhe design and production of the audio-visual all those who have helped In one way or another in the development and production of the package CONTENTS QO Frdctions Exercise 26 Exercise 27 Exercise 28 Exercise 29 Exercise 30 Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise 11 t5 31 15 17 19 32 33 34 35 21 23 Revision Revision 24 28 Oo cP oo oooo o oD goo QD1-1D(-D Time Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise 36 37 38 39 40 33 35 37 39 41 41 42 43 44 43 31 r+o 48 50 Revision goO Oo OoOo O Oo 6o0 Geometry Exercise 45 Exercise 46 OOCPOO oooo Areo ond Perimeter Exercise 47 Exercise 48 Exercise 49 OoooOo 52 53 oD oo ryo C)DODC)D 56 58 60 Exercise 50 Exercise 51 Exercise 52 61 Revision 68 Revision 70 64 66 EXERCISE 26 Whot froction of eoch circle is shoded? Motch the circles to the correct onswers I ffi Whot froction of ecch fiqure is shoded? (o) (b) (c) (d) Colour eoch figure to show the given froction (o) (b) Z (d) (c) s '10 \l\ \ \l\ EXERCISE 27 The bor is divided into equol ports ports ore shoded (o) (b) J of the bor is shoded out of i 'r whole = equol ports uorters quorters /l (c) q the ? ; OhO The bqr is divided mOKe lWnole into equol ports 4po rts ore shoded (o) ! of the bor is shcded ! is 6 (b) A (c) I6 out of whole = - the sixths sixths ond-mokelwhole equol ports The bor is divided into 10 equol ports ports ore'shoded (o) fr ofthe bor is shoded (DJ out of the I Wnore = 3_ nths tenths 10 (c) te equol ports qnd 1O moke whole Write the missing froctions (o) l ond moke l whole (b) !ond- moke l whole Join eoch poir of froctions thot odd up to 00@@@ AAAArlA \t \q \t \t \' !t EXERCISE 28 Complete the following (o) l+1 33 third (b) 1,1,1_ 444 quorters (c) 111 555 TITTNS (d) 1,1,1,1_ 6666 sixths (e) 1,1,1,1_ 88888 eig hths (f) l,',l 99999 ninths ,1,1_ Write the oreq of eoch figure Then drow onother fioure of the some oreo 1cm r J 59 EXERCISE 49 Whot is the oreo of eoch of the following figures? (b) (o) 1cm 't 1cm "'Jffi ffiffi Areo = a"'J Areo = (.) (d) 1m ''lffi J.rffi '".Jmm Areo = Areo = (f) lm ''1 Areo = Areo = 60 EXERCISE 50 Meosure the perimeter of eoch of the following figures (o) (b) Perimeter = Perimeter = Perimeter = Perimeter = Perimeter = Perimeter = The following figures ore mode up of 1-cm squores (o) Find the oreo ond the perimeter of eoch figure ffi B c D E F cm2 cm2 cm2 cm2 cm2 cm2 cm cm cm cm cm cm Figure Areo Perimeter (b) Figure ond Figure hove the some greo but different perimeters ond Figure perimeter but different oreos (c) Figure (d) Figure ond Figure ond perimeter 62 hove the some hove the some oreo Find the perimeter of eoch of the following figures: (o) 6cm 5cm 6cm 2cm 9cm Perimeter = (b) '10 cm 4cm 4cm Perimeter = Perimeter = Perimeter = EXERCISE 51 Write down the length ond breodth of eoch rectongle Then multiply the length ond breodth to find the oreo of the rectqnole 1cm Rectongle Length Breodth A 4cm r.m B a D E Areo I cmr Find the oreo of eoch rectongle by multiplying its length ond breodth Rectongle A Length Breodth -:, ai;l B D E 65 r Areo ,.1 EXERCISE 52 Find the oreo of eoch rectongle (o) 2cmto'WW,." 8cm Rectongle Areo B I L Ct1l' D E F ffi ztm 2m 2m 5m ffi (o) 4m Complete the following toble Rectongle Areo Perimeter B L D E (b) (d) Rectongle Rectongle Rectongle hos the smollest oreo hos the longest perimeter ond Rectongle hove the some oreo t'o\ Partnnal- some perimeter ^ _ -,,- Kecrongte dhl 67 nove tne REVISION Complete the number potterns (o) 8,16,24, (b) eo,81,72, 56 1ss, (d) 2s34,2334,2134, (c) 115, 135 _, - 36 235 _, 1334 The bcr groph shows the number of different types of flowers sold by o florist on o Sundoy Roses Lilies Do isies O rch ids Cornotions 30 40 50 Number of stolks Study the groph cnd fill in the blonks stolks of cornotions (o) The florist sold (b) The number of stolks of roses sold wos thon the number of stolks of doisies sold (c) He sold stolks of flowers oltogether 6B - more Fill in the blonks (o) Meihuo storted pointing o picture ot 2.15 p.m She completed the picture ot 6.05 p.m She took (b) to point the picture is 45 minutes before 12.20 p.m - - Find the oreo ond the perimeter of eoch figure (o) h (b) 1cm 1m Areo = Areo = Perimeter = Perimeter = Find the perimeter of eoch figure (b) (o) 4m 12m Perimeter = Perimeter = 69 REVISION Whot does the digit stcnd for in eoch number? (o) s443 (b) 1652 t_l |r-l ] Write the missing numerotors ond denominotors 2= (o) ' ' 6=3 rb) ' ', 10 10 (c) 12 Write eoch froction in its srmptest Torm (o) ',109= (b) , 12 6_ 12 Write the froctions in order, beginning with the smollest r^r523 ooo ,,, "939 tal 331 '.-' 8' 4' Fill in the blonks (o) lf A stc nds for people, AAAAAAstondfor (b) lf n n n n stond for 40 books, books eoch n stonds for /o people Fill in the blonks The rectongle cnd the squore have the some perimeter Find their oreos 3m 5m (o) The oreo of the recro ng re ts (b) The oreo of the squore is
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