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MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING HO CHI MINH NATIONAL CADEMY OF POLITICS ADMINISTRATION ACADEMY OF JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATION HOANG THANH SON ISSUE OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT IN VINH PHUC PROVINCE CURRENTLY Major: Philosophy Code: 9229001 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY THESIS SUMMARY HA NOI - 2019 THESIS ARE COMPLETED AT ACADEMY OF JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATION Science Instructors 1: Prof Dr Ho Si Quy 2: Assoc Prof Dr Le Thi Thuy Reviewer 1: Reviewer 2: Reviewer 3: The dissertation will be defended before the thesis Board marks grassroots level Meeting at Academy of Journalism and Communication Hour … day… month… year 2019 The dissertation can be found at the library: National Library, Hanoi Academy of Journalism and Communication LIST OF PUBLISHED WORKS RELATED TO THESIS TOPIC Son Hoang Thanh (2017), "Outstanding Achievements in Expanding the Educational Environment and Capacity Building for People in Vinh Phuc Province", Journal of Education and Society, Special Issue 12/2017 Son Hoang Thanh (2018), "Health Development for Sustainable Human Development in Vinh Phuc Province", Journal of Public Administration, No 265 (2/2018) Son Hoang Thanh (2018), “Implementing the human rights of the State of Vietnam in the context of international integration”, Journal of Education and Society, Special Issue 12/2018 PREAMBLE The urgency of the topic People in all ages are always a central issue in the research of many philosophers as well as scholars of humanities and social sciences, and it is also a topic of particular interest of many international organizations and national governments In the context of globalization, before the rapid development of the 4th technological revolution, human factors are increasingly holding a decisive position for all growth human development (HD) is therefore of particular concern to most countries in their development strategies and policies In fact, the issue of HD in the current period is faced with many urgent global phenomena such as poverty, malnutrition due to lack of food, serious disease epidemic and affection Weaknesses in public health care, environmental pollution and the risk of resource depletion, education in many countries are inadequate and include crisis, corruption and moral and cultural degradation, etc The governments of many countries and international organizations are working day by day to find ways to create a healthier world community so that everyone has a stable job and income, to live in Peaceful, safe and equal environment, health care, learning and education reachable guarantee of the spiritual life In Vietnam, the issue of HD very early has been placed by President Ho Chi Minh and our Party in the important position of the revolution to liberate the nation and build socialism Especially, over the past 30 years, by changing the economic management mechanism, implementing the policy of opening the integration with the region and the world, promoting the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country for the goal of the rich people, strong country, fair, democratic and civilized society; comprehensive innovation has expanded the development space, the life of all aspects of human being has been improved However, the HD career in our country is currently facing many difficulties, facing many problems of income, living environment, education, health, culture and ethics The 12th Party Congress defined comprehensive HD as one of the general tasks of developing the country in the period 2016-2020; In key tasks, there are tasks that address human issues After the Congress, the Central Conference Resolutions, especially Resolution and 8, are in fact directly related to HD issues That is, in order to solve the socio-economic issues, HD must be considered a special issue that needs special attention and is addressed As a newly re-established province, in more than 30 years of renovation, Vinh Phuc has become a province of rapid economic growth, relatively developed industry, the material and spiritual life of the people has been constantly improved, only HDI numbers are also significantly improved However, besides, Vinh Phuc still has many minor limitations It is the differentiation between rich and poor with increasing signs; education at all levels and regions remains inadequate; Health and public health care situation has not yet reached the expected level; degrading social morality; social evils show signs of becoming more complex than before these are objective issues On the subjective side, considering HD as a cross-cutting task in public activities, really putting people at the center of socio-economic development has not been realized and implemented too good The direction and resolution of arising problems in HD in practice is not timely and not thorough All of those limitations, weaknesses and annoyances, in fact constitute the problem of HD in Vinh Phuc - both theoretically and practically With all the issues raised for the socio-economic development of Vinh Phuc province in the current period, HD is, in fact, a matter of special importance, playing a role is the goal, the driving force of solving economic, political, cultural and social issues To achieve Vinh Phuc's expectation of fast and sustainable development to suit the requirements of the time In the period of industrialization and modernization in the context of current international integration, the issue of HD in Vinh Phuc province needs to be accurately identified, deeply researched, properly assessed the situation and discovered correct the problem and have a proper and reasonable solution Therefore, I chose the topic "Issue of HD in vinh phuc province curently" with the desire to contribute to that research Purposes and tasks of the thesis 2.1 The purpose of the thesis On the basis of Marxist-Leninist philosophy of human and HD, the thesis on HD in Vinh Phuc province now assesses the achievements and finds out the problems arising from the HD situation in the province, and propose solutions for HD in Vinh Phuc province at present 2.2 The task of the thesis - Analyzing and clarifying the views of Marxist-Leninist philosophy, Ho Chi Minh's thought, the Vietnamese Communist Party's and UNDP's conceptions of human development to determine the theoretical framework of the thesis As far as the study of the problem is concerned, the thesis identifies the basic criteria for assessing human development, points out and analyzes the objective and subjective premises of HD - Research on the HD situation in Vinh Phuc Province since the re-establishment of the province, analyzing and evaluating achievements and identifying the problems and causes of achievements and droughts For HD in Vinh Phuc province - Scientific and practical evidence for proposing solutions for HD in Vinh Phuc province at present Subjects and scope of research of thesis 3.1 Research object of the thesis Current situation of HD in Vinh Phuc province in the current period 3.2 Research scope of the thesis - Study space is Vinh Phuc province - Time selected for research was mainly from Vinh Phuc province re-established in 1997 Theoretical foundations and research methods of the thesis 4.1 Rationale - The basis of the thesis is dialectical materialism and historical materialism - The thesis is based on the theoretical and methodological guidelines on human and HD of C.Mark - Phangngen; the ideas of President Ho Chi Minh and the views of the Communist Party of Vietnam; The documents and resolutions of the Communist Party of Vietnam are directly related to HD 4.2 Research Methods - In accordance with the materialist dialectical method, the thesis uses methods such as logic and history; analysis, systematization, induction, interpretation, comparison, statistical methods, - The dissertation uses the UNDP Global HD Report since 1990; Vietnam HD Reports (National HD Report from 2001 to date); The socio-economic reports of Vinh Phuc province are related to HD as theoretical guidelines, as well as reliable sources for theoretical analysis - The thesis attaches great importance to the results of the theoretical and practical studies related to the subject of the leading authors New contributions of the thesis - The thesis identifies and analyzes the real situation of HD in Vinh Phuc province, showing the main causes of achievements and problems in HD in Vinh Phuc province - The thesis proposed solutions for HD in Vinh Phuc province to meet the development requirements of the country today Theoretical and practical meanings of the thesis - The thesis contributes to clarify the theoretical issues in HD, identify the human condition in Vinh Phuc province, point out issues from the practical need to be considered decisive - The dissertation can be used as a document in university and college teaching and in related studies on HD, HD and HD in Vinh Phuc province Structure of the thesis Apart from the introductory part, the conclusion and the list of references, the overview of the contents of the dissertation consists of chapters and 13 periods OVERVIEW OF RESEARCH RELATED TO THE THEMES Research related to thesis 1.1 Studies related to the general theory of HD The development of human beings has been mentioned by many scientists such as Pham Minh Hac, Dang Huu Toan, Nguyen Van Huyen and Ho Quy Quy Starting from the perspective of HD is the center of all economic and social development Research focuses on such aspects as: comprehensive HD as a goal that the society needs to build with the required capacities; HD requires quantification by social measures, HD is the basis of social development In addition to the above content, the thesis also overview the theories of HD on Physical, mental, HDI tools, HD indexes and the role of poverty reduction in relation to current levels of HD 1.2 Studies related to HD in Vietnam Studies on the HD situation in Vietnam (for example, Human and HD of Ho Si Quy, HD in the period of industrialization and modernization of Pham Minh Stem, HD in Vietnam: Current Situation and Solutions by Phung Danh Cuong, Some Basic Issues in HD in Vietnam (Scientific Topic by Mai Quynh Nam) It focuses on assessing the achievements and limitations of comprehensive HD, both as the subject and the subject of the socialist construction in our country, the research on development status Humans on the national scale often assess qualitative issues of cultural or ethical issues, lifestyle in the context of market economy and international integration In order to study the situation of HD at the local level in Vinh Phuc province, apart from considering objective and subjective factors affecting In addition to evaluating achievements and theses, the thesis discusses the limitations of HD in Vinh Phuc Province, which are emerging issues that show the mismatch between economic development social and HD, HD with physical strength and intellectual development, and HD with increasing poverty 1.3 Researches related to HD orientation and solutions in Vietnam HD research projects often offer solutions and emphasize fundamental solutions, which primarily affect HD, because national research projects often offer Macro policies to invest in HD goals (Comprehensive HD in the period of industrialization and modernization by Pham Minh Hac as Editor, National Annual HD Report 2011, UNDP HD Report 2015, HD in the Northwest of Vietnam by Pham Thanh Nghi ) The dissertation adopts these views and continues to introduce micro-specific policies to build a system of solutions for HD in Vinh Phuc province to meet the requirements of economic development , the social aim of the province is to bring happiness and prosperity for the people 1.4 HD research projects in Vinh Phuc province At present, there is no scientific research on HD in Vinh Phuc province However, there are some works with more or less related content that focus on the study of human resources To meet the requirements of socio-economic development, or be reflected in the socio-economic development policies of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial People's Committee through the detailed planning and policies on industrial development , agriculture, health, education, population (Vinh Phuc site (draft, 2012) edited by Nguyen Ngoc Thanh and Nguyen The Truong Editor; the poor in mountainous areas in the province (2004) (Le Van Phong's basic level of science); socio-economic changes in V Vinh Phuc since the reestablishment of the province (1997-2005) by Nguyen The Truong, Vinh Phuc Book for 10 years of development (1997-2007) by Provincial Party Committee - People's Council, Vinh People's Committee The publication of the 12th, 13th, XIV, XV, and XVI Party congress of Vinh Phuc province since the reestablishment of the province (19972005) of Nguyen The School ) However, the thesis references these quantitative data assessing the level of HD in the province The thesis issues continue to study The researches on HD in our country have systematized, analyzed and clarified the worldview and methodology of Marxist-Leninist views of President Ho Chi Minh Minh, the Communist Party of Viet Nam and UNDP's HD Indicators, to study the HD situation in our country However, up to now, no works have applied these concepts to HD research in Vinh Phuc province Therefore, the thesis researches and clarifies the following basic contents: Firstly, the concept of HD is very broad, in the context of the thesis, the study of the Marxist-Leninist point of view of President Ho Chi Minh of the Communist Party of Viet Nam and UNDP is aimed at developing theoretical framework and criteria for research and development of people in Vinh Phuc province today The basic criteria are: HD in Vinh Phuc province in terms of income, physical, mental, cultural, mental health, HDI poverty reduction Second, the thesis considers objective conditions and subjective factors affecting HD in Vinh Phuc province Based on the defined criteria, the thesis evaluates achievements, identifies problems in economic development, social in general and HD in particular Thirdly, in order to achieve the goal of HD, there should be a system of synchronous solutions, inheriting the results of research in the preceding works the popularity and specificity in terms of the perception of the Party committees, administrations, branches, unions and people and on the development of the economy, health, culture and education and on hunger eradication and poverty alleviation in order to build and develop sustainable human beings Chapter GENERAL REASONING ABOUT PEOPLE AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 1.1 Marxist-Leninist philosophy of HD 1.1.1 The view of Marxist-Leninist philosophy about people People are a social - biological entity - People are "human nature of nature" Basic human activity is the production of material goods by individuals who possess the right to own certain production materials, operating within the framework of certain production and communication relations Man is not only a pure product of the situation, but a person who is the subject of circumstances, playing a decisive role in the movement of history Human nature is not immutable, but it always moves, changes with the change of life situation, of the age, associated with the mode of production of a certain social regime 1.1.2 The view of Marxist-Leninist philosophy of HD HD is closely linked to socio-economic development and the activities of human beings themselves When researching people and developing human beings, Marx and Engels always consider human beings in the course of history, in connection with creative human activities - human beings, human beings Associated with practice Man is the subject who determines all economic and social transformations, as well as the product of history, through practical activity, in which man is more and more perfect, HD is the inevitable result of human activity itself HD is comprehensive HD is free and man - made, human activity is the activity of reaching the "free kingdom" HD is the full development of individuality and individual aptitude, from which each person perfected himself HD is the development of human cultural values HD is associated with the overcoming of alienation In order to develop human beings, it is necessary to create socio-economic conditions for people to escape from all "slavery", to lead the real man to become the subject of society, to remove man from all alienation status Therefore, in order to liberate and develop human beings, human beings must create their own circumstances, to abolish the old social regimes and build new socialist regimes which open social and economic conditions It is a prerequisite for the improvement of all aspects of human life and also from which human beings gradually step up to become the real subject of society, the new master of the development of oneself At that time, the new socio-economic development was truly human, by man and for man in the sense that all development came back to the highest purpose of serving HD The free development of each person is the condition for the free development of everyone The development of history is linked to HD, in which the dynamics of social development arise from the need, the purpose of the human being, the goal of the human person HD not only improves human material life on the basis of economic development, but more importantly improves their qualifications and capacity, in which education is considered to be the factor The foundation for bringing people into their own "capacity" and, of course, to build up a comprehensive human being must be comprehensive education According to C.Mark and Philippe, the goal of economic, social or developmental development, social progress must take HD as a metaphor for thinking through all that progress to HD, "for" the development of human nature " Only human beings have a purpose in themselves for the advancement of man"(1) 1.2 The views of President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam on people and HD 1.2.1 The views of President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam on people Applying the Marxist-Leninist theory of human and HD, President Ho Chi Minh and our Party define human beings, namely the people as always, the motives of the revolution, of socio-economic development "The main objective and motive of development is human, human"; "The interests of each person, of the collective and of the whole of the society are organically bound together, in which the personal interest is the direct motive" (2) In every revolutionary period and especially in the current period of national renewal, the Party has always regarded human beings as both a target and a motive force for socio-economic development and economic and social development Ensure the goal for the happiness of the people and the people themselves Workers are both subject and object of society, therefore, it is necessary to put "human and HD placed at the center of socio-economic strategy, Assembly, improve conditions for HD "(3) Ho Si Quy (2007), Human and Human Development, Education Publishing House, p.101 The Communist Party of Vietnam (1991), Strategy for stabilization and socio-economic development 1991 2000, Truth Publishing House, Hanoi, p.8 The Communist Party of Vietnam (2005): Report on theoretical and practical issues of the past 20 years of 1.2.2 The views of President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam on HD HD in terms of physical strength HD is first and foremost a physical improvement for the individual and for the whole community, for human health is the first source of labor, physical force is the physical element that directly affects longevity, to raising the mind, the spirit to enable people to participate in society In order to raise the physical strength of people, to raise the material life and raise the people's income level through the policies of economic and social development to create conditions for equality, the people are enriched by your own strength Promote activities and mobilize resources on health and sports to improve the health of the people and educate people about the public health care HD in terms of intellect President Ho Chi Minh and our Party have always paid attention to the development of education and training in order to build up the whole human and physical development To develop education and training to build a human being with sufficient knowledge and professional capacity to make each person master of life a real subject in production labor and creativity human The 2nd plenum of the VIII Congress clearly stated that "education and training must be considered the top national policy", aiming to raise people's knowledge, train human resources and foster talents for the country To formulate and implement priority policies and supports for educational activities, especially in mountainous regions, ethnic minority areas, islands, areas meeting with exceptional difficulties, creating favorable conditions, Equality for all people involved in education, improving the intellectual level, training human resources, ensuring HD on the basis of socio-economic development HD in terms of culture, spirit In every revolutionary period, our Party defines culture as the foundation, the goal of society, the highest task of the revolution is to build a new culture, new people, that is advanced culture , strong national identity, the goal of building a new culture in order to "human beings develop comprehensively intellectual, moral, physical, creative capacity, citizenship"(1) Addressing the relationship between economics and culture in economic and cultural development has a close relationship, as a prerequisite for development, when economic development, in itself, contains cultural factors, in turn, develop the culture again, become the engine for economic development, no pure economy outside the culture and vice versa have no culture outside the economy 1.3 HD Viewpoints of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 1.3.1 Man is the center, HD is the ultimate goal of economic and social development, towards HD comprehensive, sustainable renovation 1986-2006, National Political Publishing House, Hanoi, p.79 The Communist Party of Vietnam (2016), Document of National Congress XII, National Political Publishing House, Hanoi, p.127 10 expanding the opportunities for selection) and the internal dimension (1capacity building for human opportunities), the program's HDI toolkit measures the progress made by each country and all humanity in HD When researching HD in the province of the country, specifically in the thesis on HD research in the province of Vinh Phuc, the use of HD theory of UNDP is very necessary It is necessary to quantify the specific criteria for HD and in particular to evaluate the progress and constraints so as to work out appropriate solutions for socio-economic development in order to achieve the right orientation HD The HDI of the UNDP is a quantitative measure of the level of HD that is widely used in the world and in Vietnam, the HDI is measured by the mean of the three indices: income, health indicators and educational indicators, the use of the HDI toolkit ensures the universality of HD assessment beyond regional and national domain variations We measure tools to measure and compare progress made by the community at the HD goal At the same time, it is also a tool for assessing the correlation between income and education and health to assess whether economic development has been for HD or not Apply to assess the level of HD in the province in the annual report 1.4.3 HD in Vinh Phuc through poverty alleviation Hunger and poverty have always been of interest to many countries, including the developed world, in today's era, the shift in the economic structure of the nation, the growing rich and poor The economic crisis is likely to push a large proportion of workers into unemployment, debt So the UN has put the issue of hunger eradication, poverty is the most important goal in The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), if we ignore this criterion, leave us with a class of people who are suffering the consequences of unbalanced development today The issue of hunger and poverty is measured by the proportion of people, poor households, near poor households in terms of income; In addition, the current situation of "multidimensional poverty" now occurs not only in rural and mountainous areas, but also in urban areas is a painful problem, so it is necessary to stick to these new criteria Evaluate the hidden corners of HD while GDP is increasing 1.4.4 The HD in Vinh Phuc is physically, intellectually and culturally and spiritually Physical development of people is shown by the average life expectancy of people, the health status of people, the number of people receiving medical services (especially children, high This is reflected in the level of health development in terms of quantity, quality, and community health that ensure that people have access to improved health services The HD in Vinh Phuc is judged by the proportion of people in the school age, the number of skilled workers trained and regularly trained, and expressed by expanding the scale and improving the quality of education to meet the need to improve knowledge for the people The HD in Vinh Phuc is culturally and spiritually involved in the cultural activities expressed through traditional festivals, in preserving and preserving cultural Provincial Party Committee of Vinh Phuc (2010), Document of the 15th Provincial Party Congress, Liu Province Office of the Vinh Phuc Provincial Party, p.42 11 values the number of people involved in library activities, activities of cultural activities, art In addition, it is reflected in the investment of cultural and social works to serve the cultural needs of the community Summary of Chapter On the basis of the emergence of human beings as the subject of history, the liberation of HD is the highest goal of the socialist revolution, Marxism-Leninism considers HD always associated with activities The development of human beings is a comprehensive development of the material, physical and mental life, the development of the whole is the long-lasting result associated with the struggle for human liberation, overcoming alienation in capitalist private ownership In order to ensure the full development of the human person, the working class must carry out the revolution of the proletariat, overthrow the capitalist regime, establish the socialist regime, social development, socialist economic development, building a healthy social life for each person to be mastered, improved, his intellect, from which the development of freedom of each person is what Compete for the free development of everyone This is the basis of methodology for human research as well as the development of HD policies in each country, which is also the noble ideal that humanity is aiming for Using the Marxist-Leninist theory of the revolution in Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh and our Party always considered the people, namely, the masses as the subjects, the motives of the revolution, HD is the highest objective of the socialist construction, HD is the development of physical strength, intellect, mental culture Building a new human being always associated with the revolutionary process of the nation, socialist revolutionary cause is human, human and human happiness In the innovation period, it is clear that the main motive for development is human, human, putting people at the center of socio-economic development strategy Clearly all social policies are right for human well-being and the full potential of creativity The policies of the Party are concerned with HD in terms of physical and mental strength to bring people to complete development However, in order to limit the negative impacts of the market economy as well as the impact of globalization, the Party and State's policies on economic, educational, medical and cultural development are always regulated Correct and timely addition to ensure the right direction for comprehensive HD Hence, the achievements of economic development are always linked to the achievements in HD In the 80s and 90s of the twentieth century, the revolution in science and technology promoted the fast-developing world economy, the globalization process affecting the development of all nations Rich prosperity for many nations, for many and for the world community in general However, the economic results not always bring progress, bringing a happy life for all people in all countries Recognizing this problem, since 1990, the United Nations Development Program has developed a HD report that gives a more human-driven approach using the HDI to measure The level of HD in the countries, the program also determines to truly regard people as the center of the ultimate goal of all development Therefore, the development of society must ensure the expansion of social conditions so that all people can participate in production work, improve their health, improve their 12 spiritual and spiritual life, and at the same time Development must implicitly raise the basic capacity so that each person can master himself, in a time of participation, and society as the owner of that society Based on the study of HD concepts of Marxism-Leninism, by President Ho Chi Minh, the Communist Party of Viet Nam and the United Nations Development Program, we set out the research criteria To assess the current situation of HD in Vinh Phuc province Chapter GENERAL THEORY OF HUMAN AND HD 2.1 Factors affecting HD in Vinh Phuc province 2.1.1 Objective factors Geography, history and culture of Vinh Phuc province Throughout the historical periods, the boundaries of Vinh Phuc province changed dramatically On 01/01/1997, Vinh Phuc province was re-established after the separation from Vinh Phu province, with favorable terrain, Vinh Phuc province It is located in the key economic region of the Northern Delta, which has a harmonious climate, is less prone to natural calamities and has favorable conditions for communication open, harmonious, friendly, innovative thinking, easy to adapt to the economic and social changes Vinh Phuc is one of the leading provinces in industrialization and modernization, with a fast-growing economy, which facilitates the raising of incomes for people, creating a prerequisite for the development of health services education, culture for HD Vinh Phuc is one of the cradles of ancient Vietnamese culture, creating many cultural and spiritual values These values have shaped Vinh Phuc 's resilient and unyielding people in the struggle, have a simple life style, save money, have the spirit of studiousness and desire, and seek hard work , innovation and creativity These are the premise, which is the place for Vinh Phuc people to promote their good traditions and continue to accelerate the industrialization and modernization of the country, bringing the people of Vinh Phuc gradually become social owners, step by step build prosperity and happiness Economic, educational and medical conditions directly impact on HD in Vinh Phuc province Economic factor is the first determinant of human well-being, which is reflected in the level of human incomes, ensuring the conditions for people to eat, wear, maintain and raise From health, education, culture, arts and sport, people are able to participate in health, education, culture and arts to enhance their lives The rapid development of the economy of Vinh Phuc in recent years has been a prerequisite for HD in this region, the rapid development of the industry and the creation of jobs to improve living standards for human Moreover, the developed economy is the foundation for promoting the development of health, education and cultural and spiritual activities Health and education are two basic factors that directly affect HD, both from a personal as well as a societal point of view HD is largely dependent on these two factors, which assure for raising the physical strength and intellect of man The 13 impact of these two factors depends on their endogenous factors, including the number and quality of its services, the distribution of services, and the factors that reflect it The extent to which people engage in equality for the elite Health and education is also one of the important measures of social progress, which is a guide for all economic activities in the locality Culture and social morality have a long-lasting impact on human life in many ways It exists in the areas of human life both directly and indirectly to the elements economics, health and education However, man is the subject of his life activities, his own subject, his activity always self-conscious for his progress Thus, HD in Vinh Phuc province has been influenced by contemporary culture and through local cultural and spiritual activities The leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the renovation of the country The reform of the country under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam is one of the most important factors for HD in Vinh Phuc After more than 30 years of renovation, the country has made great changes in the fields of social life The achievements of the country are still achievements in HD, the Party's renewal process has affirmed and promoted the role of human and HD as the most valuable asset, developing people as both the target and the driving force of the cause of national renewal and all economic and social policies It aims to create conditions for HD Especially in recent years, our Party has launched a series of strategic resolutions, breakthroughs to develop Vietnamese people in accordance with the requirements of the new era The promotion of the role of human and HD has created new strength and force for the development of the Vietnamese people in general and the Party's renewal has made the economic development of Vinh Phuc rapidly It also creates the conditions for the improvement of the material and spiritual life of the people in the province, and also sets the requirements for Vinh Phuc province to truly develop HD as a decisive factor Ensuring fast and sustainable development 2.1.2 Subjective factors The internal strength of Vinh Phuc Party Vinh Phuc's Party has built a series of policies on economic development, cultural and social development to successfully implement the industrialization and modernization process, although the Party and Government levels have not yet built To elaborate specific policies and directions for HD, but in the process of drawing up the socio-economic and cultural development orientations reflected in the policies on development of the industry and agriculture employment, poverty reduction policies for people, as well as policies on development of health and cultural education On that basis, the levels of government from the provincial to the district and commune level Organizing the implementation in economic and social development for the purpose of comprehensive HD The dynamics grasp the opportunities of people in Vinh Phuc province The people of Vinh Phuc province are always hard-working, creative in their labor, in business and in expanding their investment in economic and social development As a province with a young population, the people of the craft villages 14 have rapidly transformed the production model, moving from small production to large production, from manual production to modern production More importantly, in addition to creativity in production and business, Vinh Phuc people have the spirit of solidarity, close cooperation in production, this is one of the highlights expressing the spirit of cooperation in labor, towards large production base of people in the trend of developing large industry The people of Vinh Phuc always together with government agencies and mass organizations to quickly socialize in the field of building roads, cultural houses, cultural centers, sports even in difficult areas, here It is an important premise not only for economic and social development but also for building foundation institutions for the purpose of developing all aspects of the life of the local people 2.2 Achievements in HD in Vinh Phuc province 2.2.1 Achievements in HD in Vinh Phuc province in terms of economic and income Vinh Phuc's Party and authorities quickly put forward policies to prioritize industrial development in order to accelerate industrialization and modernization along with industrial restructuring And the service that brings human employment is the most sustainable foundation for all people to have a sound source of income, to improve the lives of workers and their families Supportive policies for farmers, business owners and the system of economic development policies have been helping people to raise their legitimate income Income sources of people are moving from agricultural and forestry production to major and stable incomes from wages and salaries in the industrial and service sectors The investment in human economy has been increasingly raised, as shown by the investment in transport infrastructure, electricity and water, etc., reflecting the economy of the province human target 2.2.2 HD Achievement in Vinh Phuc Province via the HDI The growth of the Vinh Phuc HDI The development of the HDI in Vinh Phuc province has always been growing rapidly In 1999, the index was 0.682, which is quite good in terms of average development 0.93 points) in the high HDI index, and always ranked at 9-11 out of 63 provinces and cities, and ranked third to fifth place In the Red River Delta, the HDI of Vinh Phuc is just provinces and cities in the North, namely Hanoi, Hai Phong and Bac Ninh Contribution of component indicators to the HDI of Vinh Phuc * Contribution of income: Thanks to the rapid growth of the economy, the income index increased rapidly, contributing greatly, most influencing the change in the HDI * Contribution of life expectancy index to the HDI of the province: The life expectancy index, though not accelerating, did not contribute much to the HDI change, but Vinh Phuc still had a higher life expectancy index average of the whole country * Contribution of Education Indicators: The education index of Vinh Phuc province has been increasing over the years reflecting and the education index of 15 Vinh Phuc province is growing and other indicators, which are proportional to the growth of the HDI 2.2.3 Hunger eradication and poverty reduction is one of the outstanding achievements of HD in Vinh Phuc province The hunger eradication and poverty alleviation program has really come into life and has had many practical effects on improving the people's life, helping the poor to improve their working capacity and generate higher and higher incomes health is the basis for the poor to "capacity building" and participate in social life is money to ensure comprehensive development One of the innovations in the hunger eradication and poverty reduction program in Vinh Phuc is the diversification of employment patterns, especially in rural areas, including farm construction, specialized farming help farmers gradually escape poverty, get rich locally Poverty incidence in the HPI and MPI indexes of the province decreased to the average of the Red River Delta provinces, although the HPI and MPI indicators were high compared to some provinces in the region This figure is still lower than the national average 2.2.4 The HD in Vinh Phuc is physically, intellectually and culturally and spiritually Achievements in HD in Vinh Phuc Firstly, the proportion of budget for health care has been raised, the quality of services and health staff ensure that: to date, all districts, towns and cities in the province have hospitals with Medical supplies are also increasingly equipped with modern equipment; Qualifications of medical and pharmaceutical workers have also been raised to meet the increasing demand in medical examination and treatment for people; Increased attention to maternal and child health care is the most important factor in assessing health progress as well as assessing progress in all aspects of society Second: Support health insurance costs for the poor, ethnic minorities Facilitate "vulnerable" groups to improve their health, help them live a more stable and happy life Third: the increasingly effective public health service plays an important role in ensuring the stability and development of society, ensuring the "security" of HD Achievements in HD in Vinh Phuc province The system of schools at all levels of elementary school, elementary school and high school is widely and adequately invested to meet the people's educational development needs; The network of vocational schools in Vinh Phuc province is also quite developed to meet the needs of human resources training and improve the skills of workers Qualified teachers in all sectors, sufficiently meet the number and level of education of the province The quality of education is considered as the decisive factor for HD "Vinh Phuc is always considered one of the provinces having the best education quality in the country the promotion of learning, encouraging and building a learning society is well implemented "139, p.23] HD achievements in terms of culture, spirit 16 Restore tangible cultural values, especially intangible culture, in order to affirm and enhance the specific cultural values of the community, enhance the cultural values of the core elements to build the culture for HD Radio and television broadcasting activities have played an increasingly important role in propagating and educating people to improve their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of labor, production and literacy needs Spirituality The movement to build a cultured family is the foundation for building a civilized society and a happy human being This is an important element in HD in Vinh Phuc province , the replication of advanced models contributes to the improvement of the cultural life at the basis of building a good foundation and sustainable development, building a happy family that contributes greatly and the development of the whole human 2.2.5 Causes of achievements in HD in Vinh Phuc province today * Objective reasons - Geographical and natural conditions favorable conditions for socio-economic development and HD - The Party's renewal way in the fields of social life to improve all aspects of the people's life * Subjective reasons - Preferential policies for economic development to solve the food and employment for income generation for laborers - Policy on development of health, education and socio-culture in order to improve health, skills and culture for the purpose of industrialization and modernization, highlighting in each period, the People's Committee and the planning To develop the orientation of solving issues related to economics, education, health, culture and environment, etc., related to HD - The creativity of Vinh Phuc people in economic and social development 2.3 Issues in HD in Vinh Phuc 2.3.1 The difference in income of people between regions, between economic sectors Income gap between agricultural and rural sector and industrial and urban areas This is a risk not only affecting the development of regional economic balance, which greatly affects the HD in many regions and areas in Vinh Phuc province, creating inequality in the development of children People in Vinh Phuc province today The income of workers in the factories of foreign capital often have higher wages, more stable than domestic factories and enterprises; Part of the workers are seasonal, income is uncertain 2.3.2 The results of poverty reduction are not sustainable, the phenomenon of poverty and multi-dimensional poverty is increasing The effectiveness of these policies has not been ensured for comprehensiveness and sustainability In many rural areas, the risk of re-occurring poverty is staggering, especially for the part of the working population in the agricultural sector aquaculture In recent years, despite the fact that basic poverty has been overcome, people have faced multi-dimensional poverty, although income poverty has been overcome, non-income poverty is a burden on people in society, 17 2.3.3 The health care facilities are unevenly distributed, the quality of health is low, and the public health services are not keeping up with the complexities of preventive and curative care Firstly, on the distribution and effectiveness of health for HD: Number of doctors and number of beds, number of health facilities distributed unevenly among regions; The health care procedures are cumbersome and cause many difficulties for people in medical examination and treatment Secondly, preventive medicine services have not kept up with the requirements of preventive and curative care: outdated facilities, lack of medical staffs, lack of qualifications, It is not effective, and medical activities are passive 2.3.4 The quality of education and training, especially vocational training, has not met the requirements for HD In terms of material facilities, school facilities are lacking, inconsistent and backward, many schools lack the school rooms, laboratories, physical education and auxiliary facilities Teaching staff is not synchronous, structural imbalance is causing limitations in the comprehensive development of students Training and vocational training capacity of provincial training institutions is still limited In terms of number, the structure of training disciplines is still small There are still many professions that meet the requirements of labor resources in factory Financial resources from the state budget are limited compared to demand; Socialization of education and training in the locality is not strong enough compared to its potential and potential, the attraction of investment in development of education and training is still poor, the system of private schools has been formed but still small Also, because of the higher level of contribution than the national school, it is difficult to attract learners 2.3.5 Cultural activities have not fully met the increasing demand of the people, the cultural and spiritual life of a part of people deviated from the traditional cultural values, social evils increase In many village and commune libraries, many books and magazines, but many documents not meet the practical needs of people, so it is difficult to attract them in the search for knowledge, many libraries, many writers Formal activities, "Building cultural life at the grassroots has not really come in depth; building cultural lifestyle, urban civilization has not been properly concerned "() Therefore, it is difficult for people to find the true cultural space to enjoy cultural values as well as to enhance their cultural capacities Cultural inequality is also a barrier to HD in Vinh Phuc, the rich and poor diversification that greatly affects the enjoyment of cultural values Many traditional cultural values are lost, ethics, the way of a part of the people, especially young people are falling Social evils are still complex, with sophisticated tactics, in a variety of forms, difficult to control 2.3.6 Causes of Issues in HD in Vinh Phuc province today * Objective reasons 18 - The point comes from a small agriculture, backward economy - The negative impact of the market economy * Subjective reasons - The perception of party and government levels on HD remains limited - Investing in economic development running under the not paying attention to ensure the real conditions for HD - The hunger elimination and poverty reduction has not fully met the demand - Investment in the health sector is not synchronized between regions, slow education reform, cultural activities, spirituality is not really effective - Low educational level, unevenly also a cause for HD End of chapter After 20 years of re-establishment, Vinh Phuc has become a province with a relatively high industrial growth rate compared to many other provinces in the northern key economic region The results of HD are also in line with socioeconomic development, which reflects the correctness of the socio-economic development goals and the development of human and HD The rapid economic growth has been the basis for raising people's incomes, raising the standard of living of the people, enriching themselves by their own strength, as the basis for improving their health health, education, workmanship and spiritual life of the people The process of industrialization and modernization together with the economic restructuring has created jobs, helping the people to increase their incomes and improve their living conditions Health services are rapidly growing both in terms of size and quality of service, people have conditions to take care of their health and improve their physical strength The economic growth as well as the expansion of health facilities in the localities help people improve their physical fitness However, besides economic growth, the gap between rich and poor, in addition to the quality of health services is lacking and weak, the cost of medical examination and treatment is high in many deltas and Mountain is also a challenge for improving physical fitness for people The intellectual power of the people in Vinh Phuc province has also gained remarkable achievements The school system of general education and vocational training facilities have been extended as a condition for people to participate in the study of knowledge raising In order to meet the demand of learning and labor for the people, the quality of education in the province is clearly improved However, the educational structure is not synchronous, not meet the needs of intellectual development of the people in the current context Cultural and spiritual activities are expanded, diversified and diversified, partly meeting the increasing demands of the spiritual life of the people However, the degradation of morality and social evils has negatively impacted on the lives of people, and it is difficult to ensure the comprehensiveness and sustainability of HD The HDI of Vinh Phuc province has continuously increased reflecting the relative humility in HD, in proportion to the socio-economic development, compared to other provinces and cities in the region Red River Delta in particular and in the whole country in general Vinh Phuc HDI is always in a high position, stable growth rate, in the three indicators: income, education, health, the index of income 19 contributed the largest increase in the HDI, Education and health indicators are stable and growing, reflecting economic growth for the sake of human progress Basically, up to now, there are almost no economic poor households in the province However, if using multi-dimensional poverty measurement tools, there is a shortage in the use of clean water services The sanitation facilities are quite high This reflects the overwhelming nature of HD, the difficulty of ensuring equality and the apparent difficulty of ensuring comprehensive and sustainable development in both economic and social terms and especially on HD perspective Chapter HUMAN DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS IN VINH PHUC PROVINCE 3.1 Raising the awareness of the authorities and mass organizations about the significance of HD for economic and social development Party committees and people's committees at all levels need to be more aware of the HD goals in the provincial socio-economic development programs To concretize the resolution on economic development, ensuring the formulation of socio-economic development orientations for the purpose of HD At all levels, it is important to recognize the role of industrial development for economic development, and to bring long-term benefits to the people, the investment in the construction of factories and factories should be limited to the construction of The "land of gold", must quickly control the environmental problems, industrial waste in the plant is a potential risk to the health of people, prioritize the development of clean industry, modern industry , using high quality labor force, building the sanctions required in industrial zones to build health facilities in dealing with workers' health problems To raise the awareness of the leaders at all levels of investment in the development of the smoke-free industry along the direction of limiting the waste of natural resources and environmental pollution and investing in the service sector of people's entertainment needs Raise the awareness of the statistical sector in the surveys of HD data, and at the same time coordinate the statistical sector with government agencies, mass organizations in investigating data, and It is the basis for functional agencies to supplement and implement HD policies in each locality, thereby ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable growth 3.2 To build a comprehensive economy in order to exploit the region's strengths for the purpose of raising people's living standards 3.2.1 To promote the development of the industry along the direction of high technology development, attaching importance to the supporting industries, the processing industry, giving priority to environmental protection - To change the industrial structure in the direction of diversifying products, especially high-tech products; to strengthen the call for foreign investment cooperation; To prioritize the attraction of high-tech and environmentally-friendly industries 20 - The development of supporting industries is a breakthrough to develop the key industries of Vinh Phuc in the process of industrialization and modernization; Create substitutes for imports, create initiative for production of consumer goods and export - Supporting and investing in processing agricultural and forest products - Strengthening the environmental management, strictly enforcing environmental protection law 3.2.2 Agricultural development in the direction of modernity - Continue to accelerate the shift of agricultural structure in the direction of: Building and developing clean and safe agriculture to meet consumer demand, towards industrialization and modernization in association with the processing industry market - To increase direct investment in agriculture and rural areas and promote the mobilization of mechanization for agricultural production; To develop the agricultural product processing industry in order to sell products to farmers - Priority should be given to investment from the provincial budget for the application and transfer of agricultural and biotechnological advances, the formation of hi-tech agricultural production areas, and support for farmers seeking markets It is a good source of knowledge and skills for farmers, increasing investment in providing information to farmers - Encourage farmers to accumulate land plots or transfer land use rights under the Land Law to form concentrated production areas; Strengthening the cooperative system, gradually eliminating fragmentation in agricultural production - Ensure that farmers improve their labor productivity and income, step by step modernize their agriculture, adopt mechanisms and policies on finance and legislation in agriculture to create opportunities for farmers to rich 3.2.3 To promote the development of handicrafts and economic development in localities to raise people's incomes Mobilization of preferential capital supports, the orientation of investment in science and technology and the improvement of labor productivity and product quality Products that have not been found in overseas markets, require functional agencies to work out policies, in collaboration with businesses to expand export markets 3.3 Promote hunger eradication and poverty reduction, ensure sustainable poverty reduction 3.3.1 Implementation of poverty reduction policies Provincial governments need to increase resources, implement poverty reduction programs with the National Target Program to build new rural areas from now to 2020 and 2030 Effectively manage and use resources, review investment phases for poor people in ethnic minority areas, areas with special difficulties Continue to improve the quality of health care programs for the poor; To enhance the management and use of the funds for medical examination and treatment for the poor Improving the quality of vocational training for the poor, linking vocational training with labor market needs, ensuring that job trainees finish jobs and stable 21 incomes is essential for sustainable poverty reduction and policies tuition fee reduction, support to study expenses for students - poor students according to regulations Strengthening the coordination between the Fatherland Front Committee and provincial mass organizations to propagate and mobilize their members, members and people to actively participate in the implementation of sustainable poverty reduction To intensify the inspection and supervision of the implementation of regimes and policies, the use of financial supports and loans for the poor, ensuring efficiency It is necessary to issue a plan for sustainable poverty reduction in the province to the district and commune levels; Establishing concrete targets for poverty reduction as a guide for socio-economic development and poverty eradication and multidimensional poverty 3.3.2 Solutions on propaganda and awareness of the policy of the Party and the state as well as the autonomy in escaping from poverty - Use of mass media such as; television, newspapers and local radio stations have made gradual changes in perception of how to improve the people's knowledge in the whole district, especially in areas where many poor households - Organize workshops and arts festivals in the locality with the theme of poverty alleviation, and disseminate programs and targets on hunger eradication and poverty reduction - Organizing propaganda activities for the movement of renewal of thinking, reforming business practices and guiding ways to escape from poverty, enrich legitimate and promptly cheering and praising the economic models good examples of advanced labor, sharing and cultivating experiences in production work 3.4 Re-allocating resources to health, improving the quality of health services, limiting inequalities in service delivery and access to health services Reallocate health resources appropriately, increase financial investment from provincial budgets in combination with mobilizing capital through the implementation of socialization policy Continue to maintain and expand health insurance for the poor, near poor and people and ethnic minorities, and proceed to implement universal health insurance To expand and promote preventive medicine activities in preventing and overcoming the consequences of diseases in the community 3.5 Promoting the renovation of educational activities To invest in facilities, expand schools, improve the quality of teaching to ensure coverage, equity and learning opportunities for all Improving the quality of education is of decisive importance in HD at the intellectual level Continue to promote education policies in ethnic minority and mountainous areas, minimize the cost of education for people To promote vocational training for laborers to meet the work demands of local people 3.5 To attach importance to the development of cultural activities, to prevent cultural degradation, to raise the sensory capacity and create cultural values for 22 the people - Firstly, to promote the prominent tradition in the culture of Vinh Phuc people, that is industriousness, creativity in labor - Second, continue to promote and improve the quality and effectiveness of the movement "all people unite to build cultural life" in depth Family building is really the place where people form and educate, connecting the education between the family and the school and society in the education of the younger generation - Thirdly, to continue investing, improving and raising the efficiency of the system of cultural and sport institutions, especially at the grassroots level, while paying attention to the support and investment in material foundations For cultural activities, sports and public welfare works serving the entertainment needs of the people - Fourth, promote the state management of cultural activities, sports, information and communication End of chapter Human and HD of the cause of the entire Party, the entire political system and the whole people in general For Vinh Phuc province, raising the awareness of the Party, authorities, The role of mass organizations in the development, adjustment and implementation of socio-economic policies is increasingly more accurate, ensuring the highest level of HD social progress, for the happiness of the people In HD solutions, building a comprehensive economy, exploiting and promoting the strengths of each region plays a big role not only for economic growth, but income for the people, so that the people get rich by their own strength The promotion of industrialization and modernization, development of modern agriculture will ensure stable and sustainable income for the people, thereby improving the material and spiritual life of human beings people Poverty alleviation plays a major role in improving the capacity of the poorest, most disadvantaged groups in society, in which the implementation of poverty alleviation is needed for the people as well There must be solutions to propagandize the policy of the Party and the State to improve people's understanding so that all self-controllable people can escape from poverty and catch up with other population groups, overcome the situation of discontent Equal participation in people's participation in social development The activities of the health sector play a decisive role in protecting and caring for the health of people directly In order to further improve the quality of health services for people, Vinh Phuc needs to reallocate its health resources in a sound manner, continue to maintain health care coverage, Currently, the health insurance for the people, in order to reduce costs for patients and especially the poor The expansion and promotion of preventive health services in the prevention of epidemics in the community is a constant and continuous task of all levels, the health sector and the entire population Implementing these policies does not only improve the health of 23 the people, but also contributes greatly to the province's socio-economic stability and development Along with health, education is the core factor that has a direct impact on HD Vinh Phuc province needs to continue to invest in facilities, expand schools to improve the quality of teaching study to ensure coverage, equity and learning opportunities for all; continue to promote education policies in ethnic minority and mountainous areas, minimize the cost of education for the people; Strengthen vocational training for workers to meet the requirements of the people in the local These solutions will ensure the improvement of human intellect, which is a prerequisite for modernizing the industry of the province and improving the level of culture for people Developing culture, enhancing the capacity of the people to perceive and create cultural values on the basis of promoting traditional values, accompanying the building of advanced culture and activities , cultural movements of the entire people, building a healthy, progressive and civilized cultural environment, raising the cultural and spiritual life for the people GENERAL CONCLUSIONS Man is always the central problem of all philosophical doctrines, in which HD is approached by philosophers on many different levels However, only when Marxist philosophy came into being On the dialectical point of view, HD is considered as the goal of social progress, for the first time in history, HD is considered to be linked to the development The socio-economic development and the activities of the human being, the creator of history as well as the creator of himself, the highest purpose of all activities Living is about reaching out to HD on a personal as well as facet society Accordingly, the ultimate goal of HD is to lead to a society in which man is liberated, in that society "The development of each person's freedom is the condition for the free development of all everybody"(1) In the process of revolutionary leadership, President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam have always highlighted the position and role of people, placing people at the center of the whole career, people are understood The whole of the working-class people is the driving force and the highest goal of development All economic and social development is for the people, for the prosperous and happy life of the people The socio-economic development policies of the Party always aim to build a comprehensive HD, both physically and intellectually, in both personal and social terms The highest achievements in the entire revolutionary cause of the Party and especially in the past 30 years of innovation has been the achievement of HD This is the basic rationale for research on HD in our country in general and Vinh Phuc province in particular From the 80s and 90s of the twentieth century, the term HD was studied by the United Nations and included in the national agenda HD and HD are the ultimate goal of all development, asserting that HD is an extension of the conditions and enhances the Karl Marx.- Friedrich Engels (1995), Full set, volume 4, National Publishing House, Hanoi, p.328 24 human capacity, experts of the Development Program The HDI toolkit and an additional set of tools to quantify the level of HD have been developed by the United Nations (UNDP), which is also a measure of the effectiveness of economic development policies, the society of nations As a result, the program's evaluation criteria have been adopted by most countries and used in the assessment of HD, on the basis of which national governments regulate business policies social and social security to be most effective for the purpose of HD HDI tools and supplementary tools are indispensable and indispensable in HD research in the present context Despite being newly established for 20 years, Vinh Phuc province has gained many achievements in many aspects, being one of the leading provinces in the country for industrial development and rapid economic growth Increasingly, the health care and health care services have been strengthened, education, training and cultural activities are expanded, physical and mental The HDI of the province is always in high position, reflecting the level of HD in Vinh Phuc province relatively proportionate to economic development, in which the number of poor people is increasing reduction is one of the outstanding achievements contributing to HD However, besides the achievements, Vinh Phuc also has many limitations, which is the difference between rich and poor with increasing signs; Education levels, regions are still inadequate; the state of health and public health has not yet reached the level of expectation; social morality degradation; The social evils have become more complicated than before These are outstanding issues in HD in Vinh Phuc province in particular and in the whole country in general In order to address the HD issues in the province, it is necessary to develop a system of comprehensive solutions, which is the basis for Vinh Phuc province to formulate policies for socio-economic development, HD is comprehensive and sustainable ... for economic and social development Party committees and people's committees at all levels need to be more aware of the HD goals in the provincial socio-economic development programs To concretize... applied these concepts to HD research in Vinh Phuc province Therefore, the thesis researches and clarifies the following basic contents: Firstly, the concept of HD is very broad, in the context of... relationship between economics and culture in economic and cultural development has a close relationship, as a prerequisite for development, when economic development, in itself, contains cultural
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