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CAN THO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ECONOMICS BUSINESS ENGLISH Chapter 5: STRESS Topic: STRESS IN THE WORKPLACE LECTURER: PHAM LAN ANH School year: 2017-2018 GROUP 5: LIST OF TEAM MEMBERS Name Student Code Ordinal Name & Character Numbe rs Huỳnh Thị Mỹ Tiên B1310999 Birgitte – Schedule Coordinator Lê Thị Cẩm Tú B1507785 17 Juliana- Art Director Nguyễn Xuân Phái B1507814 18 James- Account Executive Huỳnh Tấn Đạt B1507834 19 Davies- CEO Phạm Mỹ Duyên B1607601 31 Linda- Asistant to CEO Lê Thị Bích Phượng B1607683 36 Jolanta- Asistant to Art Director INTRODUCE THE COMPANY Davies-Miller is a large advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York There is very strong competition in the US advertising industry Agencies compete to win new contracts or take clients away from their rivals Advertising staff are well paid, but they work long hours They worry about job security and become anxious if their company loses an important client Recently, Davies-Miller lost two of its major account This had a significant effect on the employees The agency decided to carry out a survey of the staff’s opinions about their working conditions This situation has scenes: Scene 1: The CEO talks to his assistant about business Report Scene 2: James talks Causes of Stress Scene 3: Birgitte talks Causes of Stress Scene 4: Juliana talks about Causes of Stress Scene 5: Jolanta talks about Causes of Stress Scene 6: Dealing with Stress Scene 7: Get better results in job Scene 1: The CEO talks to his assistant about Business Report Davies-CEO : Hello I am director Linda: Hello What you call me? Davies-CEO : Can you go up to my room now? Linda: Yes I will go to your room immediately minutes later Linda: Director I here Davies-CEO : Ok Sit down please In the past year, sales of the company fell a lot compared to last year You let report for me about problems in our company Linda: Yes Director Detail from quarters IV/2016 to quarters IV/2017 production of commercials from 891 billions VND dropped 764 billions, brand design from 897 billion VND dropped 630 billion and communication from 901 billion VND dropped 617 billion Besides, our company has lost some important contracts with partners because can not sign Not only that but also there are many customers complain about the company’s services Everything are delayed, staffs are irritated, angry with their Many loyal customers have left our company Davies-CEO : Oh I see Can you help me find the cause? Linda: Ok I will answer for you soon Davies-CEO : Ok Thanks Good bye Scene 2: James with Causes of Stress Linda : Hello Can you tell me What happened? James : My mood is very bad The project I'm working on is giving me a lot of stress T had to work day and night There is no time to care for myself and my family Even my wife would like to leave me because I don’t spend much time with her Working all hours, including weekends, holidays and on Boxing Day, spending time with his children was a rarity I am under pressure to work weekends when I would rather be at home Linda: What else ? James : And my work is increasing to sign the contract with customer I drank alcohol to improve mood but it made me even worse I’m invested a lot of time earning a customer’s trust and goodwill But as i approach the close, my customer suddenly demanding a better deal, eager to plunder our company’s margin and ride away with the profits I'm really upset Linda: And what you want to now? James: Really, I need to rest in order to ease the pressure of work Would like to have time to relax, traveling with family Can you help me? Linda: Yes I will help you on the most recent meeting James: Thank you Good bye Linda: Bye! Scene 3: Birgitte with Causes of Stress Linda: Hello Birgitte, Have you been waiting long? Birgitte: I just arrived So I guess you looking for me to talk about the trouble with our company in recent times, isn’t it? Linda: Oh no I just want to know something You look very tired What's happen? Birgitte: I work as a schedule coordinator I regulates the flow of work, coordinate scheduling and prepare cost estimates Recently, I get a lot of stress from work My workload is already sky high, taking on even more tasks mean I won't be able to complete any of them to a high enough standard And I have too little time for too much work, which constrains me to work way beyond my regular overtime It causes stress and a lot of pressure, it reduces our recovery time between workdays Linda: I know what you mean Is there something else? Birgitte: I have some problems I am stress because I often interrupted at work by visits from other members of staff There is too much gossiping in the office, which stops me from doing my work It is akin to a toxic virus that spreads and ultimately weakens an organization's overall health, threatening our job security, chances for career advancement and professional happiness Linda: Ok I can see that How is your supervisor ? Does she help you? Birgitte: Oh It seem like she doesn’t like me My supervisor favours certain members of staff and does not want to send me on training courses My boss loves to micro manage and I can’t my best work when she’s constantly breathing down my neck I am very sad, my efforts is meaningless She refuses to admit that she is wrong She is constantly trying to cast her image onto everything you Linda: I sympathize with you I will talk with my director about that problem How you get to work? Birgitte: I get to work by car I live a long way from work, it takes hours to go to work Because of this, I get back home very late and has no time to relax No time for family, work overload is one of the reasons why a week family vacation is becoming a thing of the past Linda: Ok Birgitte, Let’s Take a break I will look further into your matter Birgitte: Thanks a lot for helping me ! Scene 4: Juliana with Causes of Stress Linda: Hello Juliana How you feel today? Juliana : I feel very tired and stressed Linda: What’s wrong with you? Juliana: I’ve never been under such pressure in my work since I joined the agency I can’t seem to relax when I get back home Linda: Why are you tired of work? Do you have too many things to solve? Juliana: Yes I spend all my time trying to meet impossible deadlines to produce designs for the Account Executives I have no time to listen to the problem of my colleagues The problem is we’re competing for too many contracts, and I just don’t understand the policy of the agency But It won’t help to hire more staff Linda: Dose the pressure on work affects your life? Juliana: Yes It affects a lot Especially, I’m worried because the situation is beginning to affect my health Most of the creative ideas in the agency come from me Sometimes, I wonder if they want me to leave and bring in someone younger Linda: Have you presented your problem to your supervisor? Juliana: I sent a complaint letter to Head of HR And I hope to receive an answer soon from the agency Linda: I will present your problem to the director Please come to our meeting with us on this Sunday You can raise your expectation about work better Juliana: Yes.I really thank you for giving me the opportunity to present my problem I hope everything will be better Linda: Do not be too stressed We are always listening to you Now continue your work Juliana: Ok Thank you See you on Sunday Linda: Ok Bye Scene 5: Jolanta with Causes of Stress Linda: Hello Jolanta, How are you? Jolanta: Hi, I’m good! Have a nice day! Linda: Today, I come to your home to discuss our company’s problem Jolanta: Ok! Can I help you? Linda: Do you have any difficultly in work? Jolanta: Yes! At present, I feel very tired Linda: Why you feel tired? Jolanta: Because, I have some problem and pressure in my work Linda: Can you share with me? Jolanta: Firstly, I have to feel very tired and feel not enough energy for the next day Secondly, the manager frequently changed my work schedule so I did not adapt The manager assigns tasks in short time but requires too many things Finally, I don’t have much experience so I feel pressure in my work Linda: Oh no, I not think you are under such pressure Jolanta: That right, I not know how long I can endure Linda: How does it affect your life? Jolanta: I’m always unhappy with family and with everyone Linda: Thanks you for share with me I hope you no longer have pressure Jolanta: Thanks you! Linda: I have a job now so I have to go Jolanta: OK Bye see you again Linda : Bye Scene 6: Dealing with Stress Davies-CEO: Hello everybody, let’s start meeting The assistant has reported to me about the situation that people are having And today I open this meeting to listen to your opinions Now, one by one, please raise your expectation Juliana: I would like the agency to recruit more staff to share the work with us Because we also need to spend time our health and family Birgitte: I want to take a rest, I think you should reduce employee’s hours of work, Improved workplace relationships strengthen our business, team members who like and respect each other may be more willing to collaborate for the betterment of the project and the development of good relationships in the workplace can increase employee morale Besides, I want to spent more time with my family, Many fulltime I spend more of my waking hours with co-workers than I with my families Jolanta: I would like the boss to open the training to improve my skill to study and work more effectively And every one shares and supports each other I would like to organize for staff to travel in order to we relax and comfortable After the trip we have more energy to work.: Davies-CEO : I have understood the wishes of everyone The company will try to create the best working environment for you I will provide reasonable work demands and manageable work schedules Programs designed to teach employees how to implement effective coping strategies in the face of workplace stress, including time management, conflict resolution, relaxation and yoga Under times of stress, a balanced diet, exercise, and sound sleep can lay the foundation for effective stress management If you find that your workplace stress is too much to handle on your own, seeking support from a trained professional can be beneficial They can help you to identify the sources of your stress and develop strategies for dealing more effectively with work-related stress I hope everyone will be positive changes in thinking as well as in the action This help our company grow stronger Our meeting here comes to an end Thank you Special, we will have a tour together for us Assistant will prepare Have a good day! Good bye Scene 7: Get better results in job Linda: Hello Sir Yesterday I met and inquired about the work and family of the staff They are no longer stressful and have worked very well Moreover, they share with me that they can spend more time to caring for their family than ever before This makes them feel great about their lives And they are very grateful to you Because you have listened and solved the problem of them Divies-CEO: Very good I am happy that all the staff have improved their problem And I have some good news to inform you We have just signed a 10 billion contract with BM Media Group This is the opportunity for our company to grow stronger and can earn huge profits Please tell all ò ú that this weekend we will have a party to celebrate this victory Linda: Congratulation I’m going to inform everyone right now Have a nice day Davies-CEO: Thank you You too! ... because the situation is beginning to affect my health Most of the creative ideas in the agency come from me Sometimes, I wonder if they want me to leave and bring in someone younger Linda: Have... competition in the US advertising industry Agencies compete to win new contracts or take clients away from their rivals Advertising staff are well paid, but they work long hours They worry about... coping strategies in the face of workplace stress, including time management, conflict resolution, relaxation and yoga Under times of stress, a balanced diet, exercise, and sound sleep can lay the
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