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CAN THO UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF ECONOMICS - - BUSINESS ENGLISH Topic ORGANISING A CONFERENCE Advisor: Ms Pham Lan Anh Can Tho, April - 2018 Introduction to the topic “ORGANISING A CONFERENCE” Our group set up a situation: Global Food and Drink Corporation (GFDC), a multinational company based in Dubai, is holding an international conference later this year The Chief Executive, senior managers from the head office and about 100 managers from its overseas subsidiaries and sales offices will attend The aims of the conference, in order of priority, are to: • Discuss how the company can improve its products and services; • Thank managers for their hard work; • Give managers the opportunity to get to know each other better The conference will take place in July Participants arrive on Thursday evening, have a free day on Friday and leave on Monday morning The budget is $4,000 per participant We have four choices for the locations as follows: Bamboo Conference Centre, Macau (south-east China) Seagreen Hotel, Miami, Florida (US) Hotel Steffanberg, rural area (Sweden) Hotel Parte Ouverte, Monte Carlo (Monaco) This situation has scenes: Susan presents the venue for the conference last year and the director gives the reason and request to hold this year's conference venue The staffs report the four locations they had learned after two weeks CEO makes the final decision After the meeting, the leaders of the company announce the results SCENES Susan presents the venue for the conference last year and the director gives the reason and request to hold this year's conference venue Laura: Thank you everyone for coming to this important meeting today This meeting is the basis for us to choose an ideal venue for the conference Now, let’s begin First of all, Susan presents some advantages and disadvantages of last year’s location Susan: Last year, our company conference was hold in Yasaka Saigon Nha Trang Resort Hotel It is a star hotel right on the beach for everyone in the best position to enjoy the beauty of the island and the whole of Nha Trang Moreover, Yasaka hotel is only 35km from Nha Trang international airport The hotel is decorated elegantly and equipped with modern equipment and meet the needs of people such as swimming pool, tennis court, sport center and sauna However, after the successful conference, we also received some opinions from some employees We must overcome the shortcomings of the year to make this year’s conference a successful event Laura: Next, I will remind you of the requirements for our location Here are some points I listed that you need to care about First, proper space is a very important thing Second, outside of the convention, it has to give the managers comfort and comfort Especially, we need to pay attention to the price and service in this place SCENES The staffs report the four locations they had learned after two weeks Laura: Now is your presentation I want you to present very specific, clear about what you have investigated, harvested to select the best option Simon, please start first Simon: Here I go After two weeks with my maximum effort in researching, I found out my best location to organize this conference It’s called Seagreen Hotel in Miami, Florida (US) Here are some basic information about this city Miami is a major port city on the Alantic coast of south Florida As the seat of Miami Dade-County, the municipality is the central and the most populous city of the Miami’s metropolitan area and part of the second most populous metropolis in the southeastern US with high technology, preserved culture, natural heritage and low crimes rate that create the convenient and safe conditions for all managers Getting back to the hotel, Seagreen Hotel is considered as the most famous hotel in Miami because of its high-technological equipments and professional staffs It is located in SE 13th St, far away from the Miami’s National airport about 150 kilometers In the early year, must be long ago, it might take approximately one hour to arrive without traffic jams and two hours if there were, but nowadays, the Mass Rapit Transis (MRT) is gradually being developed to increase the efficient to all travelers, it decreases from one or two hours to half an hour Especially, this hotel is next to the West Palm beach with nice and clean coast, gorgeous seascape which allow the managers can take some sea’s activities for relaxing after the intense conference and create the opportunity for them to know each other better To make sure the conference is smooth and successful that cannot lack of the essential facilities to serve the meeting There are one conference room with capacity about 200 people, two meeting rooms and a large lounge with capacity about 60 people which used for workshops if it is necessary Seagreen Hotel’s bedrooms are small but they can be remedied by sea views and beautiful decoration with well-designed modern furniture as air-conditions, refrigerators, televisions, This hotel still has an Olympic-size swimming pool and a small fitness center for those who love to play sports, an art gallery for the art’s faithful They can also buy gifts for their family or colleagues at souvenir shop, too Although these leisure are not actually full of equipments, but I think they are still enough to make our guests feel satisfied If these managers are a big fan of food and drinks, then Seagreen Hotel is the best choice for them There is a wide range of food that they have never tasted in their country I’m gonna show you two dishes which are the most famous in this hotel’s spacious restaurant I can’t tell you all, just because it may take us to 2019 The first one is “Rock Shrimp”, these deep dwellers are more like lobster than traditional shrimp, their shells are hard but their meat is sweet and delicious The second is “Stone Crab” these gigantic claws with signature black tips are full of succulent meat just begging for lemon and butter There are also a lot of drinks with special recipe as amaretto sour, watermelon slush, buttery finger,… and all of these are made and served by the famous Hispanic chef and his coworkers Besides the variety of Spanish cuisine, there is also music party which is lively and noisy at night in every weekend, performed by local musicians and singers The cost for these services is about $2,200 per participant which including meals and all entertainment In my personal opinion, it’s not much expensive for these incredible things The more money they pay, the more well services they get Finally, all information I have just told you are definitely 100 percent real and they were confirmed by guest’s reviews, so you not have to be suspicious if they are fake Lucy: After listening your presentation about the Seagreen Hotel in Miami, Florida I think this is an ideal hotel for organizing our conference It is a combination between great accommodation and exciting entertainment Especially, all the bedrooms have sea view, that’s really interesting But it has still a disadvantage, it’s so noisy at night and maybe affect to some of participants who prefer the silence to noise This should be considered carefully Lisa: SeaGreen Hotel is located near the sea and will create a beautiful and charming landscape for the hotel About the hotel room, although it is small but it will create a cozy feeling and comfortable for guests with the beautiful design and modern furniture In addition to the convenient facilities such as swimming pool, gift shop, art gallery, fitness center, Seagreen Hotel also brings guests the exciting dining experience that is Spanish and Mexican food dishes so guests can both have meal and enjoy the cool air and watch the sunset Although the hotel offers good facilities and good price, the hotel also has a bad point that is moving from the yard to the hotel takes half Laura: Ok, Kate, please present your section Kate: Hi everyone Last year, I went to Macau and today I want to introduce to everyone about Macau This is a huge city with several district articles containing sightseeing, restaurant, night life So it is suitable for the aim of conference And I choose Bamboo Conference Center of Macau to organize conference Because it is a high-end business and leisure hotel managed by the members from five stars International hotel management groups It is the first choice for Business and Leisure guests from mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and abroad Bamboo Conference Center is located in the center of Gongbei, intersection of Shuiwan Road and Yuehai East Road This hotel takes 40 minutes drive from Zhuhai Airport Moreover, the hotel has shuttle service We can choose taxis or buses, so it is very convenient for our guests The hotel offers comprehensive conference services catering to both large and small groups with various meeting rooms and multiple function rooms of different sizes as the main attraction here And the conference room with a seating capacity of 300 Beside, Bamboo Conference Center has meeting room with the cost of $100 per room per hour All the bedrooms are luxury and spacious which have overlooking views from most of its rooms, each unit comes equipped with a flat-screen satellite TV, a mini bar, a coffee machine and ironing facilities There are many ways for guests to relax Because the hotel has a good mix of traffic, it is surrounded by many local cultural attractions, including Lovers' Road, Bar Street and Casino Beside, shopping is an effective way of entertainment It takes minutes from the hotel to the shopping mall The hotel has a private dining hall for 150 peoples We will be enjoyed many unique dished by Chef James Lee who offers Cantonese cuisine The price for each participant is about $3,100 including meals and two guided tours This hotel received a lot of reviews for the quality such as beautiful furnished rooms, good location,… but reception desk slow to respond to service calls I think this hotel will serve us well My report here is over I hope to receive many comments from you Thanks for listening Simon: Obviously, Bamboo Conference Centre is a fantastic location to hold the meeting, there are full of modern equipment, exciting entertainment, but it still has some inadequacies First one is time to arrive, when it comes to the access, these managers may suffer stress due to waiting so long in moving-slow vehicles as buses, taxis The second is about manager’s health, I heard some analysis mentioned the toxic chemicals which are contained in Chinese food’s ingredients can lead to bad effect for their certain health issues These are all I worry about Laura: I like it I found the price quite reasonable and services are also quite good What people think about this place? Lisa: Good afternoon everybody, today I would like to present to hotel Parte Ouverte in Monte Carlo (Monaco) Firstly, I’ll start with some general information about Monte Carlo It is one of the three administrative districts in the Principality of Monaco Monte Carlo is a coastal city with charming scenery, mild climate both in winter and summer It is famous for many activities and exciting outdoor games Monte - Carlo is indeed an ideal venue and also a jewel in the Mediterranean This is a place to trade goods with extremely large harbors, as well as a peaceful, classic city with famous Japanese garden is green and rows of tall buildings with white color to master extremely luxurious I’d now like to move on to Hotel Parte Ouverte, this is located on a hill overlooking city and only 10 minutes to the Palace and beach Before we get to the hotel, we usually take at least 45 minutes from the Nice airport, sometimes longer if there is a traffic jam More specifically, there is no shuttle service This can cause us to wait and lose time There are many meeting rooms with modern equipment of 500 capacities to facility the preparation as well as during the meeting In addition, many of these rooms also provide the comfort of a choice of meeting rooms Come to the bedroom here are the awards winning design and are fully equipped in all aspects such as bed, pillow, light, etc with different tones like silvery, simmering, etc In addition, there are also a number of rooms that are designed with balcony and sea view suitable for those who like to feel comfortable, intimate and harmonious with nature Come to the hotel in addition to meeting the table, eating and sleeping The hotel also gives guests the leisure activities as bathing in the outdoor pool, enjoy the care of skin and body, or experience the workout in the fitness center free of charge after the tired days or the beginning of the new day Besides, customers can experience the free trip to the beautiful old town Guests of the hotel's restaurant will be able to enjoy intriguing international cuisine with a capacity of 250 per diner and enjoy the melodious music played by the pianists in the welcoming lobby every night At the price of 4000 per person, through the information above I found that the service here is ok but it is not outstanding, the bars are very busy at night Especially, the drinks are relatively expensive That's all what I said about the hotel Porte Ouverte in Monte Carlo Now we’ll move on to the hotel Steffanberg in rural area Finally, may I remind you of some of the main points we’ve considered Thank you for attention Kate: Thank you for your report I am interested in the hotel that you suggested to us But I think the hotel’s conference room too large for our aim And the guest’s reviews seem this hotel is not satisfied enough for them, so I think we shouldn't choose this hotel to organize a conference Susan: I agree with Kate The place you choose it quite nice and convenient, but it’s a bit expensive compared to your plan, so I think it does not fit the company’s choice Laura: At such a price I am afraid that with the costs incurred we may have a budget deficit So there is only one that place Things are going well We are looking forward to the place you are going to present, Lucy Lucy: I’ll present about the last location to organize the conference, it’s called Steffanberg Hotel, Sweden If you like a quiet atmosphere with the peaceful in the countryside, so Steffanberg Hotel is the best choice for you Steffanberg Hotel is a modernized castle which is located in a rural of Sweden, far away from the Stockholm Airport about 200 kilometers To arrive to the hotel is also very easy, because everyday there is a regular bus service from the airport to the castle (it’s about three-hour journey) The hotel has a conference room with the capacity of 150 people, five meeting rooms and all of them are large and bright The bedrooms are also bright and comfortable with a lot of modern facilities like: air conditioners, 42”-55” TV HD, wifi, corner bathtub and shower, sofa set, telephone, hair dryer, bathrobe, slippers, toiletries, iron and ironing board upon request… Especially, the castle has beautiful antique furniture which is well equipped Staying in this hotel you can relax by playing golf at the nine-hole golf course near the castle You also can swim in the pool and sauna, experience the excellent spa… but you need to pay extra charge For dinner, they have a dining hall for 200 people and two smaller dining rooms Of course, we are served Swedish dishes, the traditional ingredients are fish, especially herring salted preserved Also the pork and veal are part of traditional Swedish cuisine, they are usually served boiled, baked or grilled and dairy products are very common Or you can request for other dishes that you want, their team of international Chef will prepare for your dishes from around the world The entertainment is provided by young Swedish musicians in the evening Beside that, at lunchtime they usually play classical music But, Steffanberg Hotel has no mini bar for you Many people love Steffanberg because of its beautiful views of castle grounds as well as friendly and hospitable owners However, some others complained about the staff, they need more training on customer service At the price 3600 dollars per person for living in a hotel, it is maybe very expensive Instead of, you can stay in a luxurious castle with full facilities, all meals and entertainment I think it’s a worthy experience That’s my presentation I hope to receive the comment from everyone Thank you for you listening Kate: I see all the details about this hotel are suitable to our aim, but the location too far It’s about 200 kilometers from the airport to the hotel I’m worry about the guest’s health If we improve this situation, this hotel is the best choice for us Laura: In my opinion, I have a different feeling about Steffanberg It’s very good I’m quite impressed by the service here A modernized castle- this will be a great experience for the management team of our company Thank you so much Now I need a spacing time to consider and make this important decision You can take a break SCENES CEO makes the final decision Laura: Once again, I sincerely thank you for your contributions As we have analyzed, each location has its advantages and disadvantages It is important that the location is more advantageous, optimal for the company The marketing team sent out a questionnaire to find out what type of venue the participants preferred They have selected four to choose Preferred location: 6% 35% 28% 31% In addition, after listening to your presentation, base on these location’s standards which you chose I give to you this critical evaluation as you can see This board is followed by 10 4-stair score, is the minimum and is the maximum The chose venue is the highest summary score correlating to our aim Obviously, Steffanberg get 24 score which is the highest score compared to the other EVALUATION SCORE Seagreen Unit: score Bamboo Parte Ouverte Steffanberg Location Access Conference facilities Bedrooms 4 Leisure Entertainment Price 19 14 13 24 Total score This is also a useful source for me I decide to Hotel Steffanberg is going to be the venue for the company's conference this year Do you agree with me and we jointly organize a successful conference program? Lisa: Yes Susan: I agree Simon: Me too Kate: That’s a best choice Lucy: Thanks I believe that will be a successful conference in Sweden SCENES After the meeting, the leaders of the company announce the results Susan: After the Conference went well, I have surveyed the opinions of 100 employees in the company The results showed that up to 87% of the staff proved that they were very satisfied That is the results on our efforts I hope everyone will continue to exert efforts and in the upcoming event, to give the company a strong development Laura: As you know, the result is quite good Thank you for your efforts to help make the conference a success The conference will give more motivation and energy to managers who work this year The company will have a small party tonight That's a reward for all of us 11 12 ... First of all, Susan presents some advantages and disadvantages of last year’s location Susan: Last year, our company conference was hold in Yasaka Saigon Nha Trang Resort Hotel It is a star hotel... final decision Laura: Once again, I sincerely thank you for your contributions As we have analyzed, each location has its advantages and disadvantages It is important that the location is more advantageous,... the topic ORGANISING A CONFERENCE Our group set up a situation: Global Food and Drink Corporation (GFDC), a multinational company based in Dubai, is holding an international conference later
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