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CÁC DẠNG MỆNH ĐỀ he studied hard, he didn't pass his final exams A Although B No matter C Because D However I won’t change my mind _what you say A whether B no matter C because D although _ the bad weather, their plan still go ahead A In terms of B Regarded as C In spite of D Because of Could you please tell me ? A where does my uncle's room B where is my uncle’s room C where my uncle’s room is D where my uncle's room the rise in unemployment, people still seem to be spending more A Despite B Although C Because D Because of The ballon festival is _ event that we all desire to attend it A such wonderful an B so wonderful an C such a very wonderful D a too wonderful He managed to keep his job the manager had threatened to sack him A although B despite C unless D therefore migrate long distances is well documented A That it is birds B That birds C Birds that D It is that birds pipelines are expensive to build, they are relatively cheap to operate and maintain A because B that C although D despite 10 It is _ film that we saw it twice A such good B such a good C so good film D so good a 11 Nobody knows why _ postponed until next week A the meeting B was the meeting C did the meeting D the meeting was 12 Nam wanted to know what time _ A the movie began B the movie begins C does the movie begin D did the movie begin 13 appears considerably larger at the horizon than it does overhead is merely an optical illusion A When the Moon B That the Moon C The Moon D The Moon which 14 we dislike him, he is efficient and we can’t dismiss him A However much B Much C Much as D Although much as 15 Mark tried to solve the problem the noise and interruptions A because of B in case of C in spite of D according to 16 your advice, I was able to avoid lots of trouble on my trip abroad A Thanks to B Despite C Even though D Instead of 17 _ his brother, Peter is active and friendly A Alike B Unlike C Dislike D Liking 18 I see Tom and Jerry, I always feel interested because the cartoon is so exciting A Whatever frequency B No matter what times C However many D No matter how many times 19 It was that he was kept in hospital for nearby a month A so a serious accident B so serious an accident C such serious an accident D such a serious accident 20 No matter , Mozart was an accomplished composer while still a child A how it seems remarkable B how remarkable it seems C how it remarkable seems D how seems it remarkable 21 I asked the boy in his English lessons A did he enjoy what most B what he enjoyed most C what did he enjoy most D what did he enjoy most 22 classified as a carnivore, the North American grizzly bear eats berries and even grass A Although B Either C Just as D Because of 23 I will stand here and wait for you you come back A because B though C so D until 24 I was doing my homework the light went out A after B before C while D when 25 It was that we went camping in the mountain last weekend A such nice weather B so nice a weather C too nice weather D nice weather so 26 Trilobites, a group of spineless animals, flourished in the oceans for several hundred million years some 200 million years ago A that were extinct B and their extinction C became of their extinction D until they became extinct 27 He wanted to know _ A where he could change some money B where he can change some money C where could he change some money D where can he change some money 28 He is decorating his house _selling it A in order to B with a view to C in order that D so that 29 _hard I study, I won’t pass my class A Whatever B No matter what C No matter how D Whenever 30 We are concerned with the problem of energy resources _we must also think of our environment A despite B though C however D but Do you remember ? A when is Billy’s birthday B when Billy’s birthday is C when be Billy’s birthday D when Billy’s his birthday Laura showed up for the meeting I asked her not to be there A because B when C until D although _ he is old, he wants to travel around the world A In spite of B Although C Despite D Because _ about this disaster is to put a brave face on it and start all over again as if nothing had happened A We only can B That only we C Only can we D The only thing we can Her decision depends on what _ A her mom wants B does her mom wants C does her mom want D is her mom wants Where they live a beautiful village in Korean A be B are C is D being that I tore up the letter A I was such an annoyed B Such was my annoyance C So was I annoyed D I was so annoying have made communication faster and easier through the use of email and Internet is widely recognized A Computers that B It is that computers C That computers D That it is computers The cat was _to wait for the mouse to come of its hole A patient enough B so patient C enough patient D too patient 10 Do you know _? A what wrong was it with B what’s wrong with it C what wrong was with it D what wrong is it with 27 , the results couldn’t be better A No matter what he tried hard B No matter how hard he tried C Despite how hard he tried D Although very hard he tried 12 He was _ speaker! A so good a B what a good C so a good D how good a 13 Peter asked me A what time does the film start B what time the film starts C what time did the film start D what time the film started 14 for breakfast is bread and eggs A What I like most B That I like most C Which better I like D The food what I like 15 that she does not want to stay any longer A So homesick does Beth feel B Beth feels such homesick C A little homesick does Beth feel D Homesick though Beth may feel 16 other mammals, whales not have a sense of smell A Dislike B Unlike C Unlikely D Not alike 17 is not clear to researchers A Did dinosaurs become extinct B Why did dinosaurs become extinct C Dinosaurs became extinct D Why dinosaurs became extinct 18 The study showed _ for maternal and child health A how is nutrition important B how important nutrition is C that how important nutrition is D that how nutrition 19 I can’t understand is he wants to change his mind A That/that B Which/what C What/why D What/that 20 I wonder how much _ A cost the coat B does the coat cost C the coat costs D the coat is cost 21 I have will be yours soon or later A No matter what B Whatever C Whether D That 22 we go swimming every day _ us a lot of good A If/do B That/do C If/does D That/does 23 These pictures show you A what does our village look like B what our village looks like C how does our village look like D how our village looks like 24 Can you make sure the gold necklace ? A where Alice had put B where did Alice put C where has Alice put D where Alice has put 30 _ we can’t get seems better than _ we have A What/what B What/that C That/that D That/what 26 they had won the game made us excited A What B That C Where D – 27 I accept award or refuse it is none of your business A If B When C Whether D Even though 28 he says in his report is a very interesting question A What B That C What that D All what 29 _ is unknown to us all A Where did she put it B Where she put it C That where she put it D In where she put it 30 My hometown is not it used to ten years ago A when/do B what/do C what/be D when/be
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